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  • Vixter

    Leah imprints on Caius!

    July 30, 2010 by Vixter

    Hello, Twihards, this is my second fanfiction... I hope you enjoy it...

    Caius, in an attempt to avenge the Volturi's Defeat in Renesmee's "Trial", decides to go to la push and destroy the whole community. So, he starts to track the Shape-shifters back to the town!

    Caius:(Inner thoughts) Maybee I should have brought some of the guard with me...[inhales deeply and gets a whiff of Leah] phew!!! I hope I don't run into "The pack" I might develop a case of Severe Shock Syndrome!!!

    Meanwhile Leah decides to celebrate the Victory by walking back (in her human form) to la push and getting a shower back at her place, rather than staying at the Cullens'and spending more times with her nose burning like a gas hob!!! Suddenly she feels a strong pull to t…

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  • Vixter

    Felix - Bella song

    July 27, 2010 by Vixter

    (Using tune from Baby by Justin Beiber)


    • [walking] = stage diretions
    • (lol) = lyric explation
    • gfbnn = script or Narrative text
    • hjjjkk = lyric text


    After winking at Bella, Felix pauses... It was now or never and so in front of the asstounded eyes of The Cullens, his colleagues, Bree and Bella he bursts into song and this, Ladies and Gents, is what he sang...

    Ohhh-ohhh-ohh-ohh-oh x3

    I know I love you,

    I know I care,

    Just shout at Edward,

    and I'll be there,

    I want your your blood,

    But I'll give you my heart,

    And you would always, always be my mate, (as in two Vamps forming a romantic partnership)

    Are you and he an Item,

    Then you keep sayin'

    "why, we're not even freinds?" (Bella and Felix that is)

    What are you saying,

    So your Engaged!!!

    Don't look in my …

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  • Vixter

    Hello welcome to my not-quite-blank blog page,

    I need help from users due to the fact that I would like to create my own fanfic has anyone got any tips/ ideas 4 a fanfic story they'd like 2 read???

    Vixter 06:25, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

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