So, there are some pages on the wiki that need help...I mean spelling, grammar, adding information, adding pictures, etc. I was thinking it might be cool to offer people who add edits and make good contributions to the wiki some type of icon to put on their talk page. There is another wiki doing something like this and it seems like a neat idea.

Maybe we could make a couple of different levels and each time you level up you get a new icon. We'll have to make sure you can't get to a new level just by making lame edits or just adding a word or two, but it might be a fun way to get people to help polish up the wiki, and give us something to do while we wait for the next movie!!!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas for icons?

How about what levels we should have?

What should the levels be called?

Who should be in charge of judging who has reached a new level?

Anyway let me know what you guys think, it could be fun!

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