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This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion, please do so on my current talk page.

Re: ArchivesEdit

To archive your talk page, cut and paste its contents into a subpage of User talk:Kmanwing by naming it User talk:Kmanwing/whateveryouwanttocallit. I called mine User talk:TagAlongPam/Archive 1, for example. Then you can make a note on your talk page directing people to your archive. I made a box for listing my archives, and if you want to use it your code would look something like this:
<div style="font-family:Calibri"> {| align=right style="font-family: Calibri; background:transparent" | style="background-color: transparent; border: 2px solid #92000A; border-bottom-width:2px; vertical-align: top; -moz-border-radius-topleft: 8px; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft: 8px; -moz-border-radius-topright: 8px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright: 8px;"| [[User talk:Kmanwing/Archive 1|<font color="white">Archive 1: Nov. 2009–Feb. 2010</font>]] |} </div>

I also added a note to my archives so nobody will mistakenly leave me messages there:
<div style="font-family:Calibri"> {| align=right style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: 14px; background:transparent" | style="background-color: transparent; border: 2px solid #92000A; border-bottom-width:2px; vertical-align: top; -moz-border-radius-topleft: 8px; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft: 8px; -moz-border-radius-topright: 8px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright: 8px;"| ''This is an archive of past discussions. '''Do not edit the contents of this page'''. If you wish to start a new discussion, please do so on my [[User talk:Kmanwing|current talk page]].'' |} </div>

And then you're done! Let me know if I wasn't clear enough about any of this, and I can help you archive your talk page myself. -TagAlongPam (talk) 21:52, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

Just create a new page. To make it a "subpage" of your talk page, just make sure the beginning of this new page is titled "User talk:Kmanwing", and then add "/thearchivename" to the end of the title. My suggestion would be to name the page User talk:Kmanwing/Archive 1 or something like that (you can just click on that red link to create the page with that name). If you tell me what you want to call it, I can archive your talk page for you. :) -TagAlongPam (talk) 23:06, March 7, 2010 (UTC)
How's this? Also, I copied everything for the moment, but you should probably keep some of your recent conversations on your regular talk page for now. How much do you want to keep here? -TagAlongPam (talk) 23:50, March 7, 2010 (UTC)
Ok, everything that came before this conversation is now archived. I also added a notice to the top of your archive, and a link to it here on your talk page. Let me know if there's anything you want me to change. -TagAlongPam (talk) 00:06, March 8, 2010 (UTC)


I need the made 25 edits award and the one for creating two new pages(that one can i hv the vampire one) Mallory Black 06:20, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

I need the Creating New Life award. I created Dead Vampires (now desceased vampires) and Vampires who have switched Coven. Pls can i hv the award? Mallory Black 03:46, April 7, 2010 (UTC)


Do u noe how to invite a friend? Mallory Black 07:22, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

Pretty Edit

PRETTY!!! baseball-eddie! cute! (not as cute as jacob though...)


i probabley won't be able to respond soon, tonite we have church so i should be back on around 7:00's 6:10 right now.


still on for a while and nobody...not anymore.


I'm in Oklahoma, USA. so you're in...Maryland? rough, rough guess...


yeah, i'm that stupid...


really?...did you think it was morning? because i allways miss the morning one; i sleep 'till like, noon.


COOL!!! you are so lucky! i used to do that but my parents don't like that...btw, i met a new guy.


sorry, you asked which movie i liked best right? um...i've only seen both once and that was in the theaters so...


i've only read NM.


i like your drawings!!!




i'm the same way, i draw but wanna write.


aside from what you see on my blogs i have like, 10 stories bouncing around in my head. they are all like fantasy/horror/goth/real life gone weird/ect...


what about? can i read some?


and after that, do yiou want me to tell you how to acces the shoutbox?


  1. my book that i've posted on here in blogs are based on my fantasy, i don't blame you for putting yourself in your book, i'ma being with the book-putting-in now.
  2. that sounded so jamacian...
  3. you go up to the right hand uper corner up click "more" the go to "wigdets" or something and look for the shout box, you click the add or + or something and then click the wrench on it and enter as many entry's as you would like it to record for as long as it can. it goes to 50. and you have to refresh the page to see what the other person says or just tap spacebar once and send that which sends nothing, just refreshs.

sorry, that was a lot. bad nutshelling...


actually, no, you didn't, but i'm surprised i'm not the only weirdo that puts meself in me stories mate!

and it keeps track of the past messages for a wittle bit.


Weird fight!!! Edit

oh, dude, are we gonna have to fight about who's weirder? 'cause if we are then start your list! because i will so take you down!!!


then bring it! start making your list!


My list of weirdness by Luna. Edit

  1. i speak with weird accents
  1. i love everything from hannah montana to metallica. (except evil music.)
  1. i wear goth/emo/normal clothes.
  1. i have the strangest library of useless/usefull stuff in me wittle head.
  1. i WOULD date a stalker.
  1. i LOVE all sorts of food (even if it's a chickens crown, i would eat it.)
  1. i want to be claudia but nicer and live with lestat, but the one from queen of the damned, not tom's.
  1. i know the craizyest sex stuff.
  1. ...and i just saw your message so i'll stop now.



ooh! and i just remembered, i'm a vampyre.


did i scare you with my weirdness?


TELL ME!!! Edit

TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!! plus i realy do know the crazeist stuff 'bout that subject if you wanna know.


you're a vampyre?


are you kidding? you sound like an advanced me! go on!!! or i'll kill edward...

p.s.j. (aren't you scared i wont be able to read this?) funny joke btw, TLG!!!


check me blog: color people.



Good night Edit

i have to go, my brother wants to boot me off so i'll talk to you...whenever you get on.

BYE!!! Love ya! xoxo Luna.


question for tomorrow: what kind of accent is that!?


That is sooo cute!!! to say something like that even though you're an adult but have no fear of someone making fun of you is very sexy!!!


Great! i wouldn't want it anyother way!

(could you tell TLG he's important...i may have pushed him a wittle too far with one of my little-girl-jokes...)


i like crazy!!! crazy is good!

where!? i wanna see pwetty pages!!


i think i saw that one...didn't it say someone unknown made it though?

how do you tell if someone deleted their account?



(scary, i had six hundred and sixty-six edits 'till now...) pages mostly, everyone seems to have all the Twi-stuff allready done, other than those three vandals.


"tofay"? is that like a croissant?


??? that's all i can post, is ???

well, there were the three that were on here before someone did that thing with your pic.

and, what's the link? no linky to thingy anymore.



can you do me a favor?


i'm not sure yet; can you wait like, three minutes?


sorry, i just am talking to someone in the shoutbox and that's sorta involed with what i wanted you to do in a way. just...1 sec.


i think i don't need your help with that thing anymore, sorry to bother you.




hey, sorry i left. shoutbox had an interesting topic!


ooh...well, it's not your fault, this website total ruins it anyways! you learn more here than you do in the books.


and also TLG want's to know if you're gay.




  • i don't think so.

my dad was over here fior a sec.

and since he's in his 30's...who know's...heh hehe!

you're a chick, aren't you? can i add you to my family part of the graph?



i have to go, church. be back in an hour give or take.



Are you on shoutbox? TLG 00:45, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

I dunno why the shoutbox isn't setup to suto-update, but it's really annoying. You have to keep hitting F5 or [Spacebar][Enter] to refresh it. TLG 01:04, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

Fan Art Edit

Dig the fan art page you made! Are you going to make something like that for fan-fic or even just creative stories people have done? I know a lot of the people you chat with are writing, is there a place where their work is being put so that everyone can check it out? Also, I didn't see any of your art on that page...what's up, did I miss it? Sena@Wikia 01:30, March 8, 2010 (UTC)


you have a shoutbox!!! yay!!! (i'm on now, btw if you didn't get that! LOL!!!)


can my weird alice thing go in there?

i should make more to that...


yay!!! pwetty! i sing now for randomness:

he ate my heart

then ate my brain.

that boy is a monster!

haha! i love gaga!


??? something about the cullens pasts!!! create a page that...hmm...should i really tell you?...haha kidding. do something about their pasts as humans, like seperate the vampire life from the human life.

just an ideal of course.



<sigh> i wanna sk you something...but i don't wanna scare you off...



you just seem like the perfect guy...<sigh>


and now i've scared you off...i hate myself.


is that because know...


oh, you! you don't have to put your link if you do your silly face! i thought someone else sent something...

>(* _ *)< see? you know it's me, i'm bored though so...

that's a little insulting though...



it's still insulting...

-(___)- >(* - *)< -(___)- the "all month period" thing you-...

♥LunaBella♥ chose, i only have LGG on my wittle gothic mind.


you put to "P" looks like topeepeeic


what's "avitar"? haha!

seriously? not one? that sucks...there shoulda been a "HOTTEST ACTORS IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN THE GUYS IN IWTV AWARD"!!!

oh, no...


God...i can't do this allready hurts...'s just...remember that one guy i told you about?

it's starting to feel like that.

like i have a crush on you yet you will never love me because you have something else, something in between that blocks the path to each other.

it just hurt to bad when he hurt me, i'm scared you will too, though you've been so uderstanding and nice, but he was too...

i hope i'm not doing something that will break us apart, you've allready got a place in my heart now, be it friend or more...


you don't get it...if you try to break away now, you'll be putting an icicle through my heart like he did, and i'm not sure i just wanna be friends...i hate myself for this...i've put you in a trap, haven't i? start? hehe...heh.

it was SO shocking! i mean, i never knew you liked EDWARD!!!

aparently i like pale blondes and darkskinned guys...which are you btw?

i'm drooling. and fine...but that was funny though!

i can't delete if they're hidden dude!

yes what?

don't you want them deleted???

but you can also edit them.

do i need to say "sorry"? that just acurred to me...either way, sorry.

changing the subject! random!crap!time!

would you wear a dress?


i think his name was mark...i met him at lolita club.

no, it's not me! i have boobs...

real ones anyway.

(i'll be the judge of that...)

don't be so modest! you sound cute, so you must be! or there's no justice...

what? the pic? yeah...haha. i have 6 minutes left on my time though, so i guess we say goodnight now, unless you have a quick topic.


Good nighty-night! (and i'd say "i love you"...but then i'd be going in a very bad circle...i don't think i can say "gitchee gitchee goo" either...)

XOXO Luna.


Blog Edit

Would you like me to permanently delete those hidden comments on your blog? –Fingernails.png (talk) 06:50, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

Bug... Edit

hello! are you on? i'm bow-red...


BOREDBOREDBOREDBOREDBORED i'm bored!!! is my only friend who's a ♪♪♪ and understands me on?




WHA!!! i cry now...

when will you be back?


at weast you have fwiends outside the magicbox...i have to wait untill saterday...


i guess i leave you alone then...<snifel>


all'ight...but i have to get off at 11 and it's 7 now so...GET ON AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME!!! kidding, but still, if you do wanna talk...


A Poem Edit

I wait for you like the vampyre wait's for the sun to go down.

I wait like a rabbit that needs to be somewhere.

I wait as if you have the cure to a poision i stupidly inhailed.

I wait while the sun slowly rises back up, forcing me to hide.

I wait as i die from this recipie of toxic chemicals.

I wait as the little clock tick-tock-ticks away precious time.

I die everytime you pass me by.

I kill myself thinking you loved me, when it was all a dream.

I dream you knew my feelings and turned away, hoping that i would wake up to your love.

But you never will, which hurts more.

Depressing, ain't it?


idk when you'll be back, but an hour from now i should be so i put time in sig. to this time.

see you later!

♥LunaBella♥ 02:06, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

I'M BA-ACK!!! Did ya miss me?

Wow! Edit

You're almost to the top award, how cool is that :) Congratulations!! Sena@Wikia 04:22, March 9, 2010 (UTC)


CONGRATS!!! you got your singer!!!


my parnetal controls are going to log me off in 15 minutes, so good nighty-night K., hope you had a good time with your friends. (or i'll keel-haul 'em for ya!)




I also have a new little thingy to show you:

it looks better when you enlarge it.

i also have another picture for you:

Nessie is p!$$ED now!


Also looks better when enlarged; this is Isaac. I MISS HIM WITH THE BURNING INTENSITY OF A THOUSAND SUNS!!!

he looks so hot...


hi, i'm on, nothing much, and...i wanted to ask you something but i think that may hurt our relationship.


sure what?


you won't get mad or anything?


i have to go, my brother is getting b#%@


i'm sorry, bye.


Filming Locations Edit

I was gonna make a page with the Filming locations, but I'm not sure if there already is one i don't know about? TLG 05:20, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, how bad did I do? TLG 09:11, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

hmmm... if you want... or - you could tell me what i did wrong & what needs to be done so i get it right next time. TLG 09:18, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

I actually meant for the whole phrase to be lit up as the link, but it looks cleaner this way. I can't prove it, but I had already started figuring it out from what you said last time & looking at the code from other pages - before I read your answer. :P lol I just wasn't getting how the < ref > < /ref > was linking together with the < references / > & the headache I had at the time was limiting my patience with it. So, thanks for the info, & now I'm gonna finish this & fix up the vehicle page a bit too. :) TLG 09:35, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

Here's one for you - I've got a bunch of reference links that are to the same address. Is there a way to shorten the reference list so that I can have several of the [1] [2] [3] type links on the article - link back to a single link on the references list? TLG 10:03, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

I'M SOWWY!!! Edit

I miss you when i don't get to talk to you...are you on now? i guess not...


Great Work!!! Edit

Wow, I never thought someone would get all the way through the awards so quickly!! Congratulations! If you'd like, since you've come this far, we can start the edit awards again, but this time go with for every edit about 1,500 we'd count them..which means as of right now you'd be ready for the 25 and 50 edits...I could add them under the Cullen edits you have..what do you think? Also, now that you're all the way through, make sure you're encouraging other people and helping them think of new pages to make and all that. Use your power for good! wow, so impressed! Sena@Wikia 16:54, March 10, 2010 (UTC)



Re: ForwardsEdit

What you want to create is a "redirect". So you would create a page like "Edward Masen", and then where the article text would normally be you type "#REDIRECT [[Edward Cullen]]" (without the quotation marks). Hope that helps! -TagAlongPam (talk) 19:14, March 10, 2010 (UTC)




i know! i'm so happy! (and so envious you got yours first...)

btw, the "happy birthday" thing was from "cinderella" the mouse is so stupid so he goes: "dabede-happy birthday!"


LOL! it was when they made the dress for her, but her evil mommy took it away even though the mice worked SO hard on it...

but anyways, how's things in K's world?


you...haven't looked at the shoutbox right?

(DON'T DO IT!!!)




i guess you're right...but he shouldn't make you suffer! he's the one that's forced to move BACK with you! he should be stuck in the garage!


EXTACLY! WHY IS IT STILL ON CAPS? there, and check out the reply! i love being a dwama queen! how 'bout you? don't you love being all anime and fast-paced and exciting and in peoples faces all the time?






bl-okay, we good now. and when's your brother going to be there? i don't wanna keep you to long, but i also don't want you to leave untill you HAVE to.




Goodbye my sweetness! (OMG! WHAT DID I JUST TYPE!!!???)


explaining "AND WHY WON'T VK THE MOVIE COME OUT!!!???"... Edit

BTW,, btw, VK is Vampire Kisses, it's this book series i love, almost more than twilight, because everyone important is goth and stuff and i can relate. it's really cool. i could send you the copy i have of the first one if you gave me your address...allthough this sounds very wrong don't have to give me that, i think you could find it in a bookstore or library.

mainly, it's about Raven, the only goth in all of dullsville, and then Alexander moves there and they date and stuff, but she doesn't know he's acctually a vampire untill the second book, and the third is my fave because Luna comes in there and she's really cute. (she acctually comes in the end of the second but...)

DO YO-DANG IT! do you want me to send it to you? you might like it, and Alexander is SO cute in the manga version, you have to at least rent that! diff. story, but it's cool.

xoxo your weird little freak-girl, LunA...grr...

♥LunaBella♥ (atleast that stays the saME.)

YOU'RE ON!!! IS IT BREAk time again?


>(* _ *)< whA...


i have to sing off now, but i'll be back later, and what do you think about VK?


Admin Status Edit

Your best bet would be to chat with TagAlongPam and ask her, she's the admin and bureaucrat for the wiki, so she'd be the person who would be able to give you that status. Hope that helps! Sena@Wikia 01:01, March 11, 2010 (UTC)












Oh, i'm sowwry, i wish i could be there to help you...i'd give you lot's of love and laughter because those are the best medicine you can give someone! (unless you have a sore throat, then laughing would hurt...)











Sorry, it just seemed to take forever and my instincs are to freak out after 10 what do you like to watch?




















Awards Edit

I only have wolves and vampires for that set of awards...but I can start giving you the wolf ones since you've already earned quite a few, but let me know if you'd rather not have them. Sena@Wikia 05:42, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

Volturi Edit

The only set of awards that has all three is the big "completed saga" award..that one you can pick which of the three you'd like, but for the edit count awards, those I only had in Cullen or Wolf, so now you've starting racking up the wolf ones as well...YOU GO! Sena@Wikia 05:49, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

WOW! Edit

I can hardly keep up with you! Way to go! Did you see my note in the Awards discussion area about stub pages? If anyone asks you for ideas on how to get as many edits as you have, point them in that direction. We could def. use some help with those. Another great idea would be to look around on the wiki and see if there are any pages that should be marked as a stub and aren't. Sena@Wikia 17:02, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

Re: PicturesEdit

I can delete pictures if you tell me which ones you want removed. -TagAlongPam (talk) 17:24, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

Done and done. -TagAlongPam (talk) 04:58, March 12, 2010 (UTC)




Quick suggestion Edit

I was looking at your Relationships page (which rocks btw) but I noticed that there aren't any pages that link to it, so it might be hard for people to find...I linked from Edward and Bella's pages, but you might think about making sure that most, if not all, of the pages you link to from that page link back to it....does that make sense? Just a suggestion because I think it's a really great page and I want people to be able to find it! Cheers Sena@Wikia 21:31, March 11, 2010 (UTC)


LET ME AT HIM!!! maybe you should give him what-for and punch him in his nose...


hmm Edit

I think i put it up there (the trailer) and I put it on the Eclipse video page..did you check it out? What do you think?

as for the relationships page going everywhere..that's true, but I feel like it should at least link to a couple of the main people, so that everyone has a chance to see it...maybe if TagAlongPam thinks it's ready, you could link to it from the homepage or the side bar...but that's something you'd have to ask her about. I just really like the family tree stuff, so I want to make sure everyone can check it out! Sena@Wikia 21:48, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

LB Edit

actually, do something wicked! maybe you could offer to make super and put something NASTY in his food!

or you could get one of your friends, and as he is sleeping you carry his bed out to a place that will get very noisy later on and that'll wake his jerky @$$ up!!!

would you lie more?


but at least concider that last one! that would be HILLARRIOUS!!!










OH! IT SAID "COOKIE" SO I ASSUMED IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE...So have you ever y-k-w with someone?






why make room for him when he could just go sleep on the lawn?...

and that actually happened to me once or twice before...


is he still being a jerk? CAN I SMACK HIM IN THE NOSE!!!???


what a jerk!


couldn't you at least give him a message from me?


wha...i wanna smack him for you...


(and me and TL are posting random messages so...)




oh, you hurt me so badly when i laugh...









Ha! Edit

Well there are couple of ways to find pages, but honestly the "random page" is probably the best bet, because then you'll find a nice blend of pages.

Honestly..I have no idea how my user name would be pronounced...prolly zeeen (it's a mix of xena warrior princess and bean..soo yeah that works!) Sena@Wikia 23:33, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

Insults Edit

I could try, but honestly I don't know if I'll catch them all..maybe have one of the other folks on here take a look as well just to have more eyes on the issue. Sena@Wikia 23:42, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

hey, you still on? i'm bow-red again...


PUNCH HIM IN THE NOSE!!! KICK HIM IN THE NUTS!!! KICK HIS @$$ OUT!!! i would do it for you but i'm not over there so...




... Edit







Spoiler warnings Edit

I see you added a spoiler warning to the relationships page. All of the 1,078 articles on the wiki contain spoilers though, maybe we should add a note of this to the site notice or the main page? It's something the community should probably discuss. –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:23, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

Actually, that template is publicly editable, go here. –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:47, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

wow Edit

Well there you go again :) I've added the next award in the wolf set for're going to need the next one before I blink aren't you?!? So exciting to see people moving through the awards and learning things. I hope you can pass of some of your know how to everyone else, and remind them to come back to the Awards discussion page when they're ready for new ones. I can't check everyone's stats, so I have to rely on you guys telling me when you're ready for a new award. Thanks and congratulations once again!!! Sena@Wikia 16:45, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

Code NoteEdit

to write a code to explain to others use <nowiki>Code</nowiki>

Example: <nowiki>[[Edward]]</nowiki>

Kmanwing_sig.png (talk) 01:24, March 13, 2010 (UTC)


'ello! sorry i left left night, i hate PCs...


























well, you could comment on ALL my blogs! plus talking to people means "edits" so...DON'T LEAVE!!!


 ??? Edit


anyways, you could do like, one word in each post on comments to make alot of edits. (but DON'T DO THAT ON TALK PAGES BECAUSE IT'S VERY ANNOYING TO SOME GIRLS!!!)




HOW DO YOU LIKE those names?






i atempt wheel of fourtune now:






PICK AN "O" ANY "O"!!!







you're fine, i just thought you meant on my blog! were you? cause i just hid them...





sounds cool, but at night my dad controls the tv untill it's his bedtime.

i like random crap too.

  1. NCIS
  1. doctor who
  1. SGA
  1. VK
  1. fornesics (that is sooo spelled wrong...)
  1. and a whole lot of other crap...


i'm surprised you haven't said something like:

your dad has a bedtime?




Re:Delete Edit

You can just click the "edit this page" link like normal, as for deleting comments or entire blogs, only admins can do that. –Fingernails.png (talk) 03:46, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

As Fingernails says, only admins can delete blog comments; we tend not to do so unless they are crude or offensive. -TagAlongPam (talk) 04:18, March 13, 2010 (UTC)


you're like, perfect! you understand any of this? and feel free to delete it.

i'm just saying you're like, sooo right but, so...not. not in that way though! ...i'm so stupid...i should die...


i'm sowwy. you're just so right. but your out of feels like a circle again...and the last circle ended badly.

feel free to delete everything i've ever sent you...i should really just die.


i don't think you're an @$$...when you have a bad day, just post your problem on my talk page and i'll try to help cheer you up.

you really are a perfect flaw.


well, of course you are, we all are. it's a GOOD THING!!! not bad. just scream into a pillow or in the middle of a lake. (just make sure the pillow you scream into isn't one that know.)



YOU SCREAM INTO IT, but if it's one you did y-k-w with you really shouldn't

♥LunaBella♥ embarresing on my side...why do i know all this SICK stuff?


I TAKE OFENCE TO THAT!!! i'm strange. i do feel sick though...throat. feels. milky. (LOL!)


you find that funny? well it is but still, it feels weird like sore but...milky...


real or soy? i'm fasting.


(what does 2% even mean?)

i can't, i'm fasting. maybe it'll blow over tommorrow...if not i'll ask my dad.

how's your throat?


take meds now, i don't need another one of my best friends sick.

Twifan want's to know if you will join the chatbox


i'm about to be logged out by the PC, so i guess this is goodnight.

Goodnight K.

xoxo Luna.


