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When the Cullens looked their best

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Edward: The Movie Twilight. Edward's Hair was the main character in Twilight. It was so Wild and Monstrous, that becomes his signature. Then, his hair height decreases with each movies. He also looked good in New Moon, but it's a bit classy and not messy enough. While in Eclipse, his hair is flatter and the sideburns make him look bushy. In Breaking Dawn, Edward's hair is way toooooo short, it's so not Edward. For the make up, he looks so vampirishly gorgeous in Twilight. The make up is a bit old for a seventeen vampire in the following films.

Bella: The Movie Twilight. When she took the role of Joan Jett and ruined her hair, I could always tell she was wearing a wig. Sorry Kristen, but your natural hair is your best look.

Alice Cullen: The Movie Eclipse. In Twilight, her hair was much to long. She looked much better in New Moon, but Eclipse was the best hands down

Jasper Hale: In the movie Twilight. His medium-length curve hair looks so natural. His hair also looks good in Breaking Dawn, but it's too tidy. While in Eclipse, The WIG is all wrong, it's too awful.

Emmett Cullen: Emmett Cullen's looks did not significantly change from movie to movie. His hair looks best in New Moon, it's clean and sporty but not too short as in Twilight, although there're not much scenes of him in NM. Starting from Eclipse, his hair is too curvy like some animals' hair.

Rosalie Hale: She looks better and better in each movie. In Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, her blonde hair is so stunning. The make up looks pretty and elegant too. In Twilight, she isn't as beautiful enough as the book described. I don't think she'd wear sth too casual like jeans.

Esme Cullen: The Movie Twilight. Esme's hair was two different colors in Eclipse. She switched from extremely light and short to extremely dark and curly between New Moon and Eclipse.

Carlisle Cullen: Once again, no significant change from movie to movie. He looks best in Twilight with his pale blonde hair, well represents a hot daddy.

Jacob Black: Jacob Black obviously looked his best in Eclipse. He rocks the short hair look and his musceles are more defined. The wig in Twilight was just bad.

Victoria (Rachelle only): New Moon. I felt that in Twilight, Victoria's hair was too light. Bella described her hair as "fiery". In New Moon, her hair was more fiery. Bryce's Hair was the darkest red.

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