Name: Jessica De`-Violoce Jarcosta

Age: 21

Specis: Vampire

Power: Can cause a person to drown in or out of the water and can manipulate water to use a as a weapon. Plus can freeze the water and make an ice age of 100 miles around her.

Mate: Fred -Freaky Fred

DOB: 23 0f May 1000 B.C

DOT: 23 of May 979 B.C

Back Story: When she was a human, she was a maid at her Kings mansion and was physically abuse by him and was used to clean the kings Mansion and clean the grounds around it. One day when she was going shopping one night she came across this man she thought was a god. He ran at her and bit her on the arm. She walked as far as she could before the pain at completely won. She woke up three days later as a newborn vampire she went to her former boss mansion and slaughtered him for his blood. She thought it was revenge after what he had done to her. She is now living her life with her mate Fred as a nomad. But she was seen by The Cullen's and they had invited her to join the family and go off her lifestyle and she declined but she is willing to do so if there is anymore troubles with Fred, she is having difficulties with her relationship with Fred because of his gift. She will leave him to make him happy.

She has meet The Denali Coven and has been welcomed into their family but yet again she declined. She has visited Eygpt, Italy, England, USA, Australia where she saw Fred hunting and also France where she meet Henri and Yvette and they are wanting her to join she wants to but she wants to live more as a nomad with Fred.

Personality: Friendly, happy, and also seeking a new challange.

Physical description: She has blonde hair and is 5"6' and she is slender but she has the body of a model. She has crimson red eyes when she is not thirsty. But they go black when she it. She had Blue eyes has a human. But she is always wanting to go Vegetarian style like the Cullen's.

Do you like this one.

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