Reconfigure Edit

Sure, I don't mind - I just scrambled it around a bit, but I'm new at it & not very good. Feel free to make improvements. I'd actually like to figure out a table system for the Vehicles page, I think that one needs alot more help. TLG 00:51, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Not from me, I think it sucks!..... Just kidding!!!! lol No, it really does look great, it's obvious you've put alot of time & effort into it. I tried to clean up & "tetris" the Film Loc. page, but like I said - i'm just starting out, so no matter what I do - it's bound to need alot of help. I was just sitting trying to think of pages I could create that would actually be a contribution & not just "fluff" to get the award - & those the two I came up with. TLG 01:16, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Looks really good, pretty much exactly what I meant, just makes it look alot cleaner. I think I would change "Seen In" to Appears In - just because "Seen In" & then "Book" seems a little odd. I added the Google streetview of the building used for the Forks Police Dept. to the locations page - I love it, you can see the telephone pole from the movie when they pull in to the police station on their way back from port angeles. I'm gonna try for more street views - hopefully get some from St. Helens so you can see the front of the places that were used for port angeles. TLG 09:03, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

I'm walking around the streets of st helens on google & you can get VERY close to a few of the key locations, but not close enough. :( I guess I'll have to get in the truck & drive there myself lol - it's only like 2 hours away... 2 1/2 according to google, but who drives the speed limit? :P TLG 09:25, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, central OR - I drove up to the real Forks a little while back - wrote a blog about it on here... visited lapush too, & talked to some locals. TLG 09:35, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

I have all these screenshots from the eclipse trailer - i wanna put 'em on, but i don't really know what i'm doing.... TLG 09:49, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

I think it's going okay so far, surprisingly... TLG 09:58, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Categories Edit

Yes, but the capitalization is off in the title. Instead of "Twilight Characters" we want "Twilight characters". It's a big task, but it has to be done. –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:28, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Actually, I could run AWB through it, it would take maybe 10 minutes, but if you want the points, go ahead :) –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:33, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
Remember to replace the Twilight Saga, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Minor character categories with the proper capitalization, too ;) –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:35, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
It looks like you're not replacing the other categories, too. You should do them all at once so we don't have to flood the wiki with edits again. –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:40, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
See how fast AWB does it? Do you mind if I let it take over for the task? –Fingernails.png (talk) 10:50, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Actually, the "Twilight Saga" is protected because it is used on almost every page. I'd be more than happy to make the edits for you though. You can tell me what needs to be done on the template's talk page. –Fingernails.png (talk) 11:12, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Help please Edit

Hey, I took some screenshots of Eclipse and I am trying to get them to show up with the others on the page but they don't seem to showing up. I'm not sure what's wrong, help please?

Ha-Za 12:17, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

good...what time is it there? i can't keep track! so many friends around the world...won't be on much untill after 7 here, i have town and church we're celebrating my bro-bro's b-day today so...hope you're feeling good!

xoxo Luna.


Thanks, I figured out what I was doing wrong, lol.

Ha-Za 20:46, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

K's world Edit

hello!!! how's things in K's world?



i wish i was there to give him what-for for you...

how's your throat?


well, i'm eating popcorn so of course there's a hint of the milky feeling, other than that...maybe i just don't drink enough...

i'd add another message but...i got nuttin'


what do you mean? i just couldn't think of anything to ask because there's no sugar in me brains...yes, i DO mean "brains"


LOL! i just mean i was watching this cool show at TAO called "Dr. brain" and he said that you have a left and a right brain.

he also said sugar helps you think faster.



well, you do seem very smart, and randomly fun, which i love about you. i think i love everything about you...i'm getting flirty...SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!



so how's calli? you are in calli right? i have to many intergalactic friends...


(you're killing me so slowly...)

so it is calli? i just can't keep track of everyone...mia's in holland, jim is in greece, jess is in-...


what's harsh? i can't remember because there's no surgar in me brains. you said it was either calli or florida but i can't remember because i'm that stupid...maybe i should die...


okay, i thought you meant because i couldn't.

you are in cali (and you spelled it with one l.)

it's actually not that bad, i just need SURGAR!!! and i miss Mia...i hope she wasn't overdosed. or raped. or dead because the stupid doctors infected the scar...maybe i do have some sugar in me brains...


CA Edit

You live in Cali? If so, we're practically neighbors. lol I grew up in CA - lived there until I was 19. TLG 02:30, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

I was born in Fresno, but I grew up in Salinas (Monterey Bay area). My parents still live there, & my sister lives in Reedley (near Fresno), I visit her all the time. (can't get a word in edge-wise, too many edits :P) TLG 02:42, March 14, 2010 (UTC)


sowwy, it's hard to avoid.

i'll try to shut up.


i think i do have sugar in me brains, because i can't sit still.

<swish swish>

what do you want to change the subject to?

<swish swish>


maybe i should just leave you alone instead...i think i'm p!$$ing you off.


but i'm the one sending them...

what if bella married a human? do you think she'd still be book-worthy?


well bella is sorta like me, but i'm not boring like her (no ofence bells!) but i don't think i relate to anyone else other than alice because i have like, this way of seeing into the future. for an example:

i was thinking about this show where their bday's were like, right next to each other and the next day i find out that jim is one year and 7 days younger than me.

so i guess alice because i'm weird but fun in a random way and... i like fun, not pain like bella obviously does.


that means i'm your best vampire friend!!!


i know! it's so exciting!!! but we need to find another sub. because going "YaY" back and forth does nothing but raise edit points...

who chooses?


because in my view...are you sure you want to hear me put edd down like this? if not, don't look below.

i think he looks like a lizard man, the jaw is just so...wide; i keep thinking if i kiss him, a lizard's tounge will come out like on "the mask" where damion trys to kiss the love intrest while still in mask-form.

plus...jake is sooo hot in my view, that may be due to the fact that i have little knoledge on real therainthropy.


sorry, plus i don't want him to KILL HIMSELF because of a papercut.

would you wear/sniff/touch bella's clothes if you knew edward/bobby really touched them?



oh, you. >(^ v ^)<

what if bella came up to you and said:

edward just kissed me and i haven't brushed my teeth.

would you kiss her?


was that inapropreate?


well, she did brush her teeth so...good call!

your turn because i just took like, 3 so...


i think the jacob thing is the new message...but i'm not sure...i'm going to go ahead and answer though...



i just actuall read the question so i'm gonna ask:

would it be seth i was dating?


therainthropy to long, wish i could highlight... Edit

okay, you know i think i'm a vampyre and spit like that but that's because i know what a REAL vampyre is! but therainthropy is like, a whole nother thing that is so unnoticed that no one has a website that has info on how to tell you or someone else is and spit like that so i'm on the web and i'll be like "WHY DO YOU HAVE NO WEREPEOPLE WEBSITES!!!???" so it's like sooo annoying because there are legends and fiction and then there are stories from people who say they are but it has something to do with wiccans or demons and i think that that is bull, possibly true, but bull. so i just wanna know if it's a psychological thing like a put in that one blog or if you can really have a bone structure that will shift to wolf-form or...whatever, you know?

i wish i could highlight that because i can barley read this back to myself...i think i'm dyslexic...allthough i did write all that spit.


oh, dear God...did that really take 7 minutes to write?


are you still there?

oh, okay then. had me scared for a minute! haha! oy...

so you still have like, 2 more turns if you wanna take them.


oy...well, let me write it out first so i can chose.



aro (maybe, more like a dad in my view)


MAYBE edward...

tough one...alex probably because we would be around the same age so when people look at us they don't arrest him, plus he is really cute!!!



yeah, him.



you have one more bub.


blue people...

like jacob. as alluring as immortality sounds, lack of control is something that i would not like.



you got MFLOTD?


who would you rather be?




sucked in again or just don't wanna choose?



so which would you choose?


are you okay? you seem distant.


i'm sorry too! i'm about to be logged off so good night and sorry! i'll see you tomorrow or when ever you get on.




hey, sorry, my thing logged me off so i'm on my dad's side.

i have to go, he doesn't like me on all nite.

goodnight K. i'm sorry i have to leave you alone.

xoxo Luna.


goodnight, K.


Re: Appearances Question Edit

Um... I don't quite understand. Move what where? –Fingernails.png (talk) 07:53, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

Oh, the sections. I'd have to oppose to this because we list the sections in book chronological order, not plot chronological order. It's easier to read/navigate through. However, I have no more say in what happens then you do. It's a community decision, if you are still interested in doing this, you can always bring it up at the help desk. –Fingernails.png (talk) 07:59, March 14, 2010 (UTC)
I'd have to agree with Fingernails and say I'd rather we keep the books in the order that they are released. However, I personally prefer that we keep Midnight Sun out of such things, since it hasn't actually be published and thus isn't quite canon. I know there has been debate over this in the past though, and no consensus has been reached. -TagAlongPam (talk) 16:09, March 14, 2010 (UTC)



so guess who said the headline's title...i'll give you a hint:

you're one of my best friends.



What thne frick did you mean "evil monsters"?

the clowns? (sorry if i'm still speaking of them...)


you never guessed Edit

well, we went outside and acted like we were insane...

Mia replied. i think she's okay.

i've been off and on.

and life is boring when you aren't filled with random laughter.


actually it was chandler.

and i just mean when you can think...bad thoughts are unpleasent.


(you're evil. LOL!)

i might take a minute to respond. have to fold and trying to find a "ness song"


found the song.

still folding.

life sucks in LB's's your's?


"dance magic dance..."

you would hate my room; papers, clothes, make up...i should really clean it this year...

"puppy dog tails..."

is your bro-bro still being a b!tch?


i keep giving you crap about cleaning your room?


thought so. he seems like a very nice person...<gag>

"dance magic dance...jump magic jump..."

have you ever seen that?


actually it's the Labyrinth...what do you mean "into witches"? you aren't doing black magik are you!? now i have to keel-haul you...


i got none of that.

and in my views, magic(magik) is something that is a gift, either from God, which is used for good, or the devil, which is used for pure evil. either way, calling it "magic (magik)" would probabley take away the privilage of having a holy gift.

you don't particapate in that do you? because there's a line that really should not be crossed.

and you can shoot off at me, it's just if it's a personal attack i would send you a big fat middle finger.


ahh...okay then, now i don't have to keel-haul you! (yes, i do actually know what that means.)

do you want me to send you this song? because it's really funny when the monkey comes out and david looks sooo hot in those pants...


Labyrinth Edit

oh, it won't matter! i love almost eventhing so there's like, no way you could hate my music...unless you hated H.M. ...but that wouldn't matter, i don't think many people actually listen to any of that...

there you go incase you get curious. it's like an 80's song or something from the movie "the Labyrinth" which reminds me, i saw "lost boys" last was interesting.


thanks for sending that while i was still writing...

if you could be bella for one hour, what would you do? (edward is gone though.)


what was wrong with the question?



What if you were Jane?


..................................................................<whimper>.............<whimper>.................................IF HE DOESN'T LOVE ME FOR ME THEN I DON'T LOVE HIM ANYMORE!!!


i think it's your turn again.


no, because i don't kill.

i wouldn't, because if he doesn't accept me then i don't him. i just can't think of a good reason.


if you be the leader of the Volturi, what would you do first?


gotta go, bye.


sorry, just on for a sec.

i don't know what to answer that yet with.

the reason i left (and really shouldn't be on now) is because my mom is P!$$ED to the max because aparently i take to long.

i guess i'll talk to you later this week.

xoxo Luna.


hey...i think i'm back on... my parents are filled with rage so...

i would replace alice i guess, i don't think i understood the question.

if you could go cliffdiving, would you?


sorry, typo, meant "aren't".

??? o...kay...i think i have dyslexia...but then why can i spell it? haha!

your turn.




first question:

no comment? i thought you liked my blogs!


all'ight then.

second question:

would you date vampyre(or vampire) if he/she swore not to jump you for blood? and if not, tell why. (that don't include ed though.)


next question:

i'm going to describe my character "Angel" to you, and you're gonna tell me what sorta relationship you would have with him (like friend or foe.)

his hair reflects his personality, when he's dyed his hair to black, he's pretty serious and not that much fun; as it fades to blonde, he get's more and more flirty and spontanious.

he's pretty emo in apperance, but doesn't act like it.

he's close with his sister and family because they lived on the road for 5 years.

he hates anyone who insults a friend, close or new.


dye's it; he hates being blonde for more than a week because once he's a total blonde, he's actually aware of what he's doing and will feel embaressed for being so air-headed; but of course, he doesn't bother to dye it before the week is over unless he really should. (e.i. the first time Liz has to go to Paris; allthough i never posted that on here.)




still mad at you.

not telling you anymore about them.


still p!$$ed...but as long as his name isn't angel or anything close to it...and he'll be tough and not emo?

i can't belive that was my question, why didn't i stick to twilight? now i'ma be sued...


would you chillax? i'm not filled with rage, i just don't like being stolen RELAXINATE!!! (maybe i should too...)


Changing the topic because this is too confusing... Edit

if you could choose between jane and jasper's power which would you choose?


( Edit

you aren't a spaz, you're just weird in the best way possible.


i put it there because it's a side from what we were talking about)

Back on "Changing the subject because this is too confusing..."Edit

so which?


-(___)- >(* _ *)< -(___)-

skip it, it ain't that serious a chiz.


skip it!!! it's a tiny chiz!!! not important! but of course you will reply with "confused" so i out it there because it was like doing this (even though i'm the only one that got it!)



you never answered the first:

"if you could choose between jane and jasper's power, which would you choose?"


K, are you still writing or do you ask now?



OMG! funny joke i just heard:

Santa goes to the doctor and says "i think i got a mince pie up me bum." so the doctor says "okay mr claus, bend over." so he bends over so the doctor can check it out. the doctor says "yes indeed you do have a mince pie up your bum, but you're in luck, because i've got some cream for that."



Back on track Edit

which one:

seth or elec.

which would you be?

joke(i'm watching the vicar of dibley jokes):

so superman is flying around and is bored, then he see's wonderwoman and since he's fancied her for so long he think's now's my chance! so he swoops down, does his buisness super fast like he does everything and flies off. a minute later she asks "what was that?" and the invisible man says "i don't know, but it hurt alot!"


would you go to a 5yearolds slumberparty if you heard ed would be there?


what if he asked you to become a child of the moon?


edward. left that out.

he would propose.

(i have to go after this, so i'm going to say "goodnight" now, Goodnight K! xoxo Luna.)



good...something...isn't exciting!? i'm awake before noon!!! it's creepy...there's...<gulp>...sun!


Skin Edit

Hey, when I came on the wiki, the skin was missing and it was white and blue again, but then it went back to normal, is it back to normal for you, too? –Fingernails.png (talk) 23:24, March 15, 2010 (UTC)



so how was your day? night...thingy-idk when you get up, you seem to have a awakening sleep schedule...


now i know two vampyres!


you're awakening.

but you won't care yet.

so how is your bro-bro treating you? if he's getting b!tchy again i'll keel-haul him for you!


??? what am i doing to you?


okay, it just seems a little confusing when you say "you"...yeah...

so if you were edward himself, what would you do?


well, of course! what edward-team memeber wouldn't?


tawue-tawue! your turn.



as long as i'm not killing them...HELL YEAH!!! (wouldn't hurt to look like her either...)

Which StoryEdit

you were magicly sent to the twi-world for one hour, but you were on the edge of it and it takes about a day to get to the cullens on foot, but you're in luck! there's a jet, a motorbike, and a werewolf all waiting for you...which do you choose?


Who said i was going to tell you? hehe...

just choose one...maybe you'll get lucky...


hem hehe! you just got scratched! the wolf is smelling you and he thinks you're a vampire, and since you're on his side of forks, you need to convince him you aren't, or he'll tear you apart!

Which one?:

Raw meat.

Big bone.

Letter from Edward himself stating you are not vampiric.


Okay, you've bought yourself about five minutes, but he still wants to jkill you for being a vampire, even though you've proved you aren't, so you jump on the motorbike without thinking.

You've gotten half-way to the Cullen's house, but your bike breaks down, and Victoria has just hopped out of the tree thinking you smell like Bella; she thinks you know where she is hiding even though she has gone to see her mom in AZ.

You have a cammy with a powerful flash, a strong potion-bottle filled with blood that will distract her for at least one minute and matches.

Which one?


you've tossed her the blood, but just as you light the match, the rest of your choises vanish; she looks at you with a burning rage in her eyes seeing you were going to light her hair, she runs over to you and holds you over the cliff right back where you started, she drops you.

But then you wake up in edward's arms, he smiles and says:

Thank God you're okay, i don't know what i would do if i couldn't see you again.

you kiss.

Happy ending!


Your turn!


He let's you fall through mist so Victoria won't come back for you, then he catches you.

he also kisses you while you're sleeping because he's glad you're okay.


I know! if i woke up to a vampyre leaning over me, i would swoon!


What does Jacob have to do with this? i just like him because he's hot! outside the movie my mind is filled with a Wonderland of insanity! hem hehe!


My turn to answer... Edit

Run! i like Running...


i go with jacob's friend; as much as my foot would hurt bouncing around while riding him, i don't wanna be raped.

my brother wants on for a bit, can we continue later?


"wow" i say. "i feel bad now, but maybe i'll grow to like you that way too." i smile at him.

you continue.


i run up in between the two before they morph (do i know that yet?) "i never said that!" i state. "i said maybe i'll grow to like you, but you have to accept that i'm with jacob right now!"

i turn to jacob.

"i'm sorry, maybe i should leave you alone for now."


attemping to pull myself free for a minute, but it's hopeless, i wait in fear as the two bite and scratch for me. Me! the useless pale girl who hangs out in the cemetary! i start crying for a sec in fear that they'll kill each other, then scream:

"I'M BLEEDING!!!" I lie.


Sorry. Edit

YAY!!! my first kiss!

sorry about that, but i'm a writer! i can't just answer a plain answer.

K's story #2Edit

You're walking down the road looking for you're new BF eddie.

You stop relizing you just passed fork's "welcome" sing.

"What the hell?" you say to yourself.

You shake your head and turn around, Victoria's standing there.

"So you're Edward's new play thing?"


She knocks you down and bites you.

You black out.

You wake up in a cold, dark room and you have a chunky braclet on your ankle.

You roll your eyes and try to take it off, thinking "I had to much to drink last night...hope ed didn't get me pregnet! haha!"

You relize it's a bomb.

"How you feeling?" Victoria ask's, magicly apearing.

You look around and see:

A banana.

A gun.

A sword.

Choose wisley...


you try to pull this phunkin' thing off, but you see likie, fifty million locks.

"You are such a human!" she laughs. "Only your little boyfriend could pull that off! and guess what, it gets better! the Vultori are coming to see you and Jane is with them! do you know what she will do? i doubt it. so while you play with your bomb that no one will see after i leave, she will come and you will be dying for it to go off!!! but it won't...yet...haha!"

She runs out.

You try to get this thing to come off.

You sigh and give up.

Then, of course, it falls off.


You run up the steps and open the door.

You see the floor is gone and what's underneath the boards is a million snakes just waiting for you to try.

You see a small board that is just long enough to cross on and a torch about five feet away from you.

Which do you go for?


You grab the torch.

You slip.

You find the snakes are fake.


Just then, Jane enters.

She looks around.

You try to stay still, but you're shaking in fear.

She see's you.

You faint.

You wake up.

You're tied down.

"Light or Dark?" a voice asks.



extacly, so answer the voice's question:

"Light or dark?"


"Really?" She asks.

"Sure." you say, uneasy now.

She turns on a dark, purple light, barley giving off anything, but you can see everything in the football-feild-sized room now.

"People allways say 'light' thinking i'm gonna turn on the lights; i'm just askin' if you want dark or light choclate!" she laughed.

she hands you a peice of choclate.

do you eat it or not?


(SHUT UP! she untied you just now, remembering you have to be untied...)

She giggles.

You spit it out.

She looks at the choclate like you just killed her cat.

She gives you sad-puppy-eyes.

"What? you laughed! i -!"

"You don't like my laugh?"


You're on the floor in pain, she's imagining you're being stung by bee's and edward is laughing at your pain.

You start gasping, she stops.


"Why what? i thought it was posioned!"

She walks out.

Alec comes in.

does he walk to the left or the right?


he walks to the right, grabbing a sword and quickly shoving it infront of your face.

"Don't make her cry!" he ordered.

"Or waht?" you stupidly ask.

His eye's grow wide.

He's just about to strike when aro comes in.

"Stop!" he cries.

He looks at you with amazed eyes.

As your eyes lock alec rolls his and leaves.

You relize you're on the floor as Aro walks over and you get up and dust yourself off.

Aro offers his to you.

what do you do? take it or shake your head? (you don't what will happen.)


oops...hand. (i'm about to fall out of the chair right now! LOL!)


i did say "hand" right?


(what power!?)

he reads your thoughts, dirty and nice.

"Well," he sighs."that is...interesting...i guess i don't need to kill you."

He starts to walk off.



"WAIT!!!" you cry.

He turns around.


"What did you just do?"

"I read your thoughts, past, present and future."

Your jaw is hanging open.

He chuckles.

"Oh, _____, you have such an ability; i can't wait to see it in action."

You stand there stunned.

You snap out of it and run towards the open door.

2 doors.

L or R?


just did.


You found edward.

he takes you home.

the end.

and i have to go to bed now, so goodnight!


sorry, the PC was going to log me off, that was a cliff hanger though, i'll ad more tommorow.

xoxo Luna/Bella.


Part 2 Edit

So you and eddie are just about to leave the Vultori's property, but Jane and Alec pop out.

"Who said you could leave?" Alec taunts.

"Leave her alone, or i'll rip you both apart..." Edward growls.

Jane imagines something horrible and edward is crawling on grass trying to get her.

"Leave him alone, you b!tch!" you yell.

uh, oh...

Edward is free now, which way does he pull you? back or to your left?


(WTF? you're...up?)

He pulls you to the left and Alec pushes you back; edward is on the ground.

Alec grabs you neck and leans in...


He stops and backs off.

Aro grabs you and edward and puts you two behind him.

"Don't. even. think about it."


"NO! he's too precious to kill yet."

You give him a look and think yet?

Edward giggles at your thought.

Then you give him the same look.

you wake up.

You're in edwards room.

You look in the mirror and see a bite...

are you excited enough to scream or do you faint?


(LOL! no matter how old you get, your parents are your parents...)

You scream so loudly edward rushes in thinking Victioria came back again.

"What? where is the b!tch?" he cries.

"I'm a vampire?" you ask excitedly.

Edward rolls his eyes.

"No. alec bit you, i sucked the spit out of you."

"What?" you ask, depressed now.

he walks over to you and puts his hands on your face.

"I don't want you to change yet; you're still to young."

"But i don't wanna be human!" you whine.

He kisses you.

What do you do? pull away or sink into his arms?


you sink.

Then alice comes in.

You notice her, but edward doesn't untill you smack his face.

"what- oh..." he's blushing now.

"I'm telling mom." alice says.

edward races after her yelling:


what do you do now?




i have to go, we'll continue later.

xoxo Luna/Bella.


GRR Edit


kidding, i'm not mad mad, just p!$$ed you didn't ask...

see ya later!


"cacti? cacty?" "continue?" Edit

(sorry, and shh! it's my story!)

so what do you do? follow or sit and wait?


(idk what you mean but i think it has something to do with pages? haha! you can make it, i don't think i could...


you run after edward and alice, even though by the time you get into the livingroom they've allready finished their little fight.

