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I love this.

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Some Information about myself.

Sometimes I wish I could change the past I know some of us do but we all must stand up and start walking again to be able to let it go. 

A little background about me:

When I was seven years old I started having these things called seizures I was scared and always have been I pray that they won't come back. (They stopped when I was twelve) I wish this upon none.

I started falling behind in school which meant I had to work harder. I started writing stories it helped a little but singing and reading books (Like Twilight) helped me get through the days and kept me calm even on the days I was tormented or bullied for random things but I would always cry because I felt weak. But I toughened up even though I was scared to do so.

So heres a tip:

"When your scared and feel like giving up count to ten and keep on going because you may feel weak but your heart and soul are stronger than you think. Thank you."

I am a Big Twilight fan but I dont go following the actor's around like a lost puppy. LOL

I have met a really nice person her username is TwilightReaderFan though I only met her once she sounds really nice unlike some people i've met who seem arrogent or mean.

  • Am I the only one that notices Edward looks in pain.
  • My favorite couple besides Esme and Carlisle.

Avril Lavigne:

Insertion of spaces on pages.


I notice you recently have added some spaces in a few pages, in a way that make me wonder whether you were hunting for badges. Nothing wrong in wanting badges, but it can't be the sole motivation for editing.

Thank you, MinorStoop 23:45, April 1, 2013 (UTC)

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