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What would you name the next Twilight book if there were one and what would it be about?

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I would call it After Dawn and I would make it about Bella telling Renesmee about the love triangle between her Jacob and Edward and then Jacob imprinting on her and then Renesmee tells her dad she hates him because he can't except her and Jacobs relationship then she went in her room and started packing up LOTS of money and clothes and jumps out of her window and runs to Jacob and asks to run away and he goes.he asks nessie where they were going and then she pulls out the money and says Rio.She uses some of the money to buy the tickets.when they get to Rio Renesmee looks for a boat dock.She smell esmes scarf so then she tracks down there boat.when they get to isle esme Nessie unpacks.then Jacob asks her if she wants to go outside and get some fresh air and she says yes.while they're outside Bessie keeps on seeing a little girl flashing past her face.Jake asks her if she's ok and says yes.the next day nessie wakes up and sees and vampire and when she sees him she lets out a little scream.Jacob quickly wakes up to defend her.after a minute she realizes that it is joham nahuels father.he then asks her to join him.She asks to join him for what.he says he is gathering hybrids.She quickly says no.he the then tries to grab her and take hwe away with him but then Jacob transforms and jumps on him and ripped his head off.Renesmee then looks at him and giggles and said that wasn't necessary.he then says he wasn't taking any chances.later on they both go out and hunt and nessie catches a large moose.a short while after they sat in a tree and ate apples..when they finished Jacob challenged renesmee

to a race and Renesmee wins even while Jake was in his wolf form.whan they get back into the house Renesmee remembers that she has her phone only to see that She has actually 81 missed calls from her parents.She decides that it may be time to go back. on there way they run into Joham again and he says that ripping his head of is no use unless you burn him first . Jacob then winks at nessie and she pull out a lighter.Jake then takes care of him and nessie burns him.they decide to take the safe path and just run back.BACK AT THE HOUSE.Bella :where is She? she's been gone 3 days!Edward:don't worry so much the wolf's said that Jake has been gone too,and they're probably together.Bella:you're right I should stop worrying as long as she's with him nothing bad will happen.doorbell rings.Edward rushes to the door.Bella:who is it? Edward:why don't you take a look.Renesmee walks in and Bella and Edward both give her a hug.

Renesmee says she's sorry to her father an he says that's okay because he knows she was just mad.Jacob says sorry to interrupt the family moment but could I use the bathroom?Bella:why not?(Renesmee rolls her eyes)and say Jake you know you're pretty much apart of the family now right.Jake:yeah I'm just not a fan of all of that mushy stuff.Renesmee:whatever.(Jake runs to the bathroom).Renesmee:now where we're we?( Renesmee giggles.)Renesmee:oh yeah,where's everyone else?Edward:they're out hunting.they should be back in about a half hour,why you want to go.Renesmee:no I already ate.

Edward:let me guess moose right.Renesmee:I cant help it they're as close as it get to human blood.Bella: she does have a point.Renesmee:speaking of making a point what is taking Jake so long in the bathroom.

Bella:I don't know and don't wanna know.Edward: a good way to put it.

Door opens.Esme:Nessie! your back.Where have you been!? Renesmee: It's a long story. Carlisle: well we're not going anywhere. Alice: Carlisle dont be so hard on her she is only 7.

New Sun and it would be about Nessie and Jacob getting married and Edward accidently ruining the wedding. Rennesme and Jacob runaway even though they are supposed to be on their honeymoon. Rennesme becomes pregnant with a 3rd vampire 3rd vampire 3rd wolf hydrid

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