"Edward!" you say, surprised at how he called alice a b!tch.

"What? my parent's don't even know about you, and they won't!" he shot a look at alice.

"I'm so telling."

"do and you're dead!"

"I am dead!"

Then esme and carlisle walk in from their hunt.

Edward pushes you into the other room and shuts the door, but they've allready smelled you.

"Who is that?" esme asks.

"Um..." you hear edward say.

Do you come out or stay hidden, hoping edward will make up a good cover?


You decide to push open the door and say:



"No! edward, it's for the best-hi, my name is Kaylee." you introduce.

Then you notice they're look at your leg; edward pushed you into a vase.

Esme rushes over and tries to grab you but carlisle pulls her back as edward rushes you outside.

Alice follows though.

"It's just a cut!" you state.

"no, no it' mom." edward stares at the blood.

Alice slowly pulls edward away, wanting it too.

Carlisle runs out and orders you to go, he takes edward and alice inside.

You're alone.

You walk down the old sidewalk to your house.

Then Victoria pops out.

"Ooh, a little cut?"

You start running but bump into Aro.

They growl at each other, but she backs off.

Aro walks you home as you talk about your vampiric future.

Then he offers you his hand again.

do you take it?


you're sitting on your bed now because you were so lost in his eyes and voice you didn't pay attention. (not that way though.)


You refuse.

"You...don't want to be a vampire?"



you have to give him a yes or no.

(say no!)


(you're making this to hard to insist...did i send "kaylee"? oops...)

"So you do?"


Aro goes for your neck.

"I JUST SAID 'NO'!" You scream.

"No, you said 'yes'."

"She said 'no' Aro!" edward comes in through your window.

You run over to him.

"You know the rules, Edward."

"I know."

He bites you.

You faint at the intencity of the bite.

Where do you wake up?


(sorry about the typo...)

You wake up in edward's room; but Victoria is the one standing there.

"Ed-" you start, but someone puts their hand over your mouth.

"Shh. i don't wanna have to kill you before Victoria is finished." Laurent state's.

He slowly takes his hand off and walks towards V.

"You are going to burn, like my James did." She stated, walking ever so slowly towards you.

"I don't even know who the hell james is!"

"You don't have to; but i'll tell you to make this more fun. James was my mate. Edward killed him. now i am going to kill you."

She lunged towards you and takes a swipe at your face, but it barley misses, just getting the tip of your nose.

Edward smacks the both of them up against a wall.

They're out cold for the moment.

He grabs you and you fly out the window together.

A day later you're both in Africa and drinking nice, hot blood together.

"Wedding's tomorrow. excited?" he ask's you.


You kiss.

Then you hear some one scream.

Edward runs towards the voice.

"stay there!" he orders.

do you stay or go?


You run after him thinking What was it? She couldn't of! could she?...

You cath up and see James standing there with edward in his grasp.

James looks dirty.

"Let him go!!!" you order.

"Or what?"

"Or i kill Victoria!"

"She's right here! how could you kill her?"

"What?" you both ask.

Victoria pops out and plunges a stake into edwards gut.

He coughs up blood.

James lets go of him and they come towards you.

There's a match in your pocket and a pocket knife.

Which do you pull out?


you don't know what it is yet because edward insists on waiting, but you do have oil...


You splash them and toss a match at them, Victoria gasps and james grabs her and makes the both of them jump in a near-by pool of water.

You grab edward and pull the stake out of him.

"Edward? Edward!" you cry.


"Oh, my God!" you hug him and pick him up.

You put him on your back and just start running.

You find Aro.

You follow him to his little hut and Jane tends to edward.

Aro touches your shoulder and says:

"Are you allright?"

"You saw this!" you scream in rage.

"No, i saw you panicing, i never saw this-"

You punch him and run to edward.

Jane is gone but edward seems fine.

"Edward!" you gasp.

"I'm fine."
You both head back to forks, no where is safe now.

Which house do you go to? edward's or your's?



You two go up to his room.

"Hello!" Jane says.

"Go!" edward screams.

"No no no no! i'm not gonna hurt you, Victoria is dead."

You both eye her with a catious eye.

"She's dead, James is dead, and Laurent is dead. your free to live your lives now."

Jane hops out of the room.

the next day you get married and you live happily ever after.



your parents would of invited edward in and victoria would kill you because she was hiding under the table.


yay! and sorry that took forever! but wasn't it exciting?

your turn! if you still wanna play this game...


party? pass, i wanna see the tree!!!


(btw like the vamped out eye i did?


(what's the second choise? i can't read the spelling...


Vampiric eye...

OMG!!! i really shoudn't of screwed with the rest but pwetty!

take my time. (and by that i mean knock on the tree's nose to see what happens, then give up because it hurts my knuckles.)




"I HEARD A TREE TALK!" I blurt out.

(sorry, "artistic snookie" comin' out...)



(seriously, i would.(yes it sounds mean, but i see life as reality and when something "movie-like" happens i can't help but smile.))



"Well...i don't know. all the tree said was that there was this and that and stuff," i'm blushing now. "Something about the wind? i'm not good under pressure." i say, sinking into my chair.



How'z about'z Alice? (and maybe Jane...)


"i've just seen her around..."

"Are you kidding? we were both on that campout looking for faries!" she laughed.

i started laughing.

(hehe! i can't help it!)


it says you left a message...i can't see it.


gotcha, but what's the question?


make them pets! i don't want them to die...


(i pull out my biritta and head towards the door, kick it open and shoot like i would die tomorrow!)

(you're gonna kill me either way aren't you?)





Make mike do it. (you did use that name right?)


(just a quick message, i only have half an hour left on the PC, so think fast! no pressure...




"well...a little, but then jacob would hate me!"


15 minutes. jsyk.


you're so sweet! i didn't get it though because i was speed-reading, i look later though.

Goodnight my sweet Vampire!

(yeah, i'm gonna go with that.)

Xoxoxo Luna/Bella.





Need to ask you a favor Edit

Could you shoot me an email, I need to ask for your help with some things on the wiki, thanks.. sena at Sena@Wikia

make moreEdit

MAKE MORE STORY!!! i figure it's still your turn...


how do you make the main article template?


Hospital... Edit

K.? my brother's in the hospital...i don't feel good about that...and the scar on his head...please answer me...


nothing, i figured that out, but my brother is in the hospital...i'm scared.


i hope he will, or i'm going to kill my dad! it was his fault! Illias had acedently jammed the door so my dad kicked it in but he also hit my brother's head and now he has this baseball-sized knot and like, this black scar...i didn't look at it too looked to horrifying to see, like a horror movie but real! i'm scared...


forehead, why? what's gonna happen? if my dad did something that'll kill him...


what happened to you? (and he will be okay?)



thank you.

and i have to go now, my brother wants on and i don't want him to keep his mind on that.

xoxo Luna/Bella.


i'm back.

and i still think it's your turn


(you were waiting for me, weren't you?)

"yeah. that's why you spit things out and take chances."



"YES!!!" and i give him a big hug/kiss



so are you going to continue or what?


come on! i wanna marry jacob!!!




i say:

"Well, jacob?"

then i walk over to bella and give her that jelous GF look like you see in thoose movies.

i have to take a break though...laundry is EVIL!!!

see you in a couple of minutes (or 30)


(back! again...)

i take a deep breath and storm out of there praying to God they don't make out.


okay then...



"well who do you love more? me or her?"


(what? bells doesn't inturupt?)

"well how do you love me?"






is it my turn or do you wanna go again?



You wake up.


something hits you on the head.

"WTF was that?" you say.

Jane pops out.


"Why the Phunk did you do that!?"
"Because i lied."



Jane flys out before you can even show a facial expression.


"What?" he asks running in.


Edward runs over to the window and starts to jump out.

Do you stop him or follow?




(aww! i wanted you to follow...)

you stop him.

"edward, she'll kill you again!"

"so? i've died before; and if she comes back then i'm gonna kill her before she can touch either of us!"

"Edward! please."

he sighs.


you two start walking towards the bedroom door, but edward turns around and jumps out the window.

What do you do? follow or get alice?


You start for alice, but then turn around for edward.

"edward!" you scream.

he pops out in front of you, knocking you on your @$$.


"Sorry, babe...lost the b!tch..."

"I told you not to go after her."

"What did she say to you when she was there?"

"Victoria is still alive."

You can't tell what edward's expression is yet, then he throws a rock at a tree.

"Damn it!"

"We need to leave."

"No! i'm not running this time!"

"But edward...your scar."

You touch where his scar is on his stomach.

Then you break into tears.

He hugs you.

"I don't want her to kill you!"

"She won't." a voice says.

Who's the voice? jane, alec or aro?


(8b...*can i still use that?)

Alec walks towards the both of you.

"What do you want, you Ba$t*rd?"

"Mean! Victoria is under control, relax."

"How do we know you aren't lying?" you ask, wiping away tears.

"Oh, dear Kaylee*, why would i lie?"

"Because that's what the Volturi do." Edward stated.

"Well, If you don't feel safe, Jane," she comes out from behind alec. "Could stay with you."

"What do you think, Kaylee?" edward asks you.



"No! edward!" you whine. (sorry, that just sounds funnier.)

Edward nods his head to you, then turns to jane and alec and says:

"You stay out of her room or i will kill you myself."

"Edward!" you whine.

"I don't know how strong Victoria is right now, we need protection."

"It's not like i'm gonna get pregnant!" you joke.

He gives you a look.

about an hour later...

"Edward! she's starting at me!" you whisper-whine.

Edward looks at jane and gives her the finger.

She scoffs and walks off.

"thank you, but i still don't feel safe."

"Why? jane is out there and alec at the window."

"That's what i mean."

"You'll be fine, just lay down and read."

He tosses you two books:

Diary of a wimpy kid.

Alice in wonderland.

which do you start reading?


(yes, it does matter!)

you start to read Alice.

You take your eyes off the book for a sec and see it's 5:00AM.

You look back at the book and see you're on the second to last page.

"How-? i don't even remember the flamingos..." you say to yourself.

Someone bursts into laughter.

Who is it? jane alec or a mystery person? (choose the mystery! haha!)



Aro walks in.

Victoria follows.


Aro puts his hand on your mouth and pauses for a moment.

You push his hand away, you know what he's doing...

"What the hell is she doing here!?"

"She came to say she's sorry."

"Yeah..." she says, replused.

You give her that "B!tchy" look.

"Sorry." she mumbles

"There! now jane and alec can leave." he smiles.

Victoria and aro head out as alec jumps through the window following, but then he stops.


"What?" you ask.


"Alec!" aro calls.

"Gotta go!"

he runs out.

Do you chase after him or lay down bafelled?


nothing's the matter Edit

I just need to get your thoughts on something but I'd rather email you, so shoot me an email and I'll fill you in :) sena at Sena@Wikia 00:08, March 18, 2010 (UTC)


You run after alec thinking why? and how?

You touch his shoulder.

Then before you know it, he's kissing you.

do you push him away or wait?


Yoiu push him away, and then see there's drool on both of your mouths.

Alec swipes it away and blushes.

"That-why?" you ask.

"I don't know...just, something like...Jane said something and, it made me think something and then i saw you."

You give him a confused look.

"I don't-"



Alec runs off again.

Aro walks over to you though.

"Would you concider-"

"No." you interupt.

"But the Volturi would be honered to have such a talent."

"I don't even know what my talent is!"


"I don't know, something about edward."

"I could tell you, but only if you join us."

well? (Choose edward!)


(WTF??? if you get a third before i get my first i'm gonna kick your butt!)

(sorry, i just like predicting!)

"No." you answer.

"That's too bad, a vampire with three talents..."

What's your responce?


(sorry, is that the responce?)

(ziz all'ight)

"THREE TALENTS!!!???" you cry.

"Yep, but if you won't join, you could always ask edward, he won't tell you but..."

any change to your answer?


"Shame...with all three under control you could rule even the volturi!" he says as you shut the door.

Edward appears in front of you.

"Read my thoughts." you say.

"Kaylee, i can't. all those being used at once...i can't let you-"

"Why not?"

"Because you could kill all of forks and more useing them!"

"Then i won't! just tell me what i can do!"



I gotta go, babe.

see you later.

(idk about tonite or not, but i'll message you when i am.)

xoxo Luna/Bella


(Well, spit fother-muckers, you don't do much when i'm gone!)

Edward runs out the door past you, but you follow.

He's running so fast you can't tell where you are going yet, but edward has something in mind, you can tell. actually, you can hear him.

I can't belive those ba$t*rds! you hear.

Edward! i can hear you! you try to tell him, but he can't.

Then you hear something else, you can't tell what yet, but you're getting close to it, them, or whatever this noise is.

You stop at a fork in the road, you've lost edward's scent, which way do you go? forward or left?


(you got "fother-mucker"? how'd you break my code!? haha!)

You go foward, dead end! you almost fall off a cliff, but someone grabs you, you spin around to see Victoria.

You try to push away but relize there's a cliff behind you and she's really trying to save your @$$.

She pulls you too safer grounds and tells you:

"Wrong way, stupid; didn't you see the DANGER sing?"


"Just go that way to see your little edward."
Do you trust her and go to your left or decid she's lying and go right?


(all you went was straight, hmhe, it's the same left.)

so you go left.

You start to hear things again, voices, sounds of...papers?

you come out of the woods and see edward standing next to aro, talking about something you don't really care about.

You look at alec and he gives you a sluty yet subtle smile.

You see Jane rolling her eyes.

She walks over to you and whispers:

"If you hurt him, i'll hurt you."

She imagines a thumb tack going in your ear.

"Ow, B!tch."

She smirks and walks back over to alec.

You walk over to edward and grab his arm; something is strange though, he feels pain.

You instantly let go of him and gasp.

You look at aro. he's smiling.



"Oh, my God! i hurt you?"

"See what she could do, edward?"

"I said 'no'!"

"What did i-...are you sure you're okay?"

"i'm fine, he's not going to be though if he keeps asking!" he states.

"But edward, think!"

Edward gets up and gets in aro's face.

"pain" you hear.

Edward screams.

"Stop it!" you scream to Jane.

She's instantly on the ground within her own thoughts.


"Can do so much for us!" aro states.

"No! Kaylee, come on!"

You stand there amazed, then you relize edward and aro are both looking at you with wanting eyes.

Who do you go for?

(alec is an option too, if you need to think.)


(oh! why not take a risk!?and sorry! i keep putting the wrong thing...)

You walk towards edward and say:

"Take me home, please?"

You climb on his back and he runs you back home; you're too tired to run.

You two are making out on the porch of your house, then he stops.

"You kissed alec?" he asks.

"Um...well, he kissed me actually, but i didn't-"

he puts his finger on your lips.

"Did you...enjoy it?"



(look at your blog.)

"Well, i was flattered, but i pushed him away the moment he started."



"Nothing, i'm just surprised you didn't mention his breath."

"I didn't-...what?"

"He eats rats you know."

How do you respond?


My eye balls!


(how do you know? louis did it, why can't alec?)

"Awwww." you whine, holding your stomach.

"Yeah...he does stuff like that, he also kisses jane sometimes."

You turn and hurl, JANE!!!??? you think.


"Now that we're past that, why didn't you tell me i could do this super cool spit?"

"Because, if you attemp them all at the same time, or even in the same day, you could get hurt and i can't stand loosing you!"

How do you respond to that? kiss or fight?


"you can talk through minds, but the others are to dangeress to use unless you need to."

"That's it?" you whine. (shut up.)

"If you wanna stay alive!"


Edward gets up and puts on his jacket.

"Where are you running off to now?" you ask.



"so he can do something to tame yourself."


"Your powers are to much, ask alice."

she comes out from behind the post.

"If you keep your powers, you die."

Edward heads off towards the woods.


Alice starts to cry, your future is starting to kill her.

What do you do?

Follow edward to stop him, or follow edward to join him?


(It just upsets her.)

You follow edward to join him, you can't stand hurting her.

You reach the Volturi and beg them to do something.

"Please! i don't wanna kill anyone!" you cry out.

"But-" aro starts.

"Aro!" edward inturups

Aro sighs, but walks over to you and puts his hand on your head.

You satrt to feel a spark on your head, but it starts to grow, it gets so annoying you shoot off.

Aro is flown against the wall.

You stare at him with confusion.

"What did i-"

"Wow!" alec cries.


"I knew it." he sighs

Aro gets up, fasinated.

"I can't even stop it!" he laughs.

Do you run off in horror, or stay and beg for something to done? (which i highly doubt can be.)


(YAY! maybe we could see if you could get a third "Volturi" set! if not, there's no justice...and thank you for fixing that!)

You run off in horror thinking God! why? this can't happen to me!

You stop at the side of a pond, you're running on minumim blood suply, you see a deer running by.

Do you grab it or ignore it?


you go for the deer, but you are so disoreinted you relize it's Victoria you're about to swipe at.

"You poor thing." she says.

She hands you a vile of blood and you chug it down before she can express her disgust.

"Thank you." you manage to spit out.

"So you could really hurt edward?"

You slowly nod your head, about to cry.

"Well, can you mix yet?"

How do you respond?


(glad you do, babe! (sorry i'm developing this "kerli" adittude...))

"Mix what?"

"Your powers; you can mentaly hurt someone like jane does, the only difference is you aren't nauturally able to do this without hurting yourself, so you have to store energy. and you would be in bed for a whole day depending on how long you do this."

"Why are you helping me, b!tch?"

"Because james is going to hurt your edward, and bella, he still wants her, and...seeing james powerless...that's something i would love to see."

You give her a "WTF" look.




(you said "no" to the vampire eyes thing right?)

"Just touch him and he'll be helpless!"

"Victoria!" you hear.

"I think james is coming for you." you state.

"Damn! well, won't you?"




"Victoria!" she hears now.

She growls at you but runs off to get james.

You get up dust yourself off.

You look up and see edward standing by a tree.

You turn away, fearing you'll hurt him.

He runs over and touches your cheek.

"I can't-"

He puts his finger on your lips and kisses you.

You push away gentley enough it doesn't hurt him, but it still is strong to him.

"I can't."

You run off crying now, you can't stand hurting him.

But he comes after you and grabs you, he puts his hand on your head and a soaring pain goes through you, you try to pull away, but also fear you'll hurt him again.

You wake up in...? Victoria's arms or the dance hall?


i'm going to have to in a sec, so unfortunatly we have a cliff hanger.


You wake up Victoria's arms.

"Wha-B!TCH!!! what'd you do to me?"



haha! sorry mine take forever.

but i really have to go, 3 minutes untill death!

Goodnight sweetie!

Xoxo Luna/Bella


sowwy baby.

Xoxo Luna/Bella.


Awards! Edit

Congratulations on taking over on awards!!!! I'm sure you'll do a great job! I noticed that Ha-Za left a msg requesting the 'play ball' award, I didn't post it, that can be your first official award posting!!! So excited to have you helping out, you rock! Sena@Wikia 04:23, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Magnus Edit

I was just changing things around in edit mode as you wrote that. lol TLG 04:58, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

I was thinking of the wrong character in the first place. >.< & yes, feel free to ask me whatever anytime. TLG 05:22, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Well, it's not mind-reading, it's mind control/hypnotism. I've studied hypnotism & had some limited success with it, & aside from that, I've always had a way of convincing people of things - true or not - through a combination of good acting, & the strategic manipulation of logic. TLG 05:33, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

I also linked Magnus to wikipedia for a clearer description. I did this for my coven & clan as well. TLG 05:46, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

That's not currently my family's surname, but it was originally. It was changed to a common English name with some of the same letters in it many generations back to avoid pursecution by the English. The coat of arms is correct, the crest badge is a little different, I have a tattoo of it on my chest if you want to see it. TLG 06:21, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

HAH - thanks for the award, talk about being on top of things... :P I had to do a doubletake to see that I actually had 500... TLG 06:26, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

lol - the above timestamp indicates i was thanking you for it at the same time you were mentioning it hehe

the pic i was speaking of with the tattoo isn't some shirtless bodybuilder pose of me lol it's cropped so all you see is the tattoo image, but it did sound kind of weird after i re-read what i wrote :P i notice now that the page linked on my userpage to Clan MacNab has a very cheesy version of the clan badge on it. TLG 06:35, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

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Did you see the link I added on my userpage to the song? I love Massive Attack & Hope, so for me it was a great collaboration. TLG 06:43, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Well I had Ashley Greene on there for a while, but I think people got the point. :P TLG 06:54, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

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Didn't I already tell you where I'm at? I thought I had - anyway, I live in the Willamette valley in Oregon. TLG 07:22, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

ah, that's right - i told you about where i used to live not where i do... :P TLG 07:29, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

I went to massage therapy school here. I had a friend in highschool who would visit his father up here in this area a couple times a year. I went with him on one of those occasions, and that was it. I immediately fell in love with the area. It's so lush and green here, and compared to CA, there are so few people here... In Salinas, there is no weather. It never rains, & it is never hot. This area I'm in now actually has seasons, & it rains ALOT. I love the rain. TLG 08:08, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

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Good morning!!! Edit

Hello! how are you today?

WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! GOOD GOTH, WAKE UP!!! You can't just sleep all day, no matter how...alluring that sounds...GET UP!!! (or you don't get to hear the rest of the story...)

Well here's the continuing so you don't die of story-stavation:


"Well...i sucked on you." Victoria sheepishly states.

What your responce?


Hiya Edit

So, I was thinking Twilight last night (duh) and I wanted to throw some ideas by you. I thought it would be neat if we had some pages that were fic, but more like a news story type thing. I already talked to LunaBella about starting a page that was an advice column where she'd answer questions in character as bella, and I left a msg for TLG about maybe starting a "My Life is SO Twilight" page where people could post things that happen to them that are right out of a Twilight novel, and I also thought maybe we could start a Travel article too, and I thought I'd see if that was something you'd be interested in could talk about areas and stuff, but do it as Edward (or whichever vampire you like the best). I mean, it would be about real life places, but you could write it like you were a vampire from Twilight, so if you were writing about New York you could say that you really enjoyed it, especially since it's the city that never sleeps which meant that you could go out at night and not worry about if the sun was out or not..something like that. Anyway just a thought, maybe if we get enough 'news' pages going we could start a whole section and have fashion and cooking (wolf of course, they eat the most), and decorating and health...anyway sorry, I went crazy last night with all these ideas running around my head and had to talk to someone about them! Sena@Wikia 16:06, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Edward's Guide Edit

No problem, it's just an idea I had last night, and when I got to work today I had to write it all out for you before it flew out of my head...but it was just a thought for you to do with as you wish :) Sena@Wikia 20:33, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Tolas of Banned Edit

How is Tolas of Brand - a know troll, spammer, and vandal not banned from this site? TLG 22:57, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Because with respect, i am none of those things Senor. Tolas of Brand 22:59, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Kmanwing, I left a note on Tolas of Brand's talk page letting him know that if he continued to be inappropriate he would be banned. Please let me know if this is something that needs to happen. So far I feel he has been an issue, but not a major problem, so I will leave the choice up to the community, just remember, we do want people with different opinions to feel that they can be part of our community. They don't have to agree with everything we like, they just have to be respectful. So, if Tolas is being disrespectful, ban him, however if he's just voicing a different opinion (IN AN APPROPRIATE MANNER), then he should be allowed to stay, unless he becomes rude. Up to you guys, just let me know if you need help with it. Sena@Wikia

Huh.... I'm pretty sure he's deleted things off pages in the past, but no specifics come to mind at the moment so w/e. Why anyone would waste the time to come to a site dedicated to something they hate, when they could instead be working with something they love, is beyond me. There's one in every crowd I supose. TLG 23:45, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

TLG I agree, it's sad that people would want to put that kind of energy into being hateful and rude, If he does anything else, we'll ban him, it's just that...there wasn't enough in his edit history to warrant a blocking, and I just don't want us to get the reputation of being mean or's a hard line to walk.

