Different Wikia's Questions.

Hey can I ask you a question.

What kinds of Wikia's are you members of?

Can you please rate them!

And also can you give us a comment on how good that certain wikia is.

I know this is a silly question.

But it is interesting to see who is in this wikia and who is in that wikia.

My Answer (Don't Use) Please!

( I am in Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Glee, Community, The Secret Circle, Doctor Who and Harry Potter.)

Twilight Saga is:

Awesome, because it shows all the characters and it explains them a lot more then books do.

Vampire Diaries is:

Good, the wikia is what I should of thought it would have looked like.

True Blood is:

Great, showing all the characters and allborating on them on the same level as Twilight Wikia.

Glee is:

not so bad, The Show is not as bad as I thought and the Wikia just makes it better.

Community is:

better then I thought, It can give you information on how to run the Wikia's.

The Secret Circle is:

very good, I am like a fan of this wikia because it has a nice feel to it like Twilight does.

Doctor Who is:

awesome, it is excally the way I dreamed it would have looked like.

Harry Potter is:

Awesome, is gives you information on the characters whom you don't understand properly.

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