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Dark brown

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  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
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Henri (mate)

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French coven

Yvette is a vampire who appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Along with Henri, she is a member of the French coven. She is an exclusive character in the movies and does not exist in the novels.

She is portrayed by Janelle Froehlich in the movie.


Breaking DawnEdit

The French Coven

Yvette and Henri

Yvette and her mate, Henri, are brought by the Volturi to witness the Cullens' destruction as punishment for allegedly creating an immortal child. They eventually find out that the supposed immortal child is a half-human half-vampire hybrid conceived and carried by Bella Swan when she was still human. When Aro claims that the child poses a threat to exposing their secret to mankind, Yvette and her mate seem easily persuaded, but when another hybrid, Nahuel, describes his traits and how he has managed to stay hidden in their world, Aro declares that the child poses no threat to them after all. After the situation was cleared peacefully, Yvette and her mate leave the field with the rest of the Volturi and witnesses.

In Alice's vision, Yvette is first seen grabbing Leah by the neck and trying to strangle her, however Leah slings her to the side. Rosalie then jumps onto her back and grabs her arm and pulls it off. She falls to the ground where Kate electrocutes her making her scream. Henri hears her but is too busy trying to kill Bella. Leah rips off her head with her teeth, killing her. Kate walks up to her body with a torch and sets her ablaze.

Physical appearanceEdit

Yvette is noted to have curly dark-brown hair, and to be a head shorter than her mate, Henri.

Film portrayalEdit

Janelle Froehlich

Janelle Froehlich

Yvette is portrayed by Janelle Froehlich in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Janelle describes her character as a "French bad-girl vampire".[1] In an interview, she describes the hardships of fighting while wearing heels, saying she had a very hard time maintaining balance during shootings.



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