Sena@Wikia 23:54, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Perfect! Edit

I agree with banning people who are just trying to incite issues within our community, but I also don't want to be seen as crazy fan-freaks who aren't open to everyone being a part of the community...I mean hey, you don't like twilight, that's cool, just don't be a jerk about it and you're welcome to come and talk about what you do like, ya know :) Thank you for being on top of this issue! Sena@Wikia 23:09, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

well, it's supossed to be a "bella" thing but being you are the biggest edward fan i know...lemme think about it.

did you answer yet?



It is pretty amazing here - just watch Twilight - most of it was filmed here. lol I've thought about moving up to the Olympic Pen. - just to see the difference in rain. It's rainy from October to May here, but they still get about 3 times as much rainfall by the numbers. I think that has alot to do with the fact that when it rains there, it just rains harder - not necessarily 3 times as often - but there are more rainy days, and I would definitely be on board with that. Have you ever heard of Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder? TLG 23:27, March 18, 2010 (UTC) <-------Did you see this post?

LOL! I thought you were saying you totally have Twilight, to be able to watch it & see the gorgeous scenery - & that's why you wish you hadn't moved to SoCal... lol what a 'tard i am. :P TLG 00:16, March 19, 2010 (UTC)


(all'ight! but could you make a new thingy so i don't have to scoll and find and all that, it's a pain. and sure you can, just remember it's half bella, half me. *sorry i make up powers...)

"YOU WHAT!!!???" you scream.

"I sucked on you, all vampires can borrow, you just have to learn how*."

You stand there with your jaw hanging open.

"what? i wanted to see james helpless, it looked funny." she smiles

"You, used me?"

"yep, gotta go now, see you later."

she runs off.

do you run after her or stay?



(sowwy, but i like it!)(and some one was doing something to my page! other than you, but you're alloud to.)

You follow her in rage.

"Why the phunk would you do that to me!?" you scream.

"I allready told you." she says, stoping at just the right moment, knocking you onto the ground.

"But that's mean!" you say, still on the ground

She pulls you up and drags you over to edward's house.

"Let go of her!" edward cries, seeing victoria's grasp on you.

She throws you over to edward, and then leaves faster than how you got there.

"ow." you say, rubbing your neck.

"that b!tch." edward says.

then alice skips in, what do you say to her?


(was it not clear it is the hardest thing to do? sorry...)

"that b!tch stole my powers did you know they could do that? does she get to keep them now? what the phunk is going on???" you ask.

She gives edward a "wha?-" look.

Then alice stands frozen for a minute and scoffs.

jane pops in.

"I can explain!"

"We don't need your help." you all say.

She puts her hands on her hips and gives you all a "f#&k you then!" look.

She starts to walk out, but then alec rushes in and grabs her, pulling her back in.

"James. Volturi. Jacob. bad!" he gasps.

This time you can smell the rats.

"They're coming." Alice says.

Alec points at her, obviously she know's what he means.

"But i still don't know what the hell is going on!" you state.

"You're about to." edward says, he runs out and you instantly lose his scent.

"Come on Kaylee, we have to go." alice says.

"no, ride with me!" alec asks.



(and btw, since you look busy, i'm gonna have to take a break because i am sooo hungry! see you in 30.)

you can't run because you don't know where you're going.


(sorry i took so phunkin' long, my brother! ugh!)

(well what does it seem like? you have to ride, besides, victoria hurt your neck to badly to run.)

(you ride alec? haha!)

"yes!" he cries.

Alice scoffs and grabs her keys.

Jane goes with alice and you get in the car with alec.

You start to hear alec's thought's

God! finally! Thank you jesus!

You roll your eyes, you'll never get through to him...

Victoria hops in the back just as he starts the car.

You give alec a look of consern.

"She knows the way." he says.

You roll your eyes. again.

Alec starts to drive in a strange direction, you've never been here before.

"Where are we?" you ask.

"The volturi's beach house." Victoria sarcasticly states.

"Thai's." alec says.


"yep." he says.

How do you respond now?


(hehe!<evil laughter>)

"Who the hell is thai?" you ask.

alec looks down at something next to you and then back up at the road.


how do you respond? (is it not obvious yet?)


(tell me you're joking or i'll keel-haul you! seriously, it's not obvious?)

"If he's not real, why are we going to his house?"

"Who said it was a he?" alec asks.




"Well she wouldn't give you what i'm about to give you." he says.

You look in the rear-view mirror and see victoria snikering.

"Where are you taking me!?" you ask in rage.


"Who. Is. Thai?"

Alec pulls over at an abandonded beach house and gets out.

Do you follow or stay with vicky?



You jog after him, prepared to kick his or someone else's @$$ if you sence danger.

You run in but see nothing, then alec jumps you and starts kissing you and putting his hands where they shouldn't be.

what do you do?

push him?


or scream for edward?


(i'm sorry, but is this barrier like bella's? i just don't get it...)

You push him back and scream:

"What the hell's the matter with you!? what do you think you're doing!???"

"I said we were going to Thighs."

Your mouth hangs open.

"You little ba$t*rd!" you say.

You run out shaking off the horrors you just went through, no matter how flattering it is to be kissed, being raped is a whole nother thing...

"Wait!" you hear alec say.

You don't wanna stay in the car with him, so what do you do?

Call for edward through thought?

Call for alice through thought?

Or jump off the cliff into the ocean?



You think Alice, this ba$t*rd is trying to rape me! come help!

Alec walks over to the car and gets in.

"You coming or what?" he asks you.

Obviously alice is to far away, do you jump or go with? (you would still be in the front seat though, vicky is laying down in the back and you don't wanna wake her...)


The number Edit

Well actually, the number has no "power". All beliefs or theories surrounding that number is that it is the mark of the beast (the devil, Satan). People spend too much of their time worrying about the number. Like triskaidekaphobes. –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:24, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

If you fear the number, just have belief in God, no evil can hurt you, then. –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:25, March 19, 2010 (UTC)
Yes, you're very wise ;) –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:29, March 19, 2010 (UTC)


(she's obviously too far away to hear you, and standing there waiting will make alec relize what you're doing, you could stall him but there's only one way you could...and by jump i mean like in NM. you're by a cliff and there are no rocks bellow so.)

(Thanks a lot for that!)

You jump over to the edge and try to jump off, but someone grabs you.

You turn over to see Alice and alec is on the ground in pain.


"I sucked."

You give her a pissed look.

later that night you see edward in your room, mad as hell.

"Where is he?" he asks you.


"That little, lying ba$t*rd!"

"Alice took care of him."

Edward gives you a look of reliefe, but also of pissed off rage.

"If he ever comes near you again, tell me."


Edward kisses you.

You kiss back.

Then you see a shadow near the window, what do you do?


(i was being sarcastic because i say you say spit about "fear" and that does NOT help my case!)

Edward! the window! you think.

He turns and looks, but the shadow is gone.

He walks over and opens it.

"What did you see?" he asks.

"Just a a monkey."

"I take ofence to that!" Jane cries.

Edward jumps back and growls.

"What do you want, b!tch?" you both ask.

"Just to tell you that alec misses you and you broke his nose."

You blush.

"you broke his nose?" edward asks, impressed.

"actually it was something a little more...more."

"ewoh." you say.

Then she jumps out the window and goes off.

Edward looks at you and says:

"i guess you're safe now."

THE END!!! i'm sooo sorry i keep taking forever!

tomorrow and tonite you get to do the stories! (if you want...)


you never share to much! silver is the purest? my cross is gold, which i though and still think is a greedy metal...I ALWAYS KNEW THAT SILVER WAS BETTER!!!

Anyways, even though i like the writing side better, i wanna read your's too! and is "fuffy" your f word?


LB stowy timeEdit

you write your's out? i just write as i go...


(Well, it is forks! what else can you do?)

(you stole that.)

Foward, going right gets you out of the maze, and i'd like to stay lost.


(321 pengiuns!!! yay for you!)

hide to see what he does, even though i'm bow-red, i don't think i'm ready to die...


(sorry, i was just doing the same, but i saw you did it so i didn't want edit conflict. but i really do.)

(you really like mixing us don't you? haha!, not you.)

i guess i'd be too weak to fight him off, but i'd still try.


iz fine, i have to get off in like, 12 minutes so lets just chat! if that's okay...

(am i a werewolf? yeah, it is a little obvious i'm special in this story...allthough you do have writer's block...)



<sigh> 4 and i like when our paths cross, i really wanna see you.


Sure! (yay! i get to see you!) but it's to late now, i have to go...pooie.

Goodnight, love.

Xoxo Luna/Bella.

i miss you allready.




I go save and delete now.


now, do you mean differing eye color or just two separate pictures?


Oh, i'm going into town to see Alice in Wonderland with my Lolita club this afternoon, so i may not be able to respond to anything right away untill...10PM? the movie starts at 5-ish and my mom is driving me so...yeah, that sounds about right.

btw, i'm a little sick, i don't think my stomach hurt last night because of the evil number, what do you think i should take? because if i hurl, i'm going to the hospital, i do NOT want this to turn into something bad, even if i am over-exagerating.


Re: PicturesEdit

Sorry, but no. The "New Pictures" page automatically displays the most recent uploads, and so pictures cannot be removed manually. -TagAlongPam (talk) 16:10, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

signature Edit

So, I can try to help with your signature, but Luna's looks like this:

font-family:Lucida Handwriting; color:violet;">♥Luna/Bella♥

so I'd need you to make a signature that looked like that instead of being an image file thingy...does that make sense? or if you tell me what font you used for your signature I can try to make something close... :) Sena@Wikia 19:21, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

I have a start on it...look at the first time your signature shows up on the page

the problem is that the font didn't work as well as it should have...I'll have to tweak around with it a bit...lunch now, but i'll be back and see what i can do Sena@Wikia 19:32, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

I think that worked Edit

Check the Lady Bella is Listening page again and let me know what you think :) Sena@Wikia 21:05, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

Signature Edit

Awesome, I'm so glad it worked :) So if you want to use what I did, all you need to do is copy the code and paste it wherever you're signing things, I'm not sure if there's a way to change your signature so when you hit the ~ that shows up, but you could test it out! Sena@Wikia 21:10, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

Testing Edit

Testing my new signature... Kmanwing sig 00:50, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

Eddie's Field Edit

Yes, I've been there - it was a few years before Twilight was even filmed though. I know I remember the field, as we did alot of ill-advised off trail hiking (oops) - but I didn't focus on it like I would now. When I go again, (which will be soon) obviously I'll have some new points of interest. Last time, it was just a cool place to play ultimate frisbee, but this time I'm gonna walk the perimeter of that field & try to recognize different scenes in the movies. TLG 01:36, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

Signature Edit

The reason I didn't give you that code to begin with is because you're going to have to upload your signature image on every other wiki you visit, whereas the URL can be used throughout Wikia. –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:21, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

i don't have email.

so i can't email.

get the point?

so story time!!! for the 45 minutes i can be on...phunk.


and by the way:




and sorry i've got this rap-star-b!thy-aditude tonite...something horrible must of happened to me last nite...

anyways, i was wondering if you wanted two separate pics or like one eye and one eye.

plus, check out my "Aro" attemp:
Aro, Dwawing style...yeah...

It's Aro! (I suck!)


thanx. (maybe...)

it's still on the thing where you add pictures though, jsyk.


yeah! well most of us do, don't we?

and i still need an answer.


??? i...what? i know you don't want it on here but i don't know if you want to separate pics or not...



Changing the phunkin' subject...Edit

So do you know what i saw in a claw machine today? guess!


no, but i did see edward and bella dolls!

i saw spock and this other guy in the claw machine. they were giving the "live long and prosper" sing! LOL! i wanna get that for my dad but someone made a big fat doll sit on top of them!




you know you have an 80's perm?

are you sure you're how old you say you are?


haha! i'm not moching, just saying you look like an 80's person, and what do you mean "delete"? it's not there.

i have to go now, dang time controls, goodnight my only equal.


<E gasp> you lucky ba$t*rd!!!

i'm so happy for you!

and i still wanna test out vamp eyes on you.


huh? sorry, i'm waaay off today...messages from TLG about one true did i spell that wrong...


<E gasp> it Oklahoma...LOL! it always snows here in winter actually...when it snows, it's like, a foot ROX!!!

sorry, did you ask something? i'm so off today...



i take pics for you!

with barbies dressed as fairies!!!

i've been wanting to do that forever!

if i don't do that this year i'm going to go insane.


do you not want barbie/fairies in your pics?


sorry, you said something about your book?

yay! another writer!



i could send you a bolw of snow.


what if i put it in a freezer?

the basic saterday spit.



  • bored to the maxamim and wishing i could be at tao or mia's house or anywhere but here.

do you have any story for me?



to friggin' cold, even for me, the one who shows no sings of anything in real life.


dang...want me to do you?

that sounds so perverted...


does that mean: "Go away."?


too bow-red to watch tv, too excited to jump...i'm going insane...


what am i stealing?

i can predict, don't judge me!

Oh, my goth...i'm cold.

it's actually efecting me...that's...oh, my goth.


ah, i hate techy-diffys...they suck like cheese! (my brother's saying...)


you hate milk?

and my OMGoth thing is actually old...i'm surprised you've never heard it, but it was also live in a sunny hell...


Oh, sweet rain, it was raining last night in town, we were in the parking lot of walmart, and i could smell this wonderful rain, reminds-you-of-the-good-old-days smell...ah, rain.

i miss that smell, reminded me of nana and pepaw...


(hate to spy, (not really.)




btw, i tried to draw jacob...omg it didn't even look human!


hungry...penut butter sandwhich...ramen...which do you think?


two diff. subjects...Edit

i've been drawing since i picked up "Chobits" which was like...6 years ago...


i can't have...scrumpsius...blood soaked...meat...i'm fasting.

so i eat sandwhich!

gimme like, three minutes to make it.


drawing in jane's view sounds cool...

but my real life attempt was aro and jacob actually...LOL.

i also did this other.

hang on and i'll scan it in.


it's buried in papers, i'll have to look later.


which do you want on my user page?


well, i have my 3rd place pic...and adding more is a hasle and it's like, clotting the page...

btw, would you wear hot pink pants?

do you have a pink shirt?


ooh! i'd ask more but you'd have to do something and so...bleh

want to hear more of your story? i just need to find where i left off...


storytime with the great smartiny!!! Edit

You and Alice are wraping edward's birthday present.

Then Alice pushes it under the table, just missing your finger.


"Well at least it didn't cut you, besides, edward is coming up."

You hear foot steps on the stairs and decide your non-chalaunt postions.

You sit on the bed reading.

"Return it, Alice." edward says.

"But you never acept any presents any more!" she whines.

"I don't feel like celabrating." he says.

He walks out.

"What's with him?" you ask alice.

"Ask him! i'm tired of his aditude." she suggests, stormy out.

What do you do?


(sorry, choises)

read his mind at dinner or chase after him and ask him?


(Whoa!!! when is that?)(i'm also surprised yopu didn't ask what the hell the title was)

you chase after him, wondering why.

"Edward!" you say, blocking his way.

He turns around, and starts for his room.

"Edward! talk to me!" you whine.

He stops.


"Why don't you wanna know what your present is? why don't you wanna celabrate?"

"I don't like it."

"The present?"

"The date."

"It's my birthday too."

"That part i'm fine with, i allready got you something too! i just hate my part..."

he walks away.

Later at dinner(yes, dinner. bella came over.) you look at edward and attempt to read his thoughts.

it's blank.

What do you do?

ask him a non-chalaunt question or spit out your anger?



you ask edward how he's feeling, then turn to bella and see she's bored as hell.

"Fine." he answers, giving you a "i know what you're doing" look.

"How are you bella?" emse asks.

"Fine." she sheepishly says.

"Have you read harry potter?" you ask her.

She starts to smile.

You two start to about stuff while the others pair of in coversations too.

but when you look up, edward is gone.

You see a shadow outside, do you excuse yourself or talk with bella somemore?


you excuse yourself and follow the shadow.

You walk outside and see it go behind a tree.

do you still keep going?


You hiop over to the tree and hop up on to the top branch, looking dow.

you see a head and shoulders, but nothing else, you can't tell who it is.

Do you tackle it or ask who it is?


"Who goes!!!?" you ask.

The face looks up but you can still barley see it, except for a red spot.

do you jump down or ask again?


(it's one or the other.)


"Don't you reconize me? or did punching me make me invisible?"

do you run back to the house or deal with him yourself?


"What do you want, alec?"

"You. duh."

"Why!? what is it about ME!?"

"Well, actually i don't like you anymore, i hate it when i'm not in control."

Your jaws hangs open.

"I'm just here to do this."

He punches you in the neck and ties you up.

You're dragged to the volturi and you're sitting by Jane when you're uncovered.

"B!tch!" you cry out, jumping.

"Shut up!" she orders, giving you a p!$$ed look.

"Aro." alec says.

everybody scurries to their seats and shuts up.

Aro walks in and smiles when he see's you.

"Well, well."

"Burn in hell, you ba$t*rd." you say.

"So mean. won't you re-think the offer?"



i gotta go........brothers being annoying...see you later tonite.


"But we need you!" aro cries.

"No! i don't wanna be in your sick gang!"

"Fine then, we'll just keep edward here whilst you celabrate your side of your birthday."

Aro pulls down the curtian hanging over a door, you see edward behind the curtian in chains and behind bars.

do you run at the bars and try to break them or curse out aro?


Fair Edit

Not bad, kind of bored though - there's a bug going around that I didn't get, so most of my friends are sick. Even my roommate is sick, so we've been avoiding each other so I don't get it. Might go have a few drinks & see a movie tonight, not sure. Just a boring weekend.... DAMN MY STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM!!! lol TLG 23:20, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

Re: PicEdit

Done and done. -TagAlongPam (talk) 23:46, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

Oops...wrong place.Edit

You run over and pull at the bars.

"Damn it!" you scream, they're hot as coal.

You blow on your hands, they're literally red and black.

"So will you reconsider?" Jane asks.

"No, b!tch!" you shoot at her.

She scoffs.

"Aro!" she whines.

"Don't worry, she will." aro says, walking off.

"No i won't!" you scream.

Aro snaps his fingers and you find yourself inside with edward.

You lay down together.

"Are you okay?" edward asks.

"Yeah." you say.

"I hate this, this is my birthday all over again." he says to himself.

"What?" you ask.

He turns to you.

"Do you promise to not say a word to anyone?"



(everyone left, it's five hours later, sorry i didn't mention that...)

"well, when i was first turned, and i had my first vampire birthday, the volturi busted in and dragged me away, i was stuck in this hell for five months before they "let me go"."

"whoa, so what made them let you go?"

"They didn't."

"Come on, mates!" a gaurd says. "You're free to go after you meet with aro once more!"

You both walk up to the room you were told to go to, but only because the rest of the doors are locked.

You walk into a dark room adnd then feel a burning pain.

You wake up in your room.

Edward is lying down next to you, pretend sleeping.


"What?" he responds, a little too quickly.

"God," you laugh. "You never finished your story."

"For your own good."

"But i wanna know!" you whine.

Then alice comes in bursting with excitment.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" she screams.

Edward smacks his head on the banister.

You and bella sit down and chat while you wait on alice's trademark cake, complete with the largness of a stripper cake.

You see edward sitting with jasper talking about something that doesn't look fun, but you're tempted to go over, do you?


You're tempted, but you decide to wait.

Then alice brings out her cake, she seems to be struggling with it, but you aren't surprised, it's a phunkin' huge cake.

"Happy birthday you guys!" she squeals.

Edward rolls his eyes but gets up anyways, you both are thinking that no matter what the event, it's like alice's wedding day to her.

Then you hear something you shouldn't be, but do:

can't wait to jump! they. will. freak! haha!

"The cake." you say to yourself.

You want to attack, but you're still weak, do you use your strength or you reflection?


(For what!? she's about to jump out of the cake!!!)


You hold back for the moment.

Alice starts singing happy birthday and forces the rest to too. subtely.

Edward hears your thoughts and backs up slowly, aiming for the cake.

Edward, no! she'll kill you!




He runs for the cake and smashes it, hitting Jane in the head.

"Ow! you ruined the surprise!" she mochs.

She hits edward with a shock of pain whil alec starts to use his.

What do you use? (the previous choises.)


(that's strength then?)
You run towards jane to bust her out of her strength.

She try's to aim for you, but is to focused on edward to get you.

You knock her out and turn around, alec's power is spreading to you and edward, but you can't get your sheil to work, do you try to run towards him too? or do you grab edward and run?


You grab edward and run out the front door, then you see two shadows and stop, prepared to fight.

"Hi, Kaylee!!!" you hear a girl scream.

"Hey! over here!" you hear a guy say.

Do you go over or keep running?


You run over, praying to God it's friends.

It is!

"Hello Kaylee!" LunaBella screams.

"S'up?" Jacob says.

"The volturi are inside!" you say.

Jacob goes inside and starts attacking alec.

You turn to LB and say:

"What are you doing here?"

"I predicted you were in trouble!" she says, proud of herself.

"You're insane." edward states.

"And proud of it!"

you give her a "you really are insane" look.

Then jacob runs out with blood on his shirt.

"What the hell did you do!?" you scream.

"You know there's a stripper cake in there?" he takes some of the red frosting from his shirt and licks it. "good."

You and edward roll your eyes and he asks:

"Where is jane and alec?"

"Little leaches ran off. wimps." he laughs.

LB puts her hands on her hips and gives him the look.

"What? they are!"

edward growls at him.

"Maybe you're right though." you hear Lb say.

"So why are you here now?" you ask.

They look at each other and grunt.

"Bored." they say.

You look to your side and see jane and alec looking at you, but they also look scared, scared of jacob.

"Hey, they-" you start.

Jacob growls and stomps towards them a little.

The scurry off in fear.

Jacob whispers something in LB's ear and she says:

"We gotta go."

do you follow them to see why or stay?

Goodnight my equal! (you really are one of only two on here that are like me.)


You follow (i think) trying to read the dog's thought's.

Jane and alec are just going to keep trying and trying, we can't help them.

I guess you're right, Jake.

Then you relize what they're doing.

"How are you doing that!?" you ask.

They turn around and stop.

"We just do, we have a strong bond." jacob says.

"and you're going to keep following us." LB states, smiling.

"No i'm not!" yuo say.

The walk off.

But of course you follow, being the slave to curiosity you are.

"but how?"

"don't you wanna play with edward, leech?"

then you relize edward is sitting on the ground holding his stomach.

"Edward!" you cry.

You run over to see his scar is bleeding.

"Oh, my God."

"I need to see Carlisle." he gasps.

you run into the house and see they're all gone.

You run back out and see edward is gone too.

Where do you go?


La push?


NEW MOON ENVY... Edit and your flaunting of the NM dvd...okay then, bye.


dall'ight then, i'll write more whilst you watch the one i don't have yet...ARG!!!


Re: Re: New thingy Edit

Ha. What have I outdone myself with, the hidden template? Yeah, I love it too :) By the way, check out this new article :D –Fingernails.png (talk) 03:26, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

... Edit


how are you?

me? i'm BORED!!!

does it show?


