Am I the only one who is sad about having to wait for Breaking Dawn Part II to see the really good stuff? Everything I'm dying to see - happens in Book Three of Breaking Dawn. :'(

I have to think Part I will be Book One & Book Two of BD - since SO much happens in Book Three, and one of the concerns is getting Renesmee just right. That would allow more time to figure out what they're going to do with her character, not to mention how they're going to visualize Bella's power. It would also give a whole movie to Bella's transformation/the Cullens' reaction to her self control, the gathering of the nomads, the training sessions, Charlie's introduction to Renesmee, and the showdown with the Volturi. I think that's a reasonable scenario - the first part of the book is the wedding/honeymoon (which they won't be able to show much of if they're planning to keep it PG-13) and Jake going off & pouting. Also - as a film-maker - you really couldn't ask for a better cliffhanger to leave people craving Part II than: "Did Jake really imprint? Does Bella survive the birth & transformation? Does she not survive? Tune in next time..."

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