aka Abigail M.

  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is I play the violin
  • VolturiLove

    We are

    August 21, 2011 by VolturiLove

    We are people.We all make mistakes.We can be forgiven.But sometimes we are angry and will not listen.I didn't listen I didn't care.No one can make me.We are people.We can say things.But sometimes those words will stay with you.I said good-bye.I never ment to hurt anyone,but I did.In Gods eyes we are equel.God will aways be with us.He will never leave.Even if you feel alone he is with you.And if he talks to you it means he is with you.If he does tell you something answer back.How?Some might ask you close your eyes and clasp your hands and pray.You don't have to go to church every day to belive in God.I don't go to church every day but I belive.And when you pass on God will chouse where you shall go.No one can tell you where you will go only…

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