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Because it is the best history of love, everything is possible for that kind of love

Vampires or wolfs, it doesn't matter, both deserve to be real in this world

Edward is the most special, lovely, and handsome man in the world

Bella's life is a real dream for us

Everyone wants to be a Cullen too, because they are good people and of course they are beautiful

Because it's got that something that makes it special

It's about true love

It has the dream for every one

It has hot guys

It has true love which is what every one wants

Not only are there very attractive boys, but it feeds the minds of teens, young adults, even older adults the love and passion and the butterfly feeling of true love and you wish, dream, pray, that even though these characters aren't real that someone is like them and will appear in your life. You wish that you had a Jacob or an Edward. That guys don;t just want one thing, but that one thing is just YOU. You want to be protected, you want someone who loves you, says the sweetetest things, "...Until your heart stops beating... Even then." "Take care of my heart, I've left it with you.". It makes me go crazy!

Feel free to keep the list going!
It's only a world to dream away in if you read Twilight!

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