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|[[Bella's Truck|1953 Chevy Pickup]]
|[[Bella's Truck|1953 Chevy Pickup]]

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Featured here are vehicles mentioned in the books, as well as those shown in the movies.

Bella SwanEdit

Model Appears in Image
1953 Chevy Pickup Twilight (book) Bella Truck Book
1963 Chevy Pickup Twilight (film) Bella Truck Movie
Honda XL 250 New Moon Jacob Honda CL70 sm
Mercedes Guardian (S600 Guard) Breaking Dawn Bella S600 B4 sm
Ferrari F430 Breaking Dawn Bella F430 After sm

Edward CullenEdit

Model Appears in Image
(Daily driver)

Volvo S60R

Twilight (book) Edward Daily Volvo Book sm
(Daily driver)

Volvo C30

Twilight (film) Edward Daily Volvo Movie sm
(Daily driver)

Volvo XC60

New Moon (film) Edward xC30 sm
(Special occasion vehicle)

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Breaking Dawn (book) Edward Vanquish sm1

Alice CullenEdit

Model Appears in Image
Porsche 911 Turbo New Moon

Alice Porche911 sm

Jasper HaleEdit

Model Appears in Image
Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-ROD Eclipse (film) Jasper Harley sm
Ducati 848 Eclipse (book) Edwards Ducati sm-1

Rosalie HaleEdit

Model Appears in Image
BMW M3 Convertible Twilight (book) Rosalie M3 sm
Mercedes CLK350 Convertible Twilight (film) Rosalie CLK350 Movie 02 sm}

Emmett CullenEdit

Model Appears in Image
Wrangler-style Jeep Twilight (book) Emmett Jeep Book sm
Jeep Rubicon Twilight (film) Emmett Jeep sm

Carlisle CullenEdit

Model Appears in Image
Mercedes S55 AMG Twilight (books)

Carlisle M55-AMG sm

Charlie SwanEdit

Model Appears in Image
Forks Police Cruiser Twilight (films & books) Charlie Police Cruiser sm

Jacob BlackEdit

Model Appears in Image
1986 Volkswagen Rabbit New Moon Jacob Rabbit sm
Harley Sprint New Moon Jacob Harley Sprint sm

Billy BlackEdit

Model Appears in Image
1996 Chevy K1500 Twilight (film) Billy Black Chevy sm

Mike NewtonEdit

Model Appears in Image
Suburban Twilight Chevy-suburban

Tyler CrowleyEdit

Model Appears in Image
1993 Chevy Astro Twilight Tyler Van sm1
  • Note: According to Twilight, the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun, Tyler drives a Sentra after the accident in the school parking lot. The year or color is not mentioned.

Ben CheneyEdit

Model Appears in Image
Dodge Neon Eclipse Dodge-neon

Additional VehiclesEdit

Model Appears in Image
The dirt bikes Jacob fixed up. New Moon (film) NM Dirtbikes 02
Forks High School bus Twilight (film) Forks School Bus 01 sm

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