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Put allll reasons together thats the best reason ever!!

He didn't know what he was doing. He deserves a second chance!

Victoria isn't alive so she can't manipulate him any more.

He was a simple victim to Victoria and was being used, and he never asked for the life of a Vampire and was completely innocent

he knew just about as much as the newborns. they all deserved to live except for victoria.

He is the best and hottest vampire

He could have moved on without Victoria and found his true mate like Jasper did and start a new life.

He didnt have a choice!! He could have had a fab life with the Cullens!!!

If he and Bree had survived, they would make a very cute couple together.

He got the wrong idea! Everybody makes mistakes, doesn't mean you have to die!

He could've actually fallen in love

Feel free to keep the list going!
he could escaped her and started a new life with Bree before the Volturi came along

doubt Seth burned his remains

he was torn apart but not burned

He would be a great enemy

He was like Jasper,but didn't get to find his own Alice.

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