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Why Stephenie Meyer should hurry up with Midnight Sun

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Mrs. Meyer, please..... this is the story of Edward-Bella bonding, their deepest search of their divided yet single mind & soul, though it started of as Bella's VOP, u shifted the view angle hell lots through the creation stage. It is incomplete & absurd when it is Bella alone ( with Jake's n Bree's stories too) but for the Tale to be complete, to fully enrich each form it takes, Edward's mind is necessary, Please dont limit him to just a picture painted by Bella's simple mind.....

All the original fans are going to outgrow Twilight if she keeps it up at this pace.

She's going to forget the direction of the story if she keeps blowing it off like this

Even though she said she's over the leak, she obviously isn't. Writing the story and putting it behind her could help.

There would be an enormous amount of money involved with a new Twilight book. Even if Stephenie doesn't want it, she could give it to charity

She promised us this story. She really does owe it to us to at least tell us if she isn't going to publish it. She shouldn't leave us hanging like this.

We're already impatient with that encyclopedia that keeps getting the release date pushed forward.

There's a pretty big gap between the Eclipse release and when it looks like Breaking Dawn will be released with nothing going on at all. What better time to publish a new book?

Maybe if I saw Edward's point of veiw, i wouldn't feel that he's a stalker.

After the huge let down known as Breaking Dawn, the fans DESERVE it.

The 1st 150 pages of it are already better than all five other books COMBINED

Feel free to keep the list going!
Seth said it was her next project...back in 2008! It is 2011 and Midnight Sun isn't here yet. And she doesn't seem to be writing any other books at the moment, so why not?

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