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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
"He can't resist blood", so what? Not every vampire has to have an astonishing self-control. He has his reasons as being created to join a thirsty (for blood but also power) army.

"He is hesitant around the Cullen Family, but he got over it." What?

"He isn't cute." Everybody has different opinions and, also, just because a character is not beautiful it does not mean that it is hateful.

"He attacked Bella! But failed to kill her!", oh, my God! But this is a good thing for most Twilight fans (also known as Bella haters) but also for the ones who like her [Bella]!

"He didn't want Bella to join his family. For really good reasons! Too bad Alice wanted her to!" Are you- Okay, I shall not curse. Jasper did want Bella to join the Cullen family.

"Jasper started all this list crap!", but some of the lists are good (as, for example, this one apparently was in your opinion).

"His hair did suck in the Twilight movie", fine. So did Bella's hair in Eclipse (and I do acknowledge it was a wig).

If you think Jasper is so ugly, why putting a picture of him named, "such a sexy Jasper.jpg" in your list?

He's a vampire, so of course he sucks... blood.

"JASPER IS AMAAAZING!" Like, seriously. He can make people feel whatever he wants them to.

he is so sexy!

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