(i'm trying continue your story, hang onn.)

new section so you aren't all turned around >.< Edit

you run to the volturi, thinking they have edward.

You burst in a cry:


They look at you, confused.

"What?" Marcus asks.

"You took edward!" you state.

"We don't have him, he's rejected us to many times to try again, even if we had you he wouldn't." jane states.

"Then where the phunk is he!?"

"We don't know, we could help you find him though." Aro says, implieing joining them, again.



"told you he would," jane states "you owe me a dollor."

"damn!" alec cries.

"Urgh!" you grunt, running out of volterra.

You run back to forks and pick up the dog's scent, you chase after it, starting to smell vampires too.

you come up to an old shaft, with new doors...

do you try to break in, or just scream for edward?


(i said "try"...)

You run into the doors, the hot doors made of the same stuff you ran into last time yoiu went to the volturi.

"Damn it!" you cry. "I just healed up!"

"Who goes there?" someone asks, moching you.

"Let me in!"

"not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin!"

you hear laughing and burst in through the side of the shaft.

"Where the hell is edward?" you ask, pissed.

you see a pack of wolves, you've never seen them before though.

"We don't know what you mean. who's edward?"

"He's my spouce!"

They all burst into laughter again.

Do you smack the one closest to you or run off?


(btw, martinvs knows, do you want me to get rid of that for you or leave it? and no! not that!)

You smack the idoit boy who's drinking beer.

He chokes for a sec but gets up and hits you back, barley.

"Hey! don't hit him!" the leader says, starting to gang up on you.

"All. i. want. is. edward."

"We're new here, so don't ask us."

Then you hear a rumbling in the back closet.

do you run over or attemp to see if there is a mind to read?


You scan for a mind, you hear alice saying:


You run over and bust the door open.

you see alice in binds and jacob sittind next to her.

"What the hell is this!?" you ask

CLIFF HANGER!!! i'm out of ideals...


sorry! i can't think of anything!

but we can still talk!


??? he just knows you're a guy so idk what you want!


i would neevr on purpose!


so what do you want change to now? other than i got NEW MOON BABY!!! i love my mommy!


just now, and no.

it's the fan edition and she got me the soundtrack tooo!


where'd ya go?

oh, just the normal one, but i still loves it!

i don't watch all the SF so i'm good, unless there was a werewolf thingy that explains real therianthropy so I CAN KNOW THE TRUTH!!! then i would so get that.

so...your turn!


therianthropy is all of it, not just wolves.

and cool! but i have to go, my brother wants on...phunk.

see you...idk, haha!

whenever we're both on!

xoxo Luna/Bella.


nice! screenshot?


so hi!


haha! so what is on your freaky mind?


Things Edit

(I honestly couldn't think up a more creative name for my section) I couldn't care less, to each his own, just curious why because Martin exudes charm. –Fingernails.png (talk) 23:04, March 21, 2010 (UTC)



Ha, I don't think there's anyone that just dislikes someone for no good reason except like Ebenezer Scrooge and even he had a reason :) The Twiguys have to unite! –Fingernails.png (talk) 23:12, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

sorries, lemme go over it again...i didn't see it.


he probabley does like you...he's just "busy"


I'm not going to say what it is for sure, but I think my gender is pretty apparent. :D –Fingernails.png (talk) 23:17, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

wha! i wanted to do it...

i love this!


you're comlpededabebde fine.

i like Fingernails now! allot! >(* v ~)<


my mind?


l_l...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................-v-. . . . . . .

does that make scence?

it's din-i-mate`!!!


what do you mean?


doy! sorry! i thought you meant someone else!

i'm glad i'm not the only spy-kid though! isn't it fun!?



i spy for fun!

sorry i'm not responding as quickly, fingernails is fun! i think i love him! haha!

so what's your fave pizza?





cool! but i'm being boring aren't i?

what do you want?

anything! ANYTHING. (Well almost anything.)


...latin? wow. i thought that was a lauguge you learned for church...why are you learning L's when you want to W anyways?


language and writing.


what'd you think it was?



ah, can i just say something?



i know! i can't keep track of talking to 3 guys at once!

but i won't leave.

so what was on your mind? i'm so sorry! i can't remember!


well, do you think you could just talk to her for a minute because i'm going insane!!!

just message when you get back okay?

i can't keep track...

and when you get back wel talk about the thing you're talking about(i am insane!!! i can't rememeber!!!)


no! i'm just finding it hard to keep track!

can we talk about something simple?

i'm sorry i'm crazy!!!



i feel like crying because i'm stupid...


idk...i'm just think of something, anything, just get my mind of this! please!


i...can't remember...


i...don't understand...and my throat hurts form holding back tears...


um...okay, but can it be seth? as disturbing as my dream was last night, i still like him.


actually i meant alec and seth, not jacob and seth. was weird, it was about an alien movie...and the actor's name was seth something like his last name...and i was so scared to check out what this alien looked like because i sorta new it was a dream, but i didn't...and for some phunked up reason i was in jail!!! why was i in jail!!!???

haha! i feel better! thank you!


true! goodbad though, not badbad, BB is evil!

so help me some more! what do you want to talk about?


you're confusing me now...

clarify for me would ya


oh...tell me! haha! you can tell em whatever you want! i'll erase it...

just what do you want? because i can't think straight...pick anything, confusing or not.

i'd bring up music but you don't like that...





i know, it's like "no he's not!" haha!

do you like alice or esme more? (no bella, sowwy)



You are the first TwiGuy I formally meet here in the Wiki. My name is Martin and is a pleasure to meeet you.

Martin_signature.png -Talk-


it's your turn, unless you're too busy with martin...


i have to go, you seem to busy for me. just like isaac...


Power o' 3 Edit

i dunno if i'd say i was a fan, but if i didn't like the show i would have changed the channel, right? lol TLG 01:35, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

i'm starting to wonder about you... Edit

you're still at it? i thought you said you didn't wanna y-k-w-t?

P i'm back boyz!


well could you tell him i'm back and if he wants to talk to post on my page?

i miss him...really.


Re: Yay!!! Edit

Don't mean to be nosy or anything but why would being friends with him be impossible? –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:50, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

(Grr...where's Fang and Zuko when you need them...)


A mystery, huh? (strokes chin) –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:54, March 22, 2010 (UTC)
Better not be anything against Martin. –Fingernails.png (talk) 02:57, March 22, 2010 (UTC)
I'm totally stumped :| Oh well. –Fingernails.png (talk) 03:03, March 22, 2010 (UTC)
Wait... what am I talking about? "Oh well"??? I want to know! –Fingernails.png (talk) 03:05, March 22, 2010 (UTC)
So...Fingernails.png (talk) 03:10, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

Huh...Fingernails.png (talk) 03:16, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

yeahp, why? (i won't actually tell! i just wanna know if he is a he or a she!)


...Fingernails.png (talk) 03:20, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

but you think you have options! i don't! i meet a freak like me and i don't let go!!!


hi-i! did you see the blog?


i know! it was funny though!



or do you mean someone else?



arg! i hate PCs!!! i have to go in 13 minutes...HURRY TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU PLANNED ON TELLING ME TONITE!!!


oh...well...any questions or...i'm bow-red...anything you wanna talk about in the curs-ed 10 minutes i have?


what crap? who hurt you!? i'll kill 'em... or do you mean you'll miss me?


what do you mean?

i don't hate you or anything.

are you wanting to tell F?

i think i have to go now, but i'll be back! and we can talk all you want!

don't be depressed! it's sad to be depressed!

i really do have to go now, i'm so sorry!

xoxo Luna/Bella.

i miss you allready!


delete pic Edit

I couldn't find the pic you were talking about, could you link me to the page it's on? Sena@Wikia 15:48, March 22, 2010 (UTC)




how are you?


Poll Edit!

Can you pass the word to have people check out this poll, it's about seeing if anyone wants direct messaging...

Sena@Wikia 18:24, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

the link is off, but if you click her blog button you can find it.


2:54 when i finish this message, and i'm HOMESCHOOLED!!! HALLALUIA!!! if i went to school i would be beateen into a pulp...




nuttin' much, but check out my userpage! i have clairoyancey!!!



i hate sharing the magic box...

i have to go, but i'll try to get back on later.

and by "shy" i mean i can't tell i'm predicting sometimes.

see ya later.

xoxo Luna/Bella


delete pic 2 Edit

No problem! I'm glad she could help, I was moving this weekend..which means no internet at home for a week (GASP!) Sena@Wikia 20:16, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

My recent awards Edit

Thanks for adding them to my page. I didn't even notice them til now. My mind has too much going on at the moment, lol. LuckyTimothy 22:31, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

sweet! but it was "Kaylee" and you forgot reflecting, but cool!


so what were you asking me earlier?

and if you didn't ask something, then ask me something else!


reflection means anything attempting to hurt you can be reflected if you wish it so.

and i have no clue...but it's not like *pinch* "OMG YOU'VE KILLED ME!!!" it's just multiplied by fifty-fold when you intend on harming or are hugging to hard.


and it's gorgeous!!!

so how are you? (allthough i doubt much has changed in the 3 hours i've been gone...)


what do i make or how am i feeling?

i'm sorry you're sick.


and i'm...okay.

missin' martin a wittle...

if he gets on can you tell him i wanna try to talk to him again?

(and can you actually tell him this time?)

you seem to talk better with him than i do...


Have you met Rosie yet? she's nice if you don't atempt to kill her.


yeah...(and that DOES hurt! a're fine.)

Sister says: Edit

I should talk to you.

She said you seem nice and you're sweet.

(But if you ever hurt her i will kill you!)

†MetalicRose† 23:34, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

I'm serious.

And i'm fine, bored out of my skull, but fine.

†MetalicRose† 23:38, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

Wel, i am very protective of Luna, she is my only sister and she has got me off drugs so...i owe her.

And i threaten because i am half Mossad, it's a reflex.


No, that is all true.

And sorry.

†MetalicRose† 23:46, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

I'm surprised you aren't scared of me.

a Mossad boxer with a jet and references beyond your imagination and you aren't scared?


but i have to go.

i will attempt to contact you later.

Good day sir.

†MetalicRose† 23:51, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

I am going to Iraq to see my advisor and to attempt to find a worm in our system.

But you heard none of that.

†MetalicRose† 23:55, March 22, 2010 (UTC)



You should try baby/lolita talk, it's fun!


still sounds horrible, but i guess you are ahead.

so i see you are talking to Rosie!

Has she threatened to kill you yet?


yaya! she likes you!


haha! true, but she is very ♂/♀ and stuff so...what do you want to talk about now?


idr Edit

Where did we leave off?

and i'm brain-phunkeled.

(*i have nothing to write.)

so why don't you tell me about your bro-bro? is he still being a b!tch?


yes and no, but she won't count as something to do with awards, she just abanndoned the VEW because i don't hang around to much anymore.

and yeah, but bloodbond, not birth.

i have to go, my brother wants on, i should be back in about an hour, give or take.

see ya






  1. insane
  2. sexy
  3. vampiric
  4. lolita
  5. fun-filled
  6. tall
  7. going insane for therianthropy-knowledge
  8. and more!


so what did you want to talk about? my memory is seriously sucking this week...



so what were we talking about?


whats a lot?

maybe i can atempt more story as we write to each other! where did i leave off?


oh, found alice and jacob and then...?

did i cut it off there or was there more?

i think i know where you will find edward...


yes i did! (i think...)


did you ask me something? Twifan's page is phinked up and i don't know what to do to help her.


can you give me a sec because i'm starting to go crazy again!

twifan needs help with her page and someone else...just gimme five minutes!


thank you.

(but not for what you think.)


you find that alice and jacob are in the closet you quickly grab the both of them and run.

then you trip on a rock and fall.

you wake up in a hospital room with carlisle at your side.

"How are you?" he asks.

"You try to say "Fine" but your leg and your mouth and your side are all bruised and phunked up.

What do you do?

(You are to weak to use your powers.)



no, i am not, the wikia must be experiancing technical difficulties.


i have no clue what you are talking about, but if you are refering to the wiki text, ask TAP.

if not, then i'll continue the story.


(What about your plaything?)

You sit there giving carlisle puppy eyes of sadness.

"I know, it hurts to move, but i don't know what happened; your stat's are on the monitor, which...they shoudn't."

You give him confused puppy eyes.

"Extacly! i have no clue what it is!"

Edward runs in with some scars on his face, but you can still see his gorgeous eyes.

"What happened?"

You give him sad puppy eyes.


"We have more serious isuses! he's on the monitor!" carlisle states.

You all turn to it and see sings of life.

They sneak you out of the hospital and back to the cullen's estate.

You start to feel like you can move again and hop up.


he looks at you and smiles.

"What's happening to me?"

You both hear a distant noise, do you go or stay?


You run towards the noise.

You see jane and alec again, standing there in the open feild.

"What are you doing here? i thought we got rid of you!" you yell.

They just stand there.

"Hello!?" edward screams.

Do you go over or stand there?


Fixins Edit

I was undoing at the same time you were reverting - I think that screwed things up... :P TLG 02:08, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

Ah. Yeah, i figured that was the case, I was just mentioning that in shoutbox. TLG 02:18, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

It bugs me too. If it were a regular chat format, it would be useful, but such not being the case, I would hope for an IM/PM system. TLG 03:09, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

Really? yuck. I use YIM - can't stand anything that has to do with aol. TLG 03:24, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

I just have a personal grudge against AOL. I didn't like their "walled garden" online community - it left a lasting bad taste in my mouth. I've been online for a very, very long time, and I've seen AOL do alot of things I didn't like. I used to be a beta-tester for AOL software, and I was on Compuserve before AOL bought them out. Anyway, YIM has always been good to me, so that's what I use. TLG 03:57, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

/ Edit

you wait for any sing of movment or even a thought, but they don't move.

Edward starts to get p!$$ed and runs over to them.

But then they run away.

Do you warn edward or run after them?


You cry out:

"IT'S A TRAP!!!"

He stops dead in his tracks, then a trap springs and wolves pop out of the pit in the ground jane and alec were standing over.

do you run or fight?


(actually, you are...but your choise.)

You grab edward and run to the only place you know you will get an answer.

Guess where.

My house

The Volturi.


he responded, just so you know.


(you're fine, we are having fun talking about something dirty! hehe!)

(can i just go ahead and make you run to jake and me? the volturi are old fashioned so they don't know what i do.)


(i just like twisting us together, it's fun to think i get to see you!)

you run to La Push and find me and jacob.

"We need your-" jake looks up from behind the couch.


"Where's, *gags* Luna?"

"Right here!" i cry, popping out from behind the couch.

"Why are you both behind the couch.

"Because we're weird." we say.

We go into the back and then you finally spit out what you need.

"We have a problem."

"I know! you have 'wolf' problems and are feeling alive again."

"You're a show off." edward states.

"I know!"

"So what do we do???" you whine.

"Well, you didn't bite hard enough," i say, pointing to edward, "And you smell too good to the new wolves, so you have to not bite him and you have to find a way to become a whole."

"how?" you both ask.

You are now on your way to voltera.

You start to get out of the cart you were riding in but edward pushes you back.

"Only one of us should go in." he says.

"Okay." you start to get back out, but again, he pushes you back.

"I...think i should go."

Do you ague untill you win or let him?


(all'ight then.)

"You are not going in alone!" you state.

"They will just-"

"No! i won't risk it again!"


"Fine, but stay low."

You sneak in together and look at jane and alec, just sitting there in the middle of the room.

"Another trap?" edward whispers to you.

"No, i can read them, they're just...eating."

He gives you a look of confusion.

then you give the same look to yourself.

You both run over and blurt out to them:


"We aren't vampires anymore." jane says, not surprised.

"A cure has been found." alec states.


sorry, i gots no brain sugars to makes me mind go "BOOM BAM BOWZAAA!"

so what do you want to talk about?


i'm sorry, no brain sugars...

we could talk about sex...

or we could ask twi-questions!


(what's wrong with sex? haha! don't answer.)

if you could be jane, who would you get first?


who would you like revenge on?


...then who would you go to first to brag about it?


i have to go, my daddy is kicking me off early.

goodnight little vampire lover.

xoxo Luna/Bella.


Yet Edit

I haven't left. TLG 06:33, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

MORE W's!!!Edit




The CureEdit

"The cure has been found?" edward sarcasticly asks.

"Ask Aro, he planted it." Jane states.

Edward runs up to the second floor and scearches for Aro.

"What do you think he meant, 'plant'?" You ask.

"I don't know," he busts in a door and looks in,"but i'm guessing," he moves over to another," he may of done something to us when we were here," he busts in one last door, "like slip it into some blood."

"" Aro states, a little p!$$ed you broke the doors.

"Then what the phunk did you do!?" he asks.

"We 'invented' a new flu drug for humans, and your dear father is selling it, in forks."

Do you go over and punch him or follow edward back to forks?


You run back to forks with edward and burst into the hospital screaming:


carlisle gives you a puzzled look.

"Are you trying to get me fired?"

"No!" edward gasps.

"Aro put something in the flu stuff!"

He looks down at the drug and sniffs it.

"pweh, very...garlic."

"Garlic!?" you both cry.

"Yep. garlic."


sorry, i need to eat some cake or something...


Greeting's from the underworld Edit

Hola, y Bueno diaz.

how are you?

Today i am in Mexico. (For LunaBaby mainly.)

I wanted to ask you if you have ever been to Japan because Me and Luna were talking about your storyline. (oops.)

Hope to talk to you later.

†MetalicRose† 18:56, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

Eclipse Poster Edit

I put one up in the Marketing section of the Eclipse movie page...but it doesn't look great. I left Pam a note to take a look at it, but if you have time before she does, you want to take a crack at making it look nicer...we don't have a posters page yet for Eclipse...who knows, help?!? Sena@Wikia 19:12, March 23, 2010 (UTC)




sowwy i keep making with the cliffhangers...but i can't think straight and i have to go, be back later though!



You Rock! Edit

Thank you, I added the movie poster page to the side bar for Eclipse, so now it shows up there :) Thanks for the help! Sena@Wikia 20:43, March 23, 2010 (UTC)



you called him "imaculate" because he looks like edward?





nuttin' much to answer your question...i feel shaky though...

how's life in K's world?


so is the phone like, magic? cause it seems to just like, APEAR when you are on at this time

oh, and to what you said earlier, real Vampyre's actually do have stronger smelling and stuff so Garlic would have at least a little efect.


oh, my.

you didn't have to give me that.

you are very sweet.


do you really not belive in real vampyres?


it's not like, eat it and you'll die, it's just strong so it can repell but it doesn't really do most of the time.

changing the sub.:

if you could be jane or alice, which one would you be?


i doubt that's true, because i just put what i thought was important i'm only here to keep an eye on LunaBaby.


did he really call me "that woman"?...

so jane or alice?


i think i would be jane, this week though, i play the queen of hearts in our teaparty this week so...

do you think i should break a tea cup?

and it's your turn to ask know


ooh...well i love vicky due to her lolita ways...but jane...jane is lolita on her own...JANE!!!

and seriously, should i break one? 'cause i got two of the same by actcedent so...


you don't know what (v) means, do you?

and should i break one!?


break a phunkin' teacup!!!???

i bought two of the same by actcident and i was only supossed to get one of each should shoud i break it so no one can tell or paint it? because i like gluing crap back together but painting sounds fun too!


(v) means "two fingers"

and no, not that finger.

it was in a book, they would hold up two fingers when joking because they were so different. (Goth and "normal" geek girl.)



AND you don't have to keep it secret, i'd rather everyone knew instead.



what message?

and didn't he leave like, 30 minutes ago?


i have no phunkin' clue what message you are talking about so can you do it? i seriously have none of the faintest clues...



and i thought you said you liked older ones??? good God! if we end up in a fight over y-k-w i'm 'onna smack da crack outta youse!


so you DO have something for ODM!!!

Let's change the subject!

Gold or Ruby?



haha! (v)

actually you guessed right, in my book anyway.

i find gold a color of lust and greediness.

your turn!



the shaphires, they seem...not, slimy.

plus they seem pretty when a dark color. blue is very goth.




sooo...boys or girls?


haha! i was hoping you would chose boyz...

so you would kill little girlz and not little boyz...yeah, that seems about right.


you wanted to play.

your turn.


i can see that...

why don't we do twilight stuff? like jane or alec? or volturi or cullen?

or whatever you want to talk about!

what's on your mind!?



would you date alice or rosalie?




then jasper or james?


(tell me when you had brain sugars again.)

do you think you would know james' portrayer if you say him? 'cause i FRIGGIN' DIDN'T!!!


extactly...can you see him?

James, Bella and Edward

he's on the left...

i know! i can't tell Bryce from her "Victoria"!!!


but that b!tch is old! and yet makes vicky look 18...



well, how's ya brain sugars? or do i ask questions? or do you want to talk about something else?...



would you:




chose wisley! haha!


You chose...DEATH!!! (v)

you decided to take a walk in the park with edward and you found yourself making out with him behind the bushes!!!






You chose......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................5 donuts

You and edward are eating pretty, blood-fills!




last one, so chose wisley! (daddy is kicking me off in 6 minutes...)


you chose...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................DEATH!!!(v)

you and edward are married and gettin "old" together in england where the sun will never phunk up your fun!

But i have to go, so goodnight my little cullen-lover!

Xoxo Luna/Bella.


Trublood Edit

I'm alright, I downloaded True Blood season 1 & 2, so I've been watching those. It's kind of interesting - the premise of vampires being out in the open - "out of the coffin" - as they call it. Also, it's funny because the human is the one that reads minds, & the vampires are the ones she can't read. It's sort of like the reverse of the Bella/Edward situation. Ŧ₤Ģ 05:56, March 24, 2010 (UTC)

WAKE UP!!! (I'll just put that here today...) Edit

Oh! i had a dream about you! we were talking on the internet about something i was in the middle of an was FREAKY!!!

so how's is youse?


sick again? you poor thing...i'd force you to take zicam if i was there but i'm not so...

i' that you mention it my throat hurts, but i've only had a little to drink today so...

so what's up in K's world?

anything new?

anything worth sharing so i don't die of boredom?



you lucky-ducky!

i wanted to dream about ♥Martin♥ but i ended up with lovley ♥you♥!

it was wonderbar!




oh! don't play dumb with me!

i saw it!

you said and i qoute:

"But secretly i call dibs."





but if you call dibs then i have nothing...Nothing! he's the first guy to show intrest in me...

did you see the template?

and seriously!!!

i have no clue what the hell is going on!

who is doing what?

i am still allowed to talk to him!?



Uhm...interesting...but i guess if it's this new-found code i new nothing about i should play along for your sake...


no, i was just putting in something and it was taking forever.


so please explain this "Code" to me, because i've just learned this new rule.


You made it up?

You just heard the girls talk about it?

You don't know?


then spill.


yeah, sorry, just did, but how am i supossed to follow something like that if i've just learned it from you taking atvantage of me?

(and if you ever want to date isaac, no! he's mean! i'm protecting you by doing this.)


he's the ba$t*rd that i don't speak with anymore.

and you didn't explain how.


i thought they did. shut up, i know you're laughing.


and he's a minor.

you aren't

i knew sqaut about these damn rules so why should i be following them?

and don't pull the "now that you do, dibs" sh!t 'cause it's not funny.

and you've stated multible times you like older ones.


i don't wanna stop being friends, i was just pissed 'cause the computer shut me off.



well, i'm not playing by these HS rules whether you like it or not. sorry, just doesn't make any scence to me.

so what do you wanna talk about?


