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    I'm going to offend lots of people here by saying this but does anyone else think that Bella is really silly in New Moon. It's an amazing story line but Bella get so needy it's annoying. i love Twilight and Happy Potter and when Harry leaves Ginney for her own safety she carries on and helps save the say really but Bella gets really depressed and doesn't have any regard for her personal safety. Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer but is Bella to needy in New Moon?? I want your opinions and ideas.

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  • Yasmin xx Cullen xx


    January 7, 2012 by Yasmin xx Cullen xx


    I would just like to know what team everyone's on. Does Team Edward have more people than Team Jacob? Also what alternet endings can you think of? x

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    Haay everyone,

    I am on holiday and it´s got me wondering what vampire and werewolf ledgends are there abroad. In twilight it says about the brazilian legends but what others are there?

    thankyouu for reading


    Yasmin xx Cullen xx

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    Smoking Stars

    January 18, 2011 by Yasmin xx Cullen xx

    What example are these stars setting to their fans??? It is so sad that they are doing it????

    What are your views on these people smoking?? I think they are silly to take it up. The people are R-Patz,Nikki Reed,Kristen Stuart, Peter F, Kelan Lutz.

    What are your views on these people smoking??

    Love yoo all!!!!!!!!


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  • Yasmin xx Cullen xx

    The school is called

    Vampire 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lesson Monday Tuesday wednesday thursday friday
    1 Blood types Hobbies Running free Hunt Vampire history
    2 dodgeball free hunt Jumping animal blood Volturi
    3 how to change someone places for covens to stay Blood types Free hunt Humans
    4 Powers free hunt night hobbie Strength fitting in
    5 climbing Real vampires Vampire history free hunt free hunt

    Replacement classes:


    hunting humans

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