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Why Riley should have his own book

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Riley deserves to have his story told, because he didn't have much of a choice to his new life after being changed by Victoria

The people who read his story would know how he really felt about Victoria and it would give more detail about him

It would be interesting to know how he felt when he called out to Victoria when Seth was attacking him and when she couldn't care less weither he was killed

Riley's new Vampire life would be interesting to learn about, since he and Victoria formed the Newborn Army

Hear his thoughts on killing Diego

We would be able to see how Riley approached Bree Tanner

I want to see what the heck was going through his mind when he decided to trust Victoria

I want to know how he felt when Edward spoke to him about how Victoria was supposubly lying to him and that she never loved him, which was true

He is the best and hottest vampire

Read about him being pissed off all the time as a vampire.

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