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He's a walking dead person

he watched Bella while she was sleeping. Breaking into her house, one and before they even dated

He is as cold as ice yet somehow it's romantic to kiss his granite hard lips.

He doesn't let Bella visit Jacob or anyone else for that matter.The girl literally drops her family for an eternity with a guy she just met.....

He's way too obsessive.

He tries to kill himself via completely non-lethal means

He abandoned the girl in the forest to protect her instead of just using super-speed to take her to the town where everyone loves her.....everyone

Uses his teeth for a caesarean section instead of.....any sharp object.....human teeth aren't made for cutting cleanly he basically made the caesarean far slower and more painful (also more likely to become infected)

bruised the girl over her entire body during sex...(how exactly does this happen I understand bruising of the lower body but what about the upper)

He's chronologically 107.....seriously noone sees a problem with this.....

He and Bella have no real reason to like each other....think about it ...what have they shared that resembles a normal relationship....any hobbies?interests? no

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Gives Bella whatever she wants to keep her happy, even if it'll end up killing her eventually.

Doesn't wear a condom when they have sex to prevent Bella from getting pregnant with Renesfreaky.

He soooo cold he barely has emotions and he is just creeepy!!!!!

he tried to kill her while they had sex

Left Bella at one point causing her to be suicidal even though he "really loves her" ??????

He uses Bella as a doll, which should always be protected and sheltered. He treats her like a puppet, she is a human being, she has the right to make her own choices.

He got his sister to kidnap his girlfriend!

No offense to Bella or anything but his eyes are flipping freaky there cat eyes!!! yeah beautiful :\

He is a control freak

a hypocrit about the wolves being dangerous

He went ballistic when he found out Bella committed suicide which is really fake

He doesn't let her decided, when he dazzles her

He doesn't care

There is a lot of character development throughout the Twilight series but I feel that's mainly been Bella's development. I think Meyer ignored the others characters personalities, including Edwards character; he's been a depressed introvert that can read people’s minds for the last eight decades. Yes that would mess with anyones heads but personally I think she should have had a moment to establish that Edward doesn't know how to act around people anymore since him and his family had to cut themselves off from the evolving world. If she had placed aside a single chapter where Edward or even Bella realised he was acting nonconformably and obsessive, then Meyer would have had the chance to give Edward a character arc through the next few chapters where he connected with the world again and regarded that watching people you barely know sleep isn't okay. Although she may have been trying to say it's innocent compared to what Edward hears most humans think (insert Port Angeles scene) if she had him develop to realise that that's not okay then he would be able to adjust to society again and not be so creepy and cold and possibly a friendlier person

Yes. He is gorgeous but why is he so pale? He can't go out in the sun because ppl would know he is different but he can still go out in the sun

They fell in love in real life and still kiss like a guy who's sorry but not too sorry about being 100 yo than you

the only compliment he knows is, "You're perfect."

Four books in and Edward still can't read her. In fact Jacob knew more about Bella in the two months they spent time together than Edward did in their entire one year relationship.

Thinks "I'm only protecting you" is a valid reason to kidnap his girlfriend

Often ignores Bella's requests. She's whiny for a reason because despite her telling him AND HIS FAMILY that she doesn't like social events, being the center of attention and having money spent on her she is continually ignored and made to endure things she doesn't want to.

Jacob's always better than Edward.

When Edward left Forks, he must have forgotten that Victoria was still there with the intention of killing Bella.

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