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Back in June, it was announced that Twilight (film) director [[Catherine Hardwicke|Catherine Hardwicke
Cam-Gigandet-as-James-twilight-series-886520 267 400
]] would be re-teaming with Cam Gigandet (who portrayed the villainous vampire James in the movie) for her next project, Plush, and now a new Twilight Saga cast addition has been made to the


According to Variety, Xavier Samuel - who played Riley Biers in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (film) - has joined the film, starring opposite Gigandet and Emily Browning (trivia note: she was once Stephenie Meyer's pick for Bella).
In the movie, Xavier Samuel will be the new guitarist for Browning's band, and he'll have some "psychotic machinations" which her character will fall for following her brother's death. Gigandet's role is a "psychic psychologist who delves into the minds of patients and sees their memories
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in order to help them unleash past demons." Sounds fascinating, right? Well, Catherine Hardwicke co-wrote the script, reportedly, and filming is expected
to pick up in L.A. later this month. Needless to say, this'll be a project for Twilight fans to watch!

It's not the first time Xavier Samuel has teamed up with Twilight alums he hadn't yet worked with. Just after finishing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Samuel worked with Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius of the Volturi) for Ronald Emmerich's Anonymous. Samuel hadn't worked with Bower on the Saga since the character Caius wasn't physically featured in Eclipse.

Source: Xavier's, Cam's and Catherine's New Movie

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