• Whitlocksbabe

    The Pairing

    April 26, 2010 by Whitlocksbabe

    I know alot of ppl like the pairings, but wouldn't it be better if the pairings were based on their strengths and what not?

    I mean look at Rose and Em. They are both hard headed, fierce, protective, loyal and hot in their own way. and that same for Esme and Carlisle.

    But what i don't get is the pairings between Alice/Jasper and Ed/Bella. I mean Alice can share the visions with edward easily cause its in the mind, and also Alice is way too hyped up for Jasper, but it would be better suited for Alice to be with edward since they already know eachother, her personality can take edward out of his funk and can react and meld better then with with the other 2. Also Edward likes to buy expensive stuff alot for bella, which she doesn't like. But if …

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