I know alot of ppl like the pairings, but wouldn't it be better if the pairings were based on their strengths and what not?

I mean look at Rose and Em. They are both hard headed, fierce, protective, loyal and hot in their own way. and that same for Esme and Carlisle.

But what i don't get is the pairings between Alice/Jasper and Ed/Bella. I mean Alice can share the visions with edward easily cause its in the mind, and also Alice is way too hyped up for Jasper, but it would be better suited for Alice to be with edward since they already know eachother, her personality can take edward out of his funk and can react and meld better then with with the other 2. Also Edward likes to buy expensive stuff alot for bella, which she doesn't like. But if it was Alice he bought it for then its a yes, cause they both like to buy something they think the other person would like, no matter the price.

And for Jasper and Bella, well they are both similar in their own way. They both feel like they really don't quite belong in the family, they both prefer the silence and don't like to shop for expensive things like Ed and Alice. And when Bella becomes a vamp, she has a shield that would work well for Jasper when he doesn't want to feel anyones emotions, thought it's the same for edward, but Jazz and Bella to me at least seem to mesh more with eachother then with their now pairings.

Also, the whole 18th birthday for bella, when jasper tries to attack her. It's a stupid reason for edward to make the family leave cause of it. Jasper feels everyones emotions and the thirst for blood is physical yet it is also mental as well. So take out carlise and esme's hunger. Jasper has not only his hunger to deal with, but he can also feel the rest of the family's hunger as well. So since it was all of their hunger it affected Jasper as it did. So for edward to blame Jasper for that is kind've unfounded and untrue.

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