The Titanic Release Dates

Titanic is coming out this year and it will be released in 3D and I was wonder are any of you's going to see it.

America Release


Asia Pacific

Titanic 2


Titanic 3

Middle East/Africa

Titanic