I don't own. I know these are old by a few years, but they're interesting. The only bad things about them were that the girls and Stephanie said that mostly only boys like Jacob and that Jacob only has 5% on his team. I don't think THAT's true, but maybe that's my inner obsessive Jacob loyalty talking :P Also, I would have liked someone in the interview to have mentioned how close Bella and Jacob became in New Moon (Apology to Team Edward fans) Lol, JK

Jacob is still the best to me though. Forever dedicated Team Jacob fan. Be warned, some of the girls in this interview are more giddy for Edward. Again, apology to.. ok never mind :P

So in these videos, Stephanie talks about her dream of the Saga, how she feels about the Edward vs Jacob feud, Bella's POV in the books, and other random things.

So, like TeamTaycob says, with Twilightish love,


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