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Fred is an interesting character whom readers may want to learn more about him

He doesn't speak much in Bree's novella, so it'd be cool to get inside his head and see things from his POV

Quite a few people have said they'd like too see Fred in other books

People wonder what he was doing and how he felt while waiting for Bree in Riley park and what it was like for him when she didn't show up (him not knowing that she was executed) a novella would tell fans this

He is good character and deserves a book too himself to build on his characher

It'd be good to know about his human life

More of a business boost for Stephanie Meyer

Some readers are keen to know if he'll hunt down the Volturi for executing Bree

Some people recon that he fancies Bree, if Stephanie Meyer made a book about him you'd find out

See if Edward met him

Learn about Fred's Power

Feel free to keep the list going!
Because I want to know if he was inlove with Bree

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