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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
Edward is the enhanced projection of true human love. beyond his supernatural-related abilities, the way he nests his love for Bella is something unique n pure. U gota sift through the mythical & worldly elements to see through the tenacity of that relation. Like Mrs. Meyer presents in Eclipse how Bella & Edward behaves like a Magnetic dipole ( through Renee ), for their relationship a.k.a the essence of Twilight series to be truly understood, we need to see through Edward's eyes too. till then it is incomplete.

Would like to hear what Edward thinks of Fred.

Because it would make her a lot of money.

Because people will like it.

Because readers are dying for another book in the Twilight series.

"Because, no matter where I went, I would not be going to anywhere—I would only be running from. I hated that. When had I become such a coward?"

Because we can know what the other characters are thinking since Edward can read minds.

Because Stephenie shouldn't stop running away from the person who betrayed her and write what she wanted in the first place.

Because it would be a change from the same Bella perspective - such as the second book in Breaking Dawn being Jacob's POV and The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner being Bree's POV. It would be nice to see how Edward was feeling during the fight with James, seeing Bella hurt etc. Even though he describes it a little to Bella, it would feel much nicer to read how he felt and what he was thinking.

Because it would be another Twilight book!

Because we can't get enough of Edward.

Feel free to keep the list going!
Because we can know how Edward felt when fighting James, and how he reacted to Bella's blood being spilled in front of him-and the best part,-how he felt and reacted when bravely sucking the venom out of Bella and saving her life from James's fatal bite.

Because in Twilight Bella always says things under his breath and it would be great to know what he is thinking and felling.

Because we want to see more of the charaters! And it means another wonderful book and Twilight movie.

Because, Steph, if you're reading this, the four books you already have made are a sensation. The films are sell outs. So why would you want to stop? Make loads of money and gain respect from all your fans!

Because the person who uploaded it illegally would want you not to keep writing it but if you keep writing it and make that person feel stupid.

We'd get a better understanding of ALL the characters.

Because we just love your books, kay!

Because Edward is a fascinating character, and his in depth insight is quite intriguing to read.

Because Edward's light and strength is compelling and adds a depth to the Saga.

Because it means there is another book out by her; she is the best author ever... and then we have more Twilight books to read!

Because we want to know what Edward feels when he is kissing Bella.

Coz it will be an AWESOME book!

Becase it will add more details on everyone.

Because Edward has the advantage of reading almost everyone's mind but his mind is a mystery.

Because I've read the the first chapters of Midnight Sun and would love to know what he was thinking in the meadow.

Think about your fans Steph. Breaking Dawn will be amazing!

Twi-fans already love the books. Make more.

So that everyone will shut up about the fact that she hasn't finished it.

Because Edward always seemed a bit... out of sorts. Almost rude or mean, but once I see it from his perspective, it makes complete sense. It kinda clears his name, to me.(:

Because when she writes it. fans will get a better understanding on Edward. Less Edward haters!

So that we could get to see Edward's actions in the book.

So people who can't read English very good also get to read it when it's published and translated

We can find out what he does at home and when he is hunting

Because it's Edward. We want to find out what his life is like from his point of view

Because it would be like writing Romeo and Juliet from only Juliet's Pov. Not allowing the loyal fans who had nothing to do with the leaks should not be punished, someone wronged you I know this and I honestly do respect your right but at the same time your almost supressing Edward's voice in the story because of this horrible incident. You said on your website that the injustice made you sad but I ask you to please allow my next comment retribute and enliven you. Though the draft you had available on your website was "flawed" as you put it I still felt the strength of Edward's pains and joy and it was so enlighning that the errors hardly had any effect on the overall quality of the work (and I know I am not the only one who feels that way). So I implore you, I BEG you to do it for the fans.

Because if she doesn't finish it we can't read the other books from his point of view.

Because, like reading the rest of the books, it would be the greatest honor to read such wonderful works from my favorite author.

Because it answers alot of 'why's?' like why he left that first day Bella was at school also when he saved her from the guys that were going to hurt her it showed us that he was actually watching through their minds, which i found pretty interesting because anyone can fallow someone but to actually be able to keep quite a distance and keep checking on her through other peoples minds is something only he can do, but we don't find that out in Twilight because its only in her perspective so all we know is whatever he tells her.

First Of All. Edward' Perspective Is way Cheesier Than bella's (Ive Read It). Second A Lot Are Curious About What edward Hears In ther thoughts

Because it will answer many questions, and you can hear everyone's thoughts! And I love the bit where they set up Ben&Angela, and it shows how much Bella changes him, and it could show the true reason why the cullens all proteced Bella beofre they properly knew her. Also, the whole "I'm going t love her, Edward, I'm going to love her, too." Thing from Alice is totally unpercieved in Twilight.

Because we would know how Edward felt when he left Bella.

Because she stopped right before The Meadow

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