So, I really love vampire series (which is why I'm here in this wikia of course), and was wondering if any of you know any other good vamprie series. Any series is highly appreciated. :)

So far I've read/am reading:

• Blue Bloods

• Cirque du Freak

• House of Night

• Night World

• Twilight

• Vampire Academy

• Vampire Diaries

• Vampire Empire

• Vampire Kisses

• Vampire Knight

On my to-read list:

• Bloodlines

• Cassandra Palmer

• Dark Visions

• Morganville Vampires

• Night Huntress

• Night Pleasures

• Paranormalcy

• Sookie Stackhouse

• Vampirates

I know I already have quite a few on my to-read list, but there's always room for more. :P

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