Just put your own answers :)

1. What go you started on Twiligh?

2. What teams are you on?

3. Are you excited about Breaking Dawn?

4. Have you read all four books yet?

5. Song that comes to your mind for Edward and Bella's relationship?

6. Song that comes to mind to describe Bella?

7. Song that comes to mind to describe Jacob and Bella's relationship?

8. Name one random fact about you (It doesen't have to be Twilight based)

9. If you could add one more character to the Twilight series, what would his or her name be and what would they do?

10. How many Twilight Saga things do you have?

11. Should Twilight get made into an anime cartoon series?

12. Which book, in your opinion, was the best of the series?

13. If the Cullens were animals.... what would they be

14. Did you know, for a fact, all along that Bella was going to choose Edward?

A. Yes! She's always loved him

B. I'm neutral on that. She looks good with both Edward and Jacob

C. Eh... not really. She was prety happy around Jacob

15. Any predictions for the Breaking Dawn movie?

16. In Eclipse tent scene, were you hoping that Edward and Jacob would have fought? Why or why not

17. What's your favorite song to describe the whole Twilight Saga over all.

18. Any other book series you like?

19. What power would you have if you were in the Twilight movies?

20. Did you think it was cool when Edward and Bella run through the meadow in Twilight

A. Yes

B. No

C. I'm neutral (undecided)

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