>(* _ *)< -(___)- >(* _ *)< -(___)- >(* _ *)< -(___)- -(___)- o

If Alice saw avision of you with someone other than edward how would you respond?


Re to your funny title. Edit

she tells you it's a chick but the rest is blury.


(Will you urge her to tell more or what?)

You start to run out but she says it's her.


She mumbles "dunno" and looks at you to wait for a responce. she doesn't seem to like you that way though, yet.


(You know, when i see "don" i think "henrie"...)

You can't find him but you find carlisle.



"Hey, edward's over there." he states, pointing to the woods.


You find Ja***, what do you do?


  1. james
  1. jacob

isn't nice how well she picked the names!? haha! just chose something to do and i'll reveal the true name!

and i'm getting off in 7 minutes but will try to get back on in a range of 1-3 hours due to brothers and dad.


so is it "hi" or "bye"?

i won't reveal untill a choise is made...


sorry, i skim to much...and i won't reveal untill later! i know, it's so mean yet so funny!

see you in an hour or three.

(Oh, all'ight! it's jacob!)



HI Kay!

Martin_signature.png -Talk- 01:34, March 24, 2010 (UTC)



sorry, for some reason that...

anyways, i'm back so...

how are you?


  1. p!$$ed
  2. Swirling worlds around in my head
  3. Happy.
  4. Is Martin on or did he leave??? (i know you too well to know why you swoon.)


never mind. yaya!


Scroll here for a b!tch of a complaint against parents and others.

Yeah but i don't wanna get grounded.


i remember, you said your bro-bro kicked you off your own for a unknown reason...





Blue people.....

So where is your brother? did he move out? (yaya! if not, boo! get off the stage! haha!)

and you see jacob, so what do you say? (idr..."hi"?)


Re. stor(w)y time. Edit

You pop out and say "hi."

"Who ya lookin' for?"




he point's to a tree.

you run over and fall. you wake up with a shadow over you.


no, it's literally just a shadow, you fell down a well.

and phunk! 7 minutes left! i hate that!!!

if you don't mind i'll say goodnight now so there's no rush.

Goodnight my little edward-lover.



xoxo Luna/Bella.


W: Edit



'cause we gotta!

(that sounded sooo much better in mask...)

and what do you mean? if wanted to know more about me than ask! i'm an open book, for almost everyone to read.


quotes Edit

Hey we have a page for Twilight movie quotes Twilight movie quotes but i can't find one for New Moon, should we make one?...and the Twilight one could use some type of by who said it or something...what do you think? Sena@Wikia 16:45, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

Sick! Edit

Oh no! Feel fix would be lay on the couch eat some soup and watch Twilight a couple times ;) you'll feel better in no time! Sena@Wikia 19:56, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

you poor thing...TAKE LOTS AND LOTS OF ZICAM!!!!!

seriously! get better soon! or i'll have no one to talk to...

Xoxo Luna/Bella



you have to take that off!

wiccans are not good!

if you wanna get better then go to a priest!

that's why you're sick...

i'm sorry for my Christian views but it's true.

please just don't where that...


i'm sorry this will sound mean, and i do wanna still be friends, but you need to hear this...

look, i know you aren't trying to something bad and you've obviously done your research but if you've only researched that then you don't know the half of it.

wiccans, are not bad, but not...very good. i don't know how to explain it to you but when you are tought something is wrong you learn it is and not that i see it as wrong, i just see it as not holy.

i really do wanna be friends, i just need to learn to get around this part of you.

i'm sorry.


and i know for a fact vampyres are not evil because it blood sacrifices that are s-word-ic(if you don't mind i need to remove that from my page.) ingesting is a whole nother thing.


please respond.

you just spung something on me i wasn't ready for.

i said sorry.


well are you still mad? (stomach hurts...bad word...)

if not then we can play twi-questions or personal ones, to me of course, i know how you feel about that.

i read what you and M were talking about after i left and if you wanna ask me anything then go right ahead.


all'ight then! who asks first?


you see alice running along a river, do you go over and "what are you doing?" or do you wave and ignore her after that?


(sorry, no we aren't, but we can get back to that after this question.)



if you're this sick then maybe you should just sleep.


no, but i can if you don't wanna answer the alice question.

do you want story?


oh, my little dork...just one question before we start:

how the PHUNK do you put a pic in an infobox!?

do you know? because i obviously do NOT!

if you don't i'll just ask TAP but this is very frusterating...


remember mi ojo? el vampiric ojo? i wanted to put it on my userpage in the info box so i was copying victoria's page by switching to source and puting in a code similar to that, but it won 't work...
Vampiric eye...

help me please!


k, be right back.


link has boarded the box. (legend of zelda is funny!)


dah....okay then, i ask TAP.

but first i want you to type "frog" 7 times then answer this:

what is a very big tadipole?

then i will continue story time.

i did it!!!!! kudos for me!


she responded on her page, jsyk.



(just put this so i can edit in it when you're done.)


sorry, i was looking at the feed and i saw her so...

Martin is on too! but you probably knew that...



so i guess we do story later.


or are you just dying to know more?

i could do a little...


it doesn't matter to me, we both wanna talk with martin so i think we should stay over there but if you do want story we can, all i have so far is "the shadow floats off, do you follow or not?"



that was a whole nother story.

the shadow is just standing over you and then floats away.


you follow it, but slowly, this thing is giving off bad vibes.

you follow it to a swamp, it goes in right down the middle of the gunk.

do you still follow?


you see a marshmellow on a mushroom, do you walk over or throw a rock at it? (throwing the rock is funny!)



you throw a small rock at ti, waking it up. (haha! it's alive!)

"squbibdible dabby!" it screams at you.

"you. you're."

"squyby! the name is squyby!"

"um..." you start to back up and look for an even larger rock to sqish this thing.

"Don't even try bub! i got supernatural powers that would make you go 'coocoo'!"

"so what the hell are you?"

"a marshmellow."

"no, they don't talk."

"mellow, not mallow. i can talk."

"you...can talk. i'm going insane."

"said the 'vampire'."


"i know where eddy is!" it laughs, running off.

do you follow?


you look around and see a stick pointing in a suspicious postion.

you go that way or you go back to the rock you woke up at?


you go towards the stick and look at the way it's pointing, you see another swamp.

you go over and look around, then walk alittle farther to see its the same swamp and that the marshwellow is on your leg.

"why can't i leave this place?"

"because you don't have me for a guide." it mumbles into your leg.

do you take him for a guide or go into the swamp?


he wasn't even talking to me and i had finally gotten there first!

how am i supossed to get to know him when you jump in with something that knocks my ass off!?

i don't wanna talk for a bit, this feels to bad for me to go any further with this...

and no, i don't wanna stop being friends, i just need to breathe.


i got it, he was studying, i didn't know that though, which is why i wanted to have him to myself for at least a second!


what does :<nowiki? mean?



i thought you were asking if i was leaving the wikia, which sounds nice now...


clarify "cohoard" would you? i grew up to "reba" not "fancy living"


Kyra rocked!!!

but i was still mad at both of you but i'm not now!


Hey! i'm kicked out again!...


and how about i label it "GOODBYE TWI-WIKI"?

my dad is allready yelling at me for being on and talking to friends...



left for good or just left? Twilightluvero429 01:24, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, Team Edwards are so rare here. Twilightluvero429 01:29, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

Sure I'd love that. Twilightluvero429 01:32, March 26, 2010 (UTC)


i'm not leaving the wiki.

i just had to go.

now i'm back.

but idk for how long, so if i don't respond, don't freak.


<sigh>...i miss Martin...


trying to get pictures into the magicbox...



maybe it's just me but it looks like he had his teeth pulled out...

sorry, my dad is so mean and i just wanna scream at him but he wouldn't give me a chance to. plus my ass would be red now if i did.

so what do you wanna talk about?


we could go to the realms of our minds and reveal our deepest darkest secrets ot each other.


sorta wanted to do the other but...

where did i leave off?

watch that if you would like to fall out of your chair.

i phunkin' love that show...


"Charmed"? que?

so what did i stop at? guide?


beat you to it.Edit

you take him off your leg and sit him on your shoulder.

he grabs you and leads you to a door as smal as you thumb.


he pushes it open and you are infront of a portrait of edward.

"turn around." you hear.

you see edward, then he fades away and go into a door.

do you go into it? or go through the portrait?


(how? i don't understand how i'm stealing...)

you run after this ghostly edward.

then you trip and fall.

guess on what.


or a bug?


(oh, that alice, i thought you meant alice cullen about how i've never...)

(you're WRONG!)

You look down at your feet and see a green bug looking at you.

"hey?" you say.

"You're mean, not looking where you're going, running after a figment of your imagination..." it continues mumbling as it walks away.

do you run after it and ask it a question, or go to the door?


(you aren't curious about my vague message?...)

you go through the door, and see a man in a dress.


the man shrinks and walks over to you.



"but edward-"


"go follow the bug."

do you?


sorry the last two talk thingy's were the same guy.

you follow the bug, it's still mumbling.

"excuse me?" you ask it.

it looks at you and mumbles:

"he's in the world."

"So where am i?"

"the other one."

"how do i get back?"

"hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ask the owl."

"where's it?"


"Where's she?"

"in the back of your scull."

you grab the back of your head in a panic.

"not that! 'c' not 'k'. look in the swamp, for crying out loud, you were doing so well when you followed it but you just had to talk to the mellow..."

do you go back to the swamp or find squyby?


(haha! i am so good at messing with you...)

you jog back and start to jump into the swamp.

then squyby grabs your leg and makes you hit your face on a hard grassy spot.


"you don't jump in!"

"why not!?"

"it's a calm swamp, you have to walk on it and sink in."

"because that makes more sence than jumping in???"

"well if you wanna go to 'big boss sissy' then yeah but..."

do you jump in or walk in?


"Scary chick. that's all i can say, because in your world, she's like in the 'mobs'."



"good, good."

you walk in, and as you start to sink, you here squyby say:

"haha! i can fool everybody!!!"

"what!?" you try to get out but it's like quicksand, you can't.

"big boss sissy is the owl! and now you're going to fall into a pretty pot!!!"


"! i made you do the wrong-"

you sink in and fall infront of a large, mob looking owl.

"mi hoa." the owl says.

"uh...hoaw!" you say.

the whole room bursts into laughter.

"you want back?"




"edward...right..." then she throws a plate at you and you wake up in edward's arm.



so now...........................................................................................................................................................................................GUESS WHAT I'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!

other than sex...and other crap...


you relize a UC had left that for her?

♥Luna/Bella♥'s on my userpage...


i've never EVER EVER!...................................................................................................................................................................................................................kissed anyone.


You've never seen ICarly.

when you see that the whole school has kissed someone you come back and you tell me how i should act.

plus everyone my age and YOUNGER is dating...i'm the only person in the world with out a BF/GF/O.


oh! you just want our dear y-k-w!

and not everyone lies, so relax!!! i know what i'm doing, i look up everyone (sorta) that i meet and if all the myspace and youtube and stuff is the same i'm fine!

and i have 15 more minutes!!!


do you think it's natural to have your pinky all the way curled in? and your ring finger close to it?



nevermind for now, mainly because i have to go,

goodnight sweety! hope you dream of edward again! or there's no justice for you edward-lovers!

Xoxo Luna/Bella.


...i think you know what this is for...: Edit


stomach says to take pamperin but that isn't for stomachaches...

you know i actually get scared when i'm not on my period? yep...mine is allways so long when it stops i'm scared my horny autitsic brother humped me or something. LOL.

did that wake you up? LOL.


Feeling better? Edit

Hope you're feeling better soon! Sena@Wikia 15:57, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

Glad to hear it! We don't like it when our wiki peeps are sick, it's much better when we're all here hanging out! How are things going? I haven't been on too often, but it seems like we have a lot of new faces and great edits. Sena@Wikia 20:44, March 26, 2010 (UTC)


there's a new guy named Veritas something but it's just TLG being weird.


wha'z up?

thank you for worrieing about me but idk what the hell is wrong with me...

how's your sickyness?



can you plant a mizerhoffen in the roof?

can you spit cheeries into your eyeballs?

can you say "cheese" while burping the national anthem?

can you play dead in europe with a poptart on you bum?

can you flurp your floozybengty?

can you say "whozaflinginghowzeedoin'hookytoothmancheesybottom"?

can you not laugh when reading the last part of that "word" (man cheesy bottom)

can you spell carthpopu-us?

this is a random message brought to you by our sponcers.


hey, just got the message...

i thought i would lay off untill the "evening" today.


i can't stop laughing!!!

so how's is youse?

btw, the inspiration for that was from "fanboy and chum-chum".


still there???...


but can you flip them into a pot of wheezenflyzer?

what's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?


all'ight, i try to stop with crazy flurzenhizer stuff...


the difference is anyone can roast beef, but no one can pee soup!!!

and now we move to a different subject...YOU CHOSE!!!




...i was joking...

do you think they'll actually give her bruises like that?





that must be a lot of make up...

did you see my page?

i added a gallery of my lolita club!


actually it was no surprise you said something like that.


so what happened? he got into a deal with a woman and his person doesn't want him with her?...


i would explain my reason for not liking harry but i don't think that would be best for our friendship...


thank you for understanding, my dad...well 'nough said.

i don't hate it.

so what do we speak about now?

♥Luna/Bella♥ aren't.

well......Laurent is hot...


i'm just starting to doubt your y-k-w-ness...

would you date jane if she threatened you with her powers?



you're on the floor but hey, your choise.

your turn >(* x *)<



how are you?


(i know! i get so mad when that happens it's like: "PHUNKING SON OF A B****!!!")


no one is better than the threesome we know and love.

allthough if they did actually have a threesome it would be so weird...

if you could kiss either vicky or bella...who would you?


i expected vicky but okay...

your turn.



  1. sweet
  1. funny
  1. cute
  1. a best friend
  1. we share a power

emse or rosalie?


sorry, i forgot:

who looks worse.


your turn!!!


esme is a little more "overdone makeup" so i think she's a little gross that way, but she is like...what? 50 years old? flapper chick or it makes sence.


i...what is the question? hotter? jasper if it is but what is Hr.?...i'm not in highschool, i know nothing about this stuff...i'm...i started my socisl life on the web in january of this year so...

would you be jasper or carlisle?


i gotta get off for a bit but i'll try to get back on later.

see you in an hour (i hope.)




it's 58 minutes after i left...yaya!


si! mui beuno!

¿so what were we talking about?



jasper or carlisle.


i said (i hope) "yes! very good!"

i was praising myself for getting here before an hour was up...sorta like London going "yay me!"


haaha! i just relized you said you did know what i said...i thought it said "i still wanna know what you said" stupid am i? LOL.

your turn!


...uhh....who the hell are they!?

sam is the mean leader right? and embry is...?

gimme a sec to read about them and then i'll give you my answer...



he's nicer.

would you be a vampire or a werewolf? (no, you don't get to be with edward if you chose vampire.)


  • purrs* *meow!*

WGF. Wolf Girl Forever.

i've allready become the first i've wanted to be, now i crave claws...and still blood.

would you rather be a werekitten or a werehawk?


for me, were-kitten, i read tokyo mew mew and she was sooo quute!!!

your turn!



i've only read NM deary, you have to explain these jewelry peices to me.


i guess i would have the charm braclet.

¿if you were a marshmellow what or who would annoy first?


hmm...well i can't think of anymore twilight!!!

but of course you will beg for or for a story when i am out of creative juices...

¿how about we talk about our deepest darkest fears?

and i'm surprised how you don't bring up that i make this thing ¿.




well you sent a message, i was responding to it.

sorry for being a responding person...

so what do you wanna talk about???


gimme a sec, i think i just hit the jackpot in underworld crap!


oh come on! that was a quute pic!

anyways, check it out!

that is what you call:

What tim burton missed.





how's the vid?

i think it's briliant!

and when you're done with it i have a twi-que!


and if they have to be lisenced then why the pic on the Carlisle and Esme page???


...lemme guess..."new moon"?


ON IT!!!




i fixes it...

so if you could chose (no diets included) would you rather red or gold eyes?


now do have one or can i ask the other i am dying to ask?


this a list of eye colors, they all have a animal asinged to them, whichever you chose will be your were-thing, so chose wisley!

  1. purple
  1. pink
  1. blue
  1. green
  1. yellow
  1. orange
  1. red
  1. brown
  1. black
  1. white


nah, i'll just hybrid you:


your turn!


i won't...i have half left...

goodnight, sweet, weird friend of mine.

Xoxo Luna/Bella.


okay then...


it's your turn.


you're fine...i'm just thinking about tomorrow...


goodnight K.


Boondock Saints Edit

The name means "Verity" and "Equity," or "Truth" and "Justice." It's a reference from the movie Boondock Saints:

Originally, I had thought that unlike "wiki" pages, "wikia" pages would use a different user name for each site. When I checked out the True Blood site (which I can already tell is DYING for my help lol) I realized it was going to want to use my TLG name. Seemed silly having a user name that was only associated with one wikia, if I'm going to be working on more than one, so I changed it to something neutral. Yes, I lose all the awards, but I wasn't really caught up with them in the first place. They are nice, and a great idea, but I'm a humble editor - I seek no praise. 07:48, March 27, 2010 (UTC)


I rocked the queen of hearts so hard you wouldn't know it was her!


mainly because Becky was Alice and she is so nice! (and DOES like twilight! i invited her but don't get any ideals untill she gets here! or else...)

are you on???

how are you feeling???

can you flop the flooper???



and at least i wasn't late!

But the rabbit was late!

he was late!

for a very important date!


† † †

it was so fun!

And Becky is my new best friend. (outside the magic box.)

why not take the magic box with you???

or is it a home box?...

it sounds like you use a laptop but...



where do you live???

how do you have a gym 7 minutes away from your house???

and you don't have to hang around if you don't want to, i have nothing to talk about unless you want rambling of the tea party-ness...


okay, but you aren't hideous!!!

you're in Cali...haha!




AHHH!!! Edit



sorry, looking up gef..

how was the gym?


sounds boring and fun in the same package...

wanna know who Gef is!?

it's really freaky...

and you know you want to...



“I am a freak. I have hands and I have feet, and if you saw me you’d faint, you’d be petrified, mummified, turned into stone or a pillar of salt!”


so you have no clue what he did and who he let in and who he cut???

(and i don't spy! i stalk...)


you know when you take this long it's obvious you're looking him up...


yes, there are many websites on him, only few aren't copy-catting...


??? what were you doing extactly that took so long???

he only would really talk to the daughter and let her around.

and he cut the mother (mary, i think.) but afterwards was nice like "go pour some ointment on that"


ah...i hate when that happens...

check it out...creepy.


will it freeze it again or another (<rolling eyes>) movie?


it is pretty scaryn in it's own freaky way...

if you were alice and you saw that your best friend would have a horrible break up, would you tell?


well the best friend is emo and it will be a horrible one, the guy just blurts it and goes away.



you wuold let an emo girl take something like that? she would kill herself!

your turn...



if you don't have anything i can make stoty!!! but it will have a lot of weird un-twilight stuff so...

no, i like alec too!


what do you mean i'm only using him???

i like alec!

he has the quute emo boy hair!

i'd send you a video that just reminded me of but you hate music so...

if you were edward himself, what would you do first?

look at yourself naked.


Kiss bella.

and yes, you must chose one of those!


and what would K want??? hehe...i'm so bad for allready knowing...




AHH!!! Edit



i likie it better inside the magicbox...and with him...


would you kiss edward if it was all you two had time for before he had to leave?


hehe! i thought you would say that! now he's late for a meeting with the volturi and they have him in jail for a week!

your turn...


why do i hyave this???

i have no freaking clue...

idk if you can watch this one but it's funny and...gross...but not in the gory way, just like: "why would he do that to his mom!?" way.


so if you were a volturi guard and edward wanted in but was going to kill the volturi would you still let him in?


no, just the leaders and alec and jane and them...yeah.

not you. just the main peoples...

♥Luna/Bella♥'re insane, aren't you?

you walk into a bar and aro is waiting for you, do you go over or does he come over to you?


"take my hand?"

he asks




"i don't want to have my private thoughts known to a volturi."

"i was simply going to take you to him but okay..."



"that's for me too know."

"and me to find out?"

"and for you to not know unless you take my hand."



you take his hand and he takes you to a shadow you can barley make out.

you listen to their conversation...



"he's here."

the shadow turns around and looks at you.

"come here." he says.



you walk over, then the shadow grabs you and kisses you.

"like the cure to your posion, but posion it's self" edward states.

yaya! edward isn't in jail anymore!!!

idk, are you doing something or can you watch it?


that song means nothing by the way, just thought it was cool...

♥Luna/Bella♥ the hands and guns thingy i saw?




"i'm menstrua- well unavalible."

you would laugh at that one.


ksjsdjkdhnfhfggwskiawnsgwkfhAKUDGVBjDASGMjbvsjgybvjjgyKBV hyghyigbv kusHFc<k>YYfhg,zyukgikYM,rygkk<>RGuuuuuuuugvuirgyukSHFukghdfjdfgjvhhjn,ADGJgftuegF<kK<gfttttt, tmftgujysu.

random crap!



ASCII converter Edit

Here you can upload photos for conversion, and browse the files already available. 03:15, March 28, 2010 (UTC)



i think i've heard of that...



Brain training for dummies...


sorry, that was a random blah thingy...

how was your shower?



Blah...i hate them yet love them because i have to take of my cross, but i like when afterwards you have huge clops of water running down you...

so if you were vicky, would you kill bells?


twilght movie quotes Edit

Do me a favor & read/respond to the question here: movie quotes

~~ Edit

ah..well i gots to be with the going now so...


Sleep tight!

Don't let the cold bite!

Or you'll be sick again...

and i think you allready know this but won't be on untill after noon tomorrow.

Xoxo Luna/Bella.


NBD Edit

Not too concerned with it, but if I'm gonna do work on here, I might as well collect the awards again since I'm starting over.`

New Moon movie quotes & Eclipse movie quotes are 2 pages I created this morning. 11:52, March 28, 2010 (UTC)








i said "after noon" not "afternoon"


That's because you're in Cali...where the sun is most EVIL!!!

So did you hear the song i sent you yet?

it is so funny because she hates him and she's like:

"i f#$ed you, i can never live it down!"



OAW! you should...if you can...are you sick?

you are!



ah...the evil...with it's "nutrition"..."IF YOU WANT YA DAMN VITAM C THEN TAKE SOME!!!"


so what are you doing today that makes it hell???...




if you were bella and you had 5 seconds alone with edward what would you tell him!!!???


your turn!!!

no, i won't do like yesterday, i have no punishment-volturi crap today...



if you were james...would you go after bells or eddy?




if you were jane and alec pissed you off would you hurt him???


if you were aro and you wanted edward in the volturi what legnths would you go to to get him???


for carlisle?






if you had to chose alec or jacob for saftey from the volturi who would you go with???




he lied and now you're dead.

that's what you get when you let your "logic" make the disicions...


i said "(v)"!

didn't i explain this to you???...


oh for cryin' out loud!

i'm sorry!



oh! flibberflabbinsneeblehawk!



it was a damn joke dude!


so if you were carlisle would you fix up bella or leave her to die? (you are only in his body, you do not think like him.)


if you were rosalie and the whole of twilight started over, how would you have greeted bells? (same standereds)


if you were alice, and you saw edward was going to kill bella in the begining, would you tell?


