my rating of ''The Woman in Black" from a 1-5 scale is.........4. i would have given it a five but.........SPOILER ALERT. In the last minute of the movie, you see his son arrive on a train, everyone thinks that the woman in black will be merciful on the lawer who gave her back her son. But you see his son and the boy's nanny get off the train, the man says, 'We're leaving, go buy some tickets for the next train leaving' the nanny walkes over to the ticket window, then you see a train comming, the boy gets a look in his eyes, then starts walking toward the track, the man sees his son standing on the track, runs to save him..... THEN THE TRAIN HITS BOTH OF THEM ! you see the man open his eyes, and they are both standing on the track, the boy looks over and asks Daddy, who's that lady" and you see the man's dead wife, they walk off together, then the movie ends.

Great set design, great costumes, great sound, great plot, great acting, great script, BAD ENDING.


man is sent to haunted town where children are being killed by the woman in black. man trys to help the woman in black to save his son.



<- fanmade movie poster

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