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thumb|340px|left|New Moon Fight Sence-The VolturiThe Twilight saga movies are a wonderful saga.Braking Dawn has been rated PG-13 so all the 9,10,11 year olds can go watch it in theaeters.

I am THRILLED to see Alec's new BD promo shot. I think he is sparkling.

As you migh know I LOVE the Volturi!The Volturi are the "roylar" vamppires of the world thier leaders are Aro,Marcus,and Cauise.Their gured members are Jane,Alec,Felix,Demtri,Corin,Chelse

Aro,Jane,Alec,and Cauis

a,Alfron,and MANY more that I just can't type.
Evil BD twins

Alec using his gift.

thumb|330px|left|Braking Dawn-The Real Trailer!

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