Relax, it's in YOUR place.


well would you tell bella or not?


you found a potion that makes werewolves stay puppies, do you use it on jacob?


um..hi? would you ?


you find that jacob got to curious and took it, what do you do???...


what sorta collar do you think is best? spikey or plain?


where the phunk do i find a sparkley colar!!!???


...can it be sparkely spikes?


well excuse me if sparkely isn't me!

do you even know why i'm asking???...



i'm going to be a puppy at the next lolita club!!!

and i need a colar...

so sparkley or spikey?


hm...i'll think about ti!

i'm starting to think tokyo mew mew though...


it was so funny when she had to kiss him to get back!


mwa ha ha! wish the library had it...




middle or left?


you're going to alec's shop in dutchland!

your turn!


if i get preggies i'm kickin' your ass!



..|. = you jerk.

have you seen the saw short? = have you seen the saw short?


no, the original film.


i have to gos!!!

i'll be back later!

Xoxo Luna/Bella.


Back Edit

i'm ba-ack!


that was from a movie...i forgot the name!!!

it's old...

and the daughter gives the EXTREME finger...




that was the one...

guess what!?

i (thought i) saw a snake!



it was an UGLY A$$ BUG!!!

My (brother's) dog, Rosie was looking at something so i go over and look at this thing, then i look to my left a little and i see what looks like a snake's head, i turn and say:

"Daddy. daddy there's a thing!"

and we're having nice! inturupt that!

he comes out and we look around for this "snake"

my mind is racing because we've had about 4 snakes last year alone...

and daddy finds an ugly a$$ bug the size of my thumb crawling around...

then my mom sprayed it with her wig spray.

then while i'm shaking we go back and continue...


so how are you?


you poor thing...TAKE LOTS OF ZICAM!!!



if it's that bad why aren't you in a hospital or getting something named after you???...

i know!

drink some blood.


try it, it should help.

just make sure, no HIVs!

or STDs...

i have to go in a sec, and idk if i will be able to get back on so i'm going to say goodnight now.


i have about 5 minutes...


ahh! nevermind! gotta go now! byes!

and yes, i'm logged out...sorry dude.

see you...soon!

ba-ack...for the half hour i've left...


i'm sowwy i left in a hurry but my daddy was being...daddy...

so how are you??? stupid question but what else do i have???...


um...dohkay...what page???

vicky is after your blood, do you give her a bottle or run?



i was thinking about writing another but i can't remember it anymore...oh, yeah, a kiss song...

what was your inspiration?


you may not be as alone as you think...and not in the good way...


so why don't you got go out more?

you don't have to stay here inside the magicbox...

not for me anyways!


sorry but goodnight!

so sorry!


eclipsed Edit

thx 4 the awards - ya, in anticipation of the new movie - i've been working on some eclipse pages... The cast & characters page in particular - i kept noticing there wasn't a picture list like the twilight & NM versions, & i would think "when is someone gonna make that for the eclipse page?" so... i figured... why don't i just do it myself? lol Also made the Eclipse book to movie differences page, since i've always enjoyed the other comparison pages. 12:44, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Images in signatures Edit

Hello, K. Apparently universal usage of a image in your signature is not allowed on Wikia. However, you can use images locally. So, go to your preferences and change your signature to...

{{SUBST:#ifexist:User:Kmanwing/signature|{{SUBST:User:Kmanwing/signature}}|[[User:Kmanwing|Kmanwing]] ([[User talk:Kmanwing|talk]])}}

Then, you can have a custom signature for each wiki, just create it on the page "User:Kmanwing/signature". Fingernails 15:13, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

"Can I please stop?" As I recall, I only gave out one. Anyway, sorry. I wasn't aware. Fingernails 17:52, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Hiya Edit

Hope all is well, just wanted to quick check in with you to see how the awards were going! I had a thought, maybe you could nominate one of the newer people to be some type of welcoming committee where they would check out people and nominate them for awards. You can't do it because you're the one giving out awards, but I feel like there are a lot of people who deserve awards but aren't getting them because they haven't been nominated and are maybe too embarrassed to nominate themselves. What do you think? You could even have a couple people doing it...just a thought CHEERS Sena@Wikia 15:55, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

I'd have to say LB - she's on here almost as much as you & pam. 19:56, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Well, that was just going from the Top Users list... :P 03:49, March 30, 2010 (UTC)


you're awake?...



haha! can't stay. gotta go. very important date you know.


Lady Bella page Edit

I put a link to the page on the left navigation to see if people would enjoy it as a kind of entertainment, but let me know if you see anything good or bad coming from it so I know if I need to take it down Sena@Wikia 21:19, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

whaz up.


i'm...busy...bow-red...and blue...

whaz with the family???...



i have braids!!!



stupid message...

so do you think fairies are evil???





you scared me!


goodnight and thank you for making me want to leave the wikia!



do you seriously belive me when i say that stuff??? why would i dare leave Mia!? she's my sister!!!


so how are you today?


Btw, your sig is popping up in the activity feed. Maybe you should go back to the url instead? Fingernails 16:30, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

"mary went to market

To get a pig for din

But when she cut it open

She found a little man."




how are you???

and how was the poem?







and i have another on my page...


Another "limiric" Edit

"There was an old man from Norfolk

Who was tired of hearing 'Norf#ck'

So he killed everyione outside it

Now he lives in Mahnhattan."



You shoulda seen the one F posted!


oh, new thing on the LBIS.

and his was:

"there was an old lady who lived in a shoe

she beat her kids til black and blue

the kids' bellies were empty and hungry

so the killed the old woman who lived in the shoe."


you listen to Kerli???...

so how did you like my new vampi(y)re poem?

and when will YOU post more??? you have a dark soul, perfect for writing.


sorry, slow...thing, if i get b!tchy blame the computer.

what were we talking about?


why don't you chose while i check the exploding ramen...AHH!



if you were bella and jane was about to kill you would you run or hope edward would hop infront of you?


damn it! i'm not thinking straight...

edward pops in and you save him blah blah blah...

i don't feel well...


i'm "babysitting"

i can't do that.

but i can sit down.

i'm going to have to leave in a minute or two, my brother...


more than my dad anyways...

so i guess i'll go now...wha.

see you later!


B&I Edit





so whatcha been up to???


ah...i played on my cellphone.

seriously, the boys only need me if Illias starts to get mean.


really? what did they do???


A SUPER BALL!!!???? i'll kill him for you!



if you were alice and bella was going to do something like kiss jacob would you tell edward???


1 he's not a weredude yet

2 it was planned as revenge.

3 your turn!!!


oh, and NEW BLOG!!!


...yeah, i saw...

so if you were a vampire would you go underwater for a year just to see how it was?


yeah, i saw you post that somewhere, you're a semi-god!!! haha!


that's what i meant.

it's your turn!!!

♥Luna/Bella♥ allready asked that.

♥Luna/Bella♥ scare me so badly...




you have one more, i think...



i gotta go.


Refs Edit

Did I fix it? Fingernails 21:09, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

Most popular blog Edit

I like it...How would we go about awarding it? Would it go to the user, or the blog for instance say I start a blog that gets a bunch of comments, would the award go on that blog, or on my user page? If it went on my user page, could I get more than one? How often would we award them (a new one every day or week or month) and what would the criteria be (15 comments, 20 comments, a vote, etc)....Let me know what you think, once we get all the details worked out I'll see about getting an icon made..i just need to know where we'd use it so I can make sure it's a good one...Maybe we could start a page that's like the blog watch page, that has links to people's blog let's say I think Luna has awesome blogs, I could write a note in the comments page that I think she should be nominated, then if 2 or 3 other people vote for her as well, a link to her blog page would go up on the article, and she'd get an icon that could go on her user page that would say "Featured Blogger" or something to that effect..... what do you think? Sena@Wikia 21:15, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

Sounds good, let me see what I can come up with..I'll add it to the awards page once I have something and let you know so you can make sure the wording sounds right..will that work? Sena@Wikia 21:29, March 30, 2010 (UTC)
Do you know where I can find a picture of the photo album Charlie gives Bella? I don't have one, and I've been looking, but it might be good to get a couple more eyes on it! Let me know if you find one, Sena@Wikia 21:41, March 30, 2010 (UTC)
Perfect! I love screen caps too, I esp. love when people put them on our wiki, It's nice to be able to go to New Moon screen caps and see a bunch of great pics from the movie! Let me know when you've got something, I think this is going to be great, if anyone else has award ideas we should add let me know..we'll work on getting any good ones on the page! Sena@Wikia 21:57, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

comment box Edit

when i left you a comment using the new box, did it show that you had a msg? Sena@Wikia 22:41, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

I just see massive ammounts of hateful, swearing, spamdalism - and unlike regular spam, it will stay there until an admin. sees it, since only they can delete it. I can imagine huge hate-spews copy/pasted repeatedly, since it's just "comment, [Enter]" over & over again instead of having to take the time to open up the edit page option. 00:47, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

I added that link to the template. Also, unruly comments can always be deleted by admins. Fingernails 22:56, March 30, 2010 (UTC)
And we should only delete comments that are swearing, or bashing, not silly...I mean if someone wants to say "I love Jacob" that's fine right? Sena@Wikia 23:15, March 30, 2010 (UTC)
Well I think the Discussion page is for cannon discussions, like "Was her bday really Aug 18 I thought it was the 19th" or "Should the sections headings be a different color" but the 'chat' function is probably going to be more for people to just leave their thoughts or such (mainly because that's how people have been using them on other wikis), it's more a place where on Edwards page you can leave your "I love Edward, he has awesome hair" or whatever comment, so that the actual page doesn't get clogged up with opinions, but that there is a space for people to voice their opinions. Again it's just a test for now, so keep track of how it's going and keep me posted! Sena@Wikia 23:29, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

 :D ? Edit

What did I do? You couldn't possibly have read my talk: comment on the Bree book yet, your message was already there when I saved the page... ? 01:35, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

Awww... lol thanks - I don't really try to be amusing, and alot of the time people seem to think I am - and I do really try to be nice, but alot of the time people seem to think I'm not. go figure... 01:46, March 31, 2010 (UTC)




okay, now the comment thing is ANNOYING!!!

so why is everyone here when V is on???

♥Luna/Bella♥ do you get the comment thingy off!!!??? it's annoying! i thought i was on a blog when i got here!



how are you? how's your throat? 'cause mine is a real b!tch right now!




sorry, can't help it.

how's ya stowy!?


i do that, when i do write on deleted everything though!!! i'm starting over from the begining, but staying along what i've been doing, just tweeking it.



so...i've got zippydeedoo...



as funny as that would be, no.

but i should really shower in a little bit, manaisye is STICKY!!!

so if you were jasper would you kiss edward if you got the chance???


hm...your turn!!!



i can't say my feelings, my dad raised me where i should shut up when he's making a point so i can't make mine and i have to live in a world where i have no place.



when i grow up i'm moving to England or Tokyo or Mexico.

no dad.

no screaming.

Just me and my writing and husband.


he better or i would die of stress!

he is always giving me these looks and yells at me and scorns me!

i'm sorry i'm bring you down...what do you want to talk about?


but you're a G. i'm not, it's no surprise you got worse.



if you were a vermaid, what would you feed on?


your turn!!!

and i woulda just brought saloirs to their deaths...kidding!



easy chiz.


willing donors.

animals are like...people who can't speak, at least not normally. (refering to GEF!!!)

if you were a werewolf and jacob imprinted on you...what would you do!????


gotta go. daddy wants on.


Xoxo Luna/Bella.


WAKE UP!!! GET UP!!! 1 2 3!!! A B C!!! ZICAM!!!Edit


i was wondering how you were feeling.

guess how i'm feeling. i dare you.



or are you talking about me?...


oh, yeah.

i'm a wittle p!$$ed.

are you sure you're okay?

there hasn't been a day i've known you where you weren't as sick as rat that drank tequila.


do you want the truth or a wittle white wie? because the truth is going to hurt. (no, i don't hate you. it's something else.)


you didn't do anything, you know the lot of Martin and i know barley a sand of him.

you always put him in his email instead of keep him here so i can talk with him too. i just want to be able to talk to him.

and what did i do? are you breaking up with me? LOL.

seriously, am i annoying you to much? i can leave you alone if you want.



but i was just getting my feelings out.

i didn't know it was like that...but you talk about me too!

you told Martin i read everything you post! i don't do that! you two got to the point where you just did little questions like fave crap and it got boring.

is there anything else we need to talk about or can whatever the hell it is we do?


...i don't think i've ever had one...

but if it's as good as praised i would run out in to the sun for a whole five minutes!!! (seriously, after 1 it BURNS!!!)

what would you do for info on your true love???


(it's funny how no one thinks about the spiritual side of that...)

wanna hear a funny poem i made up!? i posted it for F because we were talking about that stuff but i can show you too!


More of a limerickEdit

Alice had a dumpling

Imported from Japan

But when she took a bite

She woke up in her mother's hand

The hand started to close

Alice screamed and cried out why?

The mother then took a knife in her other

and ran it through and sighed.


hope these aren't to dark or sick for you.


you know the mom put the knife through her hand???

kidding! as in it's not scary, she really did put the knfe through her hand...

now you write one!!!


actually that's pretty funny.

ooh! i read werewolf crap!

this is the funniest one!:

having sex with a werewolf and survive



i know, but i have to go, brother is hounding me and i'm not dressed yet.

only 3 more days untill HAM!!!

see you later.


my dad is a jerk.

he just makes fun of my feelings like i have no place heer.

how do you deal with this without having to talk to him?


my ipod is dead for the momment and all i can think of drawing is someone stabbing him.

i don't want him to see that.

i could draw a forest though.

but my pad is in front of him and i don't want to see his face.

i think i'll stay here for a bit.

how are you?


i just jump and walk, treamill or outside with my umbrella.

so how long is your hair now? in your pic it's really curly so...



i have a wittle westat!



i looove Lestat! he's funny!

so yes, it's a complament.

so if you were Anna, would you beat up Angel if he was being a jerk to Lizzy?


Angel from VP.


hm...then you ask one!!!



i wove her powew!


i wike pain!

have you ever watched that show?


"i like computers."


why the dondondonn?

and OMG!!!

funniest vid eva with mort!


ah, the drama of everyday life, like DOOL without the sex. LOL.


...i was just making a reference, i have never actually watched and loved.

so do you think the layout sucks too? they just phunked up youtube!


when did we get on change???


oh! the youtube! sorry, i'm talking to three diff. people again...oops.


yeah, i just-3 people again so...


oh! wanna see some grossed out pics???


aww...okay then, who asks questions?



who is McGee?

  1. the probie?
  2. The assassin?
  3. or the one who died?
  4. and no, i'm not telling what that's from!


maybe it was too obvious...YOUR TURN!!!


make sence?


oh, my brother loves those older shows, betty boop, pop eye, little lulu, and all those others, he would watch them like mad!

idk, casius is weird-lookin', like young but...too least for the volturi.


i mean i know they're all like, 500 or something but he looks like a teen, and jane and alec are like the cute, younger ones, c. is just...strange.

if you were in the desert and your only blood source was a cactus (hehe!) would you bite it?


really? 'cause if you're a vampire in a desert you'd be giving off a hell of a shine! someone woulda found you by now...

kidding! it's a smooth cacti! but you really would have a hell of a shine goin'...

youw tuwn.



i'm freakin' thirsty.

would you rather kiss aro or jane?


really? did you consider that she would totally have you on the floor if you were a bad kisser?

i have to go, i'll try to get back on...sometime this week! lol.

but seriously, bye.


i'ma be Edit



haha! you must be glad i'm here because you posted double!

it's a Song!!!

i spelled it wrong though...


you didn't have to watch if you didn't want to...i was just explaining.

so how are you? (how long has it been???)



maybe there's something to do at your library! i have TAO and Elagance...something, i just call it Lolita club.

is there a Laurent and Irina page? 'cause i'm making one now 'cause i couldn't find one.


really? because i'm finding a lot more than you think.


yaya! i can still talk with you though, it will just take a sec for me to respond, was your turn to ask.


let's see...

  1. have stinging pain on my arm for about a half hour >(* ^ *)<
  1. go to volterra to see someone who might mistake me for their next meal >(X _ X)<
  1. get bit by James >(~. .~)<
  2. Get bit by Aro! >(* v *)<



(oh, you woulda killed me off either way!)

(who the HELL is Ginna?)

you're on an island, no animals, no humans, just you and a corpse with no blood.

what do you do?

  1. hump it to get any blood you have pumping?
  1. cut it open to check for even an ounce of blood?
  1. or start swimming?


you get close to land but show off such a shine they shoot fire at you.

hehe, you said no sharks!

i'm kidding! you live and you bite all their heads off.

your turn!






You're in edward's arms, he cudles you and kisses you, then you see it's alec.

do you punch or run???


he kissed you, i'm just telling what is obvious.

but fine...

"what the hell are you-"


you're in volterra and you two are married.


haha! you're in a cage! he's demented. he wants you to himself and won't let go of you.

(and what secret!!!???)


ah...well still! i wanna know! i've rolled over the username, the icon, what is it!?

then i'll continue the story.



you thrash around try to get out.

"haha! i knew you were an animal but Lord!"

"Why the hell am i here!?"

"I love you."

"I don't love you!"

"You will."

he walks away, you see a key, do you try to reach for it or wait???


you're alone, or at least you think you are, so you reach for the key, it's to far, what do you do???


you can't.

you have another power that can help you though.


(i am this close to getting you raped again.)

You use your shield and expand it just to where it's over and around the key, then move back to where it falls of and slide towards you and the cage.

now you have to reach the door on the top of the cage, you're to worn out to use yuor power again, so what do you look for?

a chair or a pole?


you see a chair, then jane walks in.

do you ask her for it or create small, non-chalaunt talk with her?


you start to tlak.

"how are you?"

She slides the chair over to the cage and climbs up on it.

"You know i don't care for you?" she replies.

"huh? why?"

she holds out her hand, she wants the key, you start to give it to her but think:

what is she doing? if she hates me then who is she opening the cage for?...

do you give it to her and hope she will let you out, or keep it and wait?


you toss her the key.

she unlocks it and hops in.

"I want something from you."

"i want to kill someone, but i cna't, so you're going to do it for me."


i have to go in about 7 minutes so...

i say goodnight now!


XOXO Luna/Bella.

♥Luna/Bella♥ quute.



Word. Edit

Yo-yo-yo dog, hook a brother up with a "play ball" badge,G. A'ight? 19:24, April 1, 2010 (UTC)



AN ANT STUNG ME!!! did you know they could sting? I DIDN'T!!!


Chan, really? what happened? tho.


i said:

"really? what happened?"

didn't you say you had history with the same thing???


Chan, ahh...

so how are you??? tho.



Dancing man!

will the dancing man make you feel better?

why so down?



do you want to talk about anything or just...what do you want to do?


i never finished the story, i could coninue that.


do you not want to do that? you seem bored and tense.


do you wanna talk about it? i won't spill it, i've kept your other under my hat haven't i?




jane jumps in and she wants you to kill someone, how do you repsond?


Re: quatre: Edit

"I want you to kill someone close to both of us."






she grabs your hand and jumps both of you out of the cage.

she shows you a picture of this "ecilman" guy.


"what? he's to thirsty, we have to put him down!"

how do you respond?


you tell her that, she rolls her eyes and runs you back to forks.

"Whatever, i guess it can wait." she says.

you're back in the reall edward's arms.



sorry for the sucky ending but i have to go, but F is on so you two can talk!

i'll try to be back on later, again, sooo sorry!


Oh Edit

Ohhhhh, well congrats. do you wanna talk its getting kinda lonely here Twilightluvero429 23:08, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

I had to run a mile from my school to my house Twilightluvero429 23:51, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

April Fools well i did have to run a mile in my schools grass and finished second to last Twilightluvero429 23:54, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

Me too! especially if i have to run like a marathon Twilightluvero429 00:07, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

Im always last Twilightluvero429 00:24, April 2, 2010 (UTC)



what would you like to do?


soory, i didn't know i was you want me to go? i was going to edit some crap anyways...


right, i remember, i just either didn't know or forgot...i don't know if i saw the feed first or not...oh, well!

is she asking you about the band?

i think it would be cool!

and ow are you doing? feeling any better?


i would suggest something but i doubt you would do it.

did you try blood? (not the suggestion i was talking about.)


...what do you mean? i couldn't make that out.

did you have your own or are you asking if you mean your own?


that's what i meant. you want the other suggestion? because idk if you'd be up for it.


go to confesion.

it can be either GO or Catholic but it will relive you of anything that gives you a hard time and you might feel better.

if that doesn't work i have one more thing that may help, but that one is one you would probably despise.


at least see a priest.

my dad said that "depression" was actually made up by the theropists and most of the people who take the magic pills still feel the crap they started with.


actually all that means is you're one of the lucky ones but okay.

i still stand by my suggestion but i can't make you do something you don't wanna do. (at least not over this.)

so what do you want to talk about?



well do you wanna talk out your feelings?


hope these make you laugh! or i suck at this sorta crap...


i doubt you chould shock me, i used to think of a factory that made zombie-like people and the haeds would just slap onto the conveightor belt.


hey. remember me? the girl who's trying to help you...


it was??? oh...sorry.

if you were Bella would you kiss edward or play with resenemee?


haha! your turn!


i would die to be her!!!

if you could be either R or esme which would you be???


it's still your turn.

and you're doing it again.


who is Chealse?


i have no clue, i don't know these girls.

i guess the lure-er.

would you date J or E?


...the E was emmet. sorry, was typing fast.

your turn.



volturi beats cullens unless it's jane vs alice.

then it's both.

same question involing kissing.


your turn!!!


oh, um...

would you rather run in the forest with wolves or jump o0f a cliff with edward?


DON'T SAY IT LIKE IT'S SUICIDE!!! it's the cliff diving thing, not death!

your turn.



no, seriously, i like gangs. their all...emo and dangeress. >(* v ~)<

so would you rather have a nightmare with edward in it or a sweet dream with alec in it???


hey, sorry. tired.

yeah, nothing bad happens to him.

your turn.



if eddy asks you to become a werewolf do you do it?


your turn. (right?)



i have to go.

Goodnight K.

XOXO Luna/Bella.


Re: He said She said Edit

Bwahahah it's a non issue, I thought it was funny :) it's always so hard to figure out gender on a wiki, I do the same thing all the time, so don't even worry about it at all. I had a good giggle! Sena@Wikia 05:32, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

Gweetings! Edit

Liz made fwowews wike that

i make morticia flowews todays!


you know what morticia flowers are?


sorry, but me and M are on this side of USA and we see 11:00


♥Luna/Bella♥ didn't have breakfast yet???

i didn't either but for a toatlyy different reason.




so how was breakfast? (stupidest question i've ever asked...)


ooh...what did you eat? maybe you are ALERGIC!!!


(but you're always quesy...)

okay what do you want to talk about???


oh, well i have to go, sorry! i hate leaving you alone! but F is on if you wanna talk to him/her!

see you later K!







i see you.

i see you sleeping.

i see you weeping.

i see you in my head at every waking second

how you got in.

is the question.

you did something.


something horrible.

something wonderful.

something you did is.

you did it.

you got in.

you're fine.


why does it pop up like that?)

so how are oyu?


sorry, that's all i could think of asking...

what's your fave vampire movie other than this?



your turn!


uh...i liked Dracula. and Dracula 2000. those were good.


haha! yeah, that was the one with the judas thing right? he was hot...sexiest vampire i'd ever seen.

um...werewolf movie?


have to go! sorry! be back in a bit!


The pale man...


i must see this movie before i die. or i will come back! wma ah ha ha!


what's so distubing about a man with eye balls in his hands instead of face?

the only thing disryrbing is he could put on glasses and say he was fixing a chick's skirt when he's really looking up it!

did you know he eats kids?


it's from.......................................................................uh...................................................................................................................................................................


i sooo spelled that wrong...



sorry it gives you headaches...

(i found the dancing girl!!!)


Thanks Edit

Thanks Do you wanna chat its getting lonely here Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 02:09, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Happy Good Friday! :) Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 02:13, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah i used to go egg huntin when i was 6 but now im just gonna buy a whole bag of candy, well im only gonna eat half of it Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 02:17, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Why is the time different? In this Wiki i mean its not Saturday

Maybe the owner lives in another country. Oh and im all team edward today i have my shirt necklace and bag Go team edward Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 02:31, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Some people just like him of his muscles but i still like jacob but not as much as edward [usertalk] 02:40, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

How do you like erase vandilism or like reverse it? Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 03:16, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Ohhhh Well thanks Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 03:24, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Nudge Edit

ErinL98 is very eager to receive their awards :) They can get the numbers of edits awards but not the article creation award because the pages have been moved to their user space. As for the spam award, I'm not really sure. That's your call. Fingernails 17:09, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Excuse Me!?Edit

hi im ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:12, April 3, 2010 (UTC) and i have asked you a few times if i could recieve my awards i have earned, im curious, when will i actually recieve them!? ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:12, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

hii sorry for pushing you with that its just that ive worked soooo hard and got a bit immpatient :) i was wandering how do i invite friends to wikia twilight?? ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:20, April 3, 2010 (UTC)


hi i was wandering could you check if one of my articles are still available?? it is called the twilight journals. thank you ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:27, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

have you checked yet?? write bck please ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:30, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

i mean like not been moved or anything x do you have any ideas on what to do a page on?? ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:32, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

i know it is a page already because i made it. i mean is i still a page meaning has it been moved ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:34, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

ok thanks for your help and support :) ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:37, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

another checkEdit

hii could you check my new page is ok?? it's called Why was New Moon written? can you check if it needs to be moved or not?? write back and tell me ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 17:58, April 3, 2010 (UTC)


ok but could i still get my award for making 2 pages?? pppppllllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee , i have worked really hard! :) ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 18:05, April 3, 2010 (UTC)


can you check my NEW page its called New Moon posters?? if it's ok to keep can i have the new life award?? write back ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 18:18, April 3, 2010 (UTC)



all i meant was that you two always talk and it would be nice if i could get in more than "HOLa" and "GOodNIGHT"

so realax!!!



oh, sure we do...if i really talk to him as much as you do then prove it. because you are the only one who ever gets to talk to him when he is on and it's always forever, i get about one word in when he IS on, then you come on and i DISAPEAR.



answer me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 18:36, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

but i asked you o check out my new page to see if its ok. The new moon posters one ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 18:38, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

OH. MY. GOD!!!

you have to compete with ME!!!???

<sigh> cool down time >(- . -)<

sorry, can we talk about something else? though i stand by my opinion, i don't wanna fight either.


sorry :'(Edit

sorry i didnt check my userpage. thanks ever so much for the award :D xx ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 18:46, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

I am sooooo sorry!!! :'(Edit

sorry by the way because i never even thought to check my user page. i hope you forgive me, thanks for the award :D x ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 18:44, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

(that's why we are of human nature.)


what are you doing tomorrow?


as diety as that seems that would kill you.

but maybe try thinking of something totally discusting when you think you should stop eating but can't. like your dog eating...<gulp>...crap. <shivers like mad>


oh...oops. sorry.

"i soaked them in bleach and pounded them with a mallat."

guess who said that!!! and guess what she was talking about!


it was ...Mrs. benson talking about the flowers carly brought for freddie.




uh, hey! sorry you're sore.

i have to go though, time to bake.


see you in an hour or so!




i do that too! i sometimes think of how it will go but other than that it just, flows...


well, it might be like what you want to happen, whether it's a good or bad thing or not is just how you feel.

like in my book when it's late and i'm yawning i'll add that into the book for just whatever.




i was baking.



so what is up and what is down and what is all around?


I. am. .....................................................................................................................................................idk.

fave horror movie of all time!?



i would have to say "Grudge series" unless Underworld counts as horror, which i think it does but...

your turn!




.................................................................................................................................................................."Coraline" comes to mind, but that's the only non-V i can think of right now other than anything Johnny Depp.

or Tim Burton.

i like them.

fave TB show?


what? TB is Tim Burton and yeah, Coraline was a book, by...Argh!!! my brains won't work!!!


excuse me if i'm talking to four people and cannot keep track of it all...


nah, it's fine.

so what were we talking about?


okay, Coraline!!!

the book was better. so i chose it!!!


um...............................................................................fave chucky movie?


i've only seen BOC and SOC and they both were awsome!!!


how? it's just a doll. (possessed by a killer...)


the award Edit

what do you mean?

100px-Keeva57_signature.png (talk) 00:20, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

I got Erin to write about the friendship award.. .x.100px-Keeva57_signature.png (talk) 17:25, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

LB Cont.Edit

hmm....your turn!!!


...what do you mean by scowl?



because he would either be joking or i would have done something that would lead us into a dangeress adventure.

if you had to have blood, not your own, in the next five minutes, or you would die, would you have the dead since the beginging of time corpse's or the living skunk's?



your turn.



would you date laura shikeri if she asked you?


then i'd say:

i can't stop that! it's how i was born!

if you could date ashlee locker, would you?


ashlee is a guy but okay...

i'm sorry! my brain isn't working! i have nothing!!! NOTHING!!! maybe you could make a story?



want me to start a forest story for you?


Forest story Edit

You are walking around in the forests of Russia, looking for a deer, you don't know why though.

you see one and go after it, you see it's eyes start to glow, do you still follow or stop?


you conitue your hunt, you get very close, then it stops dead in it's tracks and you go flying over it, hitting a soft bush.

"OW!!!" you cry out.

"What? what'd i do!?" you hear a tiny mouse of a voice say.

"What the-oh, hell no! i've allready dealt with talking marshmellows, i don't need another thing talking to me!"

"who said the deer was talking?" you hear.

you look at the deer, it's just starting at you, chewing grass.


"Hello!" a man pops in front of you and you fall off the bush.

"Ow...who are you?" you ask.

he runs off, do you follow him?


(if you don't want to you don't have to, the deer can talk!!!)



you run after this weird man, running into a pit of fur.

you look down and then up to see you're in a bed in a mansion.

you see a door, do you go for it? or do you stay in the bed for a sec, feeling the pretty fabiric?


(You're obsessed with kungfu)

you get up and head for the door.

you open it and see a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong hall way, do you attempt to walk towards the door at the end?


i have to go, my brother wants us to watch "seed of chucky"

see you later.

sorry about the cliff hanger dude.



you go forward (right?)

you keep going and going untill you start to sweat, you see a bottle, do you drink from it?


(it's not like it phunkin' says "DRINK ME"!!!)

you get up and continue, then you fall back down, you're very tired and hot, the bottle pops up infront of you, do you drink it now?

(no, i'm not forcing you to drink it, i'm forcing you to reach for it! >(* v ~)<)


(i said "reach for it"...)

you do that then it flaots back infront of your face.

do you try to throw it back or go around it?


you go around, then you trip.

"What do you have against the baba!?" a little girl asks, apearing out of no where.



"i'm five, if you get me laid you go to jail." she states, walking away.


she turns around.

"i'll give you..."

what do you offer?


"Shiny" she says, hypnotized.


i have to go, daddy wants on.






where Edit

where is the insert templet button at --Crazybouttwilight 03:04, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

hii xEdit

hii there Kman how are you today?? i love this site! x im trying to get someone to create an acount so i can get my friendship badge and once i have that i will get my special badge x ☆ ErinL98 ☆ 08:59, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

HAPPY...what was it? Edit



You should really take up spying... Edit

it's Greek Orthodox Christian and it's the same without the bunnies and eggs(why the phunk are there bunnies and eggs!?)


yaya! i like the history chanel too! i also like bbca and sleuth and usa and syfy and-...

so how are you today?


yaya!!! Kmanwing is happy for once!!!

what was the news!? or is it a personal thingy?...


aw...that's okay, your life, your chiose!

why does it look like i'm spelling that wrong?

and so what do we want to talk about!?



i was talking to Jocelyn...



Castle story(forest story)Edit

she starts walking towards you as you hold your braclet up and start to back up slowly.

then you hit something.

do you turn around or try to see the thing through the little girl's big, blue eyes?


you turn around and see the man you were chasing.

"Hello!" he cries in an anime fashion.

you jump at that and reply with:


"anything you need?" he asks with a creepy smile and an eye twiching.

do you ask for the way out or a drink? cause you're really thirsty.


"i don't know!" he says, still smiling and twiching

you give him a look and turn to the girl, do you ask fer or look around? (yes i'm logged out, idk why...)

back but running slow...

you ask her if she knows the wat out.

"uh...what's 'out'?" she asks you.

you smack your head on the wall and look at the creepy man.

still smiling and twitching

do you just conyinue down the hall or wait for one of them to give an answer that would be usefull?


okay, bye.


he left for vacation... Edit

WHAZ UP!!!???


Hello .x. Edit

Hi, How are you today? Having a nice Easter? B.T.W. Thanks for the award! .x.100px-Keeva57_signature.png (talk) 19:40, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

Happy Easter Edit

Heyyy whatcha doin Happy Easter! Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 19:44, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

Re: TP award Edit

Wasn't sure if there was a requirement for the award, but I figured I'm good now, lol. Thanks! LuckyTimothy 00:19, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

Long... Edit

Shower. you must really really really like water huh???

oh, and you have to thank twifan for fixing your page! someone was vandaling our pages!!! she fixed them for us! sweet girl...


Clairvoyance kicked in Edit

oh, okay then!

i just predicted yu'd be on.

and! it okay you're in my book? you only have a short part so far and nothing is revealed about you or anything so...i thought i'd ask before i printed the first chapter off.

and if you don't want in you don't have to be. and if you want a bigger part i'd be happy to make you a semi-main!!!


<E GASP> how dare you assume such a horrible thing of me!


of course you aren't evil!

you just have to aprove everything i write about you in the future!

so what'cha doing?







i saw your pic and you aren't a fata$$!!! you're skinny!

you're like me actually...healthy!


i doubt that, i think you're underselling.




sorry, but i have to go, it's 9:00 over there.



you are not fat! (it's society that is making you think that!)


oh, and there's a person who's name i put on the award thingy so...


LOL? Edit

okay... weird, but okay. 17:56, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

Wow Edit

The awards page is blowing up! How are you doing with it? you might need to archive some stuff soon, which is just awesome, I'm so glad everyone is so into the awards!! Sena@Wikia 18:22, April 5, 2010 (UTC)



  1. pickles
  1. pumpernickles
  1. poopy
  1. parsinps
  1. parsley
  1. packages
  1. perry
  1. pippin
  1. plots
  1. pots
  1. pair
  1. pear
  1. pock
  1. pick
  1. plop
  1. penuts
  1. pa-la-lillies
  1. ect.


8P <hello, i'm bored, and i'm sticking my tounge out>


You're against the wall,

Like you're trapped,

But you don't know untill you look around and see,

You're almost to the beginging of an adventure,

Don't you wanna see this new town?

Don't you wanna take a ride on a mgic carpet?

Don't you wanna see the world for what it really is?

Don't you wanna go?

do you like?


you poor thing...try jumping!!!

i always jump, it keeps most the weight off...sorta...keeps me in the same spot really, it just depends on how much i eat and i'm not eating much so i'm starting to lose little by little.

so aside from that how are you? unless you wanna take a nap.


ooh! i hate DI's...they're very <MEOW> <HISS> <BLOOD>




i'm bored, what do you wanna talk about? your opinion matters a whole hell of a lot here!


i mean it and are serious as A HEART ATTACK!!!


Carlisle comes to mind...

but your choise.


some people don't agree with his lifestyle (AKA me and M and some others. adn RVs.)

i find drinking from animals a little evil for two different reasons, but i think you allready know them.


it sounds like a know...evil ritual when you do that because those people would sacrifice rams and goats...

get what i'm saying?


i wasn't eevn thinking BB till you said it.

but still, it just seems like if you are willing to help a vampire then the vampire should respect the person so they don't lose the one thing that is actually helping them.


exctacly, there are vampires who could keep an eye on the vampire that has little control.

and LarissaCullens just got her 50th edit so...your up.


  1. what does "scolcey" mean?
  1. sure.

♥Luna/Bella♥'s cool!


weren't we talking about something?...


you can chose...i got nothing...


  1. Emmet's real role in the film
  2. Jasper's additude
  3. What inspired alice
  4. The cullen's name
  5. what do you got?


i think i knew that...

well maybe we could talk about DW!!!


i would take ofence to that if i didn't know you this well...

Doctor Who.


didn't think so...

it's about a man with an insanely huge mind, he's a time lord so he knows everything and he is so witty it's like talking to abrainy me! LOL!



so what were you wanting to talk about?

♥Luna/Bella♥'re fine! i'm the one being my geeky self.

did you see? he looks gorgeous, just absolutly stunning!


NO Martin Love''s absolutley Vampiric...<swoon>


<swoon> my heart is pumping like mad!!! be still...

and T's is fine, it's edwards that is insanly large, size matters in too many multible ways...


you know, no one else is talking to me on my page if editing the same place is getting frusterating for you.


well it was to me...trying to find you gets hard after 50 messages get inbetween us!

so if you could dye your hair any color in the world, what would it be?


(was that an insult!!???)

yes that sounds great! i love when that happens to stuff! everything that glitters is gold!


you don't even know what i'm talking about...

but nevermind.

what if you could change your skin? any color...


i'm sorry K. i'm stealing Martin away aren't i?

so sorry...but i can't help it, he has me under his spell again...


are you still there?? i'm so sorry! i feel so bad but...please atlk to me! i'm so sorry!


oh nevermind! but i9 have to go so he's all yours. for now.



hello hello Edit

how are things going for you sir? I feel like we're going to have to make a ton of new awards soon, you guys are all going crazy! Anything new and exciting going on? Hope all is well! Sena@Wikia 15:44, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

I'm doing pretty well, sorry to hear everything's not going super for you:( maybe this will cheer up your day. I was just given a copy of the "Twilight in Forks" movie. I'm going to give it a watch, and add it to the wiki. I was thinking I could send it out to you next since you like screen grabs and are prolly way better at getting them than I am...and then if you could send it back to me I could shoot it out to one of the other wiki peeps. I want to make sure I'm the only one sending it to other people since I'll be sending from Wikia, and I don't think it's AT ALL safe for people to be giving their address information to random online people...whatcha think? Sena@Wikia 17:55, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

YO!! Edit

you almost put me in a conflict!!!

how are you today?

and don't blink!!!


wow! a killer gym!!!

hope youre okay...


doy...did you blink?



you did roll over it right?...

i have to go, my brother is being whiny.

see you later.


she's ba-ack...




what's with the pic?

that guy must a been a bad bad putty tat...sorry i couldn't handle it for you.


i knew it was someone from one of those shows...

i actually though "Wraith" for a sec 'cause of the pale blueness...


actually the gender is unknown.

and that's horrible! why not!? you're a great person!!!


for your sake i will but it's still mean...

so what's up? what's down? what are we going to talk about!!!???

you chose.


okay...>(~. .~)< ...


against the wall again...


so why did he need you to help? he's the DAD.


sound's complocated...

so what's up? what' know the question allready.


oh, that's easy, they're evil.


where'd everyone go?...



my brother hates that stuff because he gets dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

i feel nauseous...right now.

how's your book going?


aww...i have a whole 3 books writen down, i just have to do editing and rewriting and this is going to take years...LOL.

so what's your plot?

who's the bad guy?

where do they feed?

you don't have to answer...

i'm just THIS BORED!!!



i can tell this will be one hell of a book!

espicially since there are 25 chapters so far! >(^ v ^)<


your thoughts sound should tell them to phunk off so you can think left and not straight.

why does everyone think straight when you should always think left?


i don't think it's you that hates you.

i think it's a demon.

i'm sorry, i just had to spit it out.

and i meant that i read in a book (called a book of things that are useless but help or someething like that...) when you're lost in a maze, if you keep your hand on the right wall and follow that you'll get out, but...who wants to leave a maze when it could lead you to something wonderful and exciting?


(no ofence but that's a tv show, not a proper christian exorcism.)

okay then...wait!

what do you mean useless info!?

anything is always worth something!!!

i should know.

i'm weird!

why don't you pick a subject that's less depressing?







i'll fix it to "ancients"


so what do you wanna tlak about?



we could talk about that...











...>(~. .~)<


edward being portrayed be someone else...?

anyone being portrayed by others?


i meant like from the they didn't cast the actors we have now...P

so what's the capital of oklahoma city?


how do you know the BP's don't have a city within?


you ask something now!!!


Q&A Edit

actually no, i'm really not.

i saw...a scene...of it.

maybe not even that...

i know what it is.


what's your dad do?



your turn.


that's ofencive to me and my coven.

i people!


i like angels (this falls under creatures.)



(nah, you're fine. i just don't watch because it doesn't interest me like DW does)


what is your fave soup? (chicken don't count.)


(sorry, it totally slipped my mind that it wasn't my turn!!! how stupid am i?)


fave LOTR charactor?


ahh...i like Aragon..he's hot.

i have to go.




aww...why so glum?


you seemed sad when i left. (when i got back.)

i can't stay long for two reasons but i wanted to check up on you and talk a little so...



"how are up"?

sounds like "power up"


if you're asking how are you i'm okay, aside from p!$$ed.

could you help me do something? i think there's a virus in my part of the computer and i need it to like, go into it's self and explode it's self or make it go away or something, do you know how to get rid of this thing? it's claiming to be a protection program's just repeating the same reports and stuff.


you're fine...i'm just sooo annoyed by this thing, it pops up when ever i try ANYTHING.

and i can't write in my microsoft word either...




what do you wanna talk about?

that's weird...


sure, i need something to make me smile.

other than joker in a hawian shirt.


sorry, it...

i have no clue what to say because i'm just to stressed and p!$$ed right now...

i have to go before it atomaticly shuts down again, i'm sorry K.

i'll see you toorrow hun.


and goodnight.


Awards page archiveEdit

Don't worry about making a subpage, right now you can just keep adding to the archive here. Once that one gets too long, we can make a second page for archiving. So just cut and paste any requests that you have already handled into the bottom of that archive. -TagAlongPam (talk) 11:11, April 7, 2010 (UTC).


"Blink and you're dead!"

--the Doctor.

sorry, fave ep. right now!



sorry, i just noticed he did so i posted it.


and goodlight to you too love!

my new greeting, "goodlight"

it sucks, doesn't it?


how are you today?



funny pictures to cheer you up!!!

And another!

And one more!

how are those? how do you feel now?


not even the batdog!?

something must be horribly wrong...

come on, what's being buggy? did you touch donna's back?



well okay...

so what do you wanna talk about?



wanna play a code game?


you send a code then write something in that code, the other has to figure it out.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

19 15 21 16



2 5 _ 1 _ 23 5 9 18 4 15


well as long as you like it like i do!


what's that?



okay...what do you wanna do know?







no no dad would say "and we'll be right front" when someone said "i'll be right back"

so what will we talk about today?...


maybe let's talk about...




The Master.




she died?...

sorry, i only saw the movie, my dad never let me watch stuff like her untill i got older and really decided what i liked.

so when does she die?



did you ever see the one where dracula from the movie dark prince or something comes in and says he's been looking for her or he's in love with her or something? i thought he was so hot i've been dying to see that one.


cool...he's so hot...



but seriously, i'm about to drool! haha!

so who's angel exctaly? i've heard of him but i have no clue what he does or evn who he is.


nah, you're fine.



but cool.

idk if you'll like this but...



really? you know what "the thing" is?


"the thing" is from "the nanny"


that's okay.

Mr. shefeild is always yelling at her so i doubt it'd be spmething you'd watch.

let's go back to B.

why is it called sunnydale?

or something like that...


then why are vampires and demons invading???




hehe <evil laughter>

♥Luna/Bella♥ don't like chocowit?

not even the end?

when he kills spongebob?

>(; - ;)<



does buffy ever find another slayer?



are they going to get me?...


>(O . o)<

well i'm not a zombie...


>(*. * )< >( * .*)< >(~. .~)< >(* . *)<

no, i'm not.


>(^ v ^)<

i............................................................................................................................................have something....................................................................................................



what is your favorite cheese?


to make cheesecake for your birthday.

>(^ v ^)<


normal people do that.


although putting it on a beagal...





i'm getting tired.

and i'm not dressed out of my pjs yet.

and idk when daddy will get home so i think i might get in trouble...

but i'll stay for a little longer.

you chose something random and go on about it!

i like lectures!

really, i love when ducky goes on about crap but the best ones are always cut off...


it depends on the sub, i hate when anyone talks about religion.

aside from that, pretty much, yeah


who's he?

sorry, i just meant when people put it down and stuff, they always compare and say theirs is better...


they sound like demons.

now i lecture you!!!



did you know that abby is blonde?


yeah, i couldn't come up with anyything because the only ducky lectures i remember are the ones he doesn't finish.

i know eyeballs are like onions!

mwa haha!!!


"We have to eat beets!? NOOO!!!"



m...a...y...b...e.....i...type slowly.



dada hates me.


but he wants to get on to see what this thing in my part of the computer is, i know it's a virus though, and i think i know how to get rid of it so...but he wants to do it because he no trust me.

maybe he really does hate me...


hmm...well maybe it just kicked in...


what!? no i'm not!!! it's all lies!!! lies i tell you! lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i don't wanna grow up.

he just wants me too.

you just assumed he was like a dad who wants the american dream, he's not that kind of dad.


maybe, but still!!!

he's very mean.

but i'm bringing you down.


that looks blue...


when it's black it does.



now it might.




i guess not, it just did when i was wrting it...

i have to go, my brother wants on.




Hey Edit

Hey wanna talk its so boring without talking tee hee Twifan_signature.png [usertalk] 01:43, April 8, 2010 (UTC)



i have a new thingy!!!

no more popping with the ups!!!


so how are you?


aww...WHO HURT YOU!!!??? I'LL HUNT THEM DOWN AND KICK THEIR @$$ES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm okay, Zack's a DOCTOR WHO FAN!!!


i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but you don't care,


i don't know why i brought it up...

so what do you wanna talk about love?

you chose,

i'm outta brian sugars...



don't worry about it, i took Mia's fit pretty well, i think you couldn't hurt me even if you really wanted too.

we could talk about edward!



something good for your sake, it's not like that's impossible for me to do, i did like him before new moon anyways.


...>(~. *)<

well he is 100 right? 97?...80?.....sowwy...

but if he's that old then he could of learned the world before he met bella.







but you took a wong time wike you were cwying!

i don't want my best friend to cry!!!

♥Luna/Bella♥'s hard for me to too.

i'll feel really sad or feel like something is something out of a movie so i'll smile untill you break me, or if daddy yells at me.


sorry, i'm bugging you with my problems.

so...maybe we could play story if you want, i could think of something to start us of with...or you could


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