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Why's Leah the poorest

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Leah Clearwater
Jacob Should Have Imprinted On HER And NOT

She has to be in his pack and see what he's thinking

as if reason 1 isn't enough SHE has to be a bridesmaid at their wedding

She got ditched because Sam made a stupid mistake

Emily was her cosin, it's bad enough she got dumped because of imprinting; but he fact it was her cousin must've been like a punch in the face

She was in love with sam, was putting her all into making it work, then bada-bing bada-boom Sam imprints breaks her heart and she makes a better job of pulling through than Bella when Edward Only dumps her (Edward didn't even imprint an rip her away from her love, he only leaves) Leah can see him and Emily going all gooey and soppy Bella didn't and leah still coped better

Leah had no best freind to go too to make her feel better, as Emily was her best freind.

Nobody On Sams Pack Likes Her

She Has To See All The Guys On Sams Pack Naked Ewww!!!!!

simply she had her heart smashed into a millon pieces by the love of her life cos he is running off with her cosin!

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She's ditched by Sam since he imprints on Emily

She has greasy hair if i was her 1. wash it 2. leave the pack

No one likes her because they think shes a B!tch.

Sam dumped her and she did not know why

She got hurt by Sam

Her dad died

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