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    What's up Twihards? Just spending another day dreaming about vampires and werewolves like the rest of us grunts? Well while we all can't be in the forest at all times, we can at least dream of the upcoming Twilight movies.

    In what is possibly huge spoilers news if you haven't completed the novel Breaking Dawn, Renesemee Cullen will be brought to life in a variety of different ways. It is rumored that Mackenzie Foy will be playing the child version and that the teen version of Renesemee will be played by Christie Burke.

    What do you think of this casting gossip? Does she seem fit for the role or were you imaging someone else?

    • Breaking Dawn Movie
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  • Wagnike2

    We all fawn over Kristen Stewart when she is rocking the movie screens as Bella Swan. How many of us have fallen in love with her by watching her love triangle between Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. I'm sure many of us males who have been subjected to watching the Twilight films have wanted to be either Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson just to get Kristen Stewart to desire us.

    Last night once again Kristin Stewart stole the hearts of many males at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards where she dazzled the crowd by wearing a customized Balmain dress adorned with thousands of safety pins. The dress doesn't normally come like this as it comes in a jacket form normally, but it was modified just for Ms. Stewart.

    Do you think she pulled off this look succe…

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