TV, newspapers, magazines … We have recently bombarded with a curious picture. The leader of the Movimento 5 Stelle Beppe Grillo at the beach in Marina di Bibbona hidden under a mask. Many users have asked us, but that jacket? What brand is it? And above all, why turn that stuff on?We must say that we can not know why Beppe Grillo laps at the beach with that suit. Whether to hide or vice versa attract attention, or whatever.Surely this is a large indirect advertising for the brand. Speaking of which, however, we reveal the name: ai riders on the storm , we reviewed several times ,It is a duvet that patented by the possibility of hiudere the entire hood which is equipped with 2 inserts for interchangeable lenses. The user’re ready to change lenses whenever they like, depending on weather conditions and visibility.And in front of Montecitorio, Rome, have already appeared the masked impersonator ….For those in the Northern Hemisphere winter is coming, and with it, all kinds of interesting and creative jackets that are ready to keep you warm. This hooded down jacket certainly takes the title of most interesting looking jacket we’ve seen for a while. It has a built-in goggle system that covers your whole head and face, keeping your upper body completely shielded from the elements… Continue Reading AI Riders On The Storm hooded down jacket keeps your face warm.

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