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Hey guys,

This will be my last blog post. I'm leaving the wikia. My reasons may sound petty to some, but i've had enough. I will still be on other wikis, such as the Disney, Harry Potter vs. Twilight wiki, Harry Potter wiki, Lord of the Rings wiki, SamanthaLaine Adams wiki, Lovely Bones wiki, etc.

The reasons for my leaving are important to me, and they are users such as (don't hate me for saying this, not again) teamtaycobsodealwithit, Love and Lust, etc.

I would like to say a special goodbye to some users who i really admire

  • Edward is better 23
  • Carlos Los Davis
  • EllaCullen
  • etc.

Goodbye, one and all, may my last words to you all be,

No one know how much impact we have on someone, we have no clue, really.Yet, we push it, just the same. But, you can't just mess with one part of their lives and expect nothing else to be effected, you can't be that precise.


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