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He didn't know what he was doing! He deserves a second chance.

Victoria isn't alive so she can't manipulate him any more. He could be good.

Because, if he and Bree had lived, Bree would have become a Cullen, and eventually Riley would have found her and made amends with her over Diego

He could have went on with his life without Victoria and made a life for himself. (And maybe found his real mate!)

His personality was promising...he could of been a Cullen!

Yeah! I agree! Bree and Riley with the Cullen's that would have been a great story!

Maybe he might find someone who is not a manipulator *Victoria cough cough*

Edward fought like a girl, Riley fought like a man! (I don't fancy him though!)

He was from Forks! Isn't that enough reason?

He felt in his heart that what Victoria was saying didn't sound right. He detected it!

He knew that newborn vampires were supposed to maintain a low profile.

Feel free to keep the list going!
Because Bree and Riley would have made a good couple in the Cullens.

He was nice as a human, so he could probably be a nice vampire, too

He was misinformed about what was really happening.

He found Bree!

Let's face it hes prettttty sexiiii

His mind was poisoned by Bitch-Toria and she took away the life that he had. He should've been shown somehow that Victoria was only using him before the battle, been taken in by the Cullens with Bree as his sister and met Angela Weber.

He could've had a second chance as a Vampire; To be like the Cullens, learn more about his vampiric side, be apart of the Cullen family, have Bree as his little sister and met Angela Weber(sorry to the Eric/Ben lovers, but I think he sucks). She's such a pure, sweet and caring soul that maybe she could've healed his heart. That's just my opinion.

How could you lie to him Victoria? He doesn't know. He loved her. He shouldn't have died.

he never knew he was tricked

He didn't know what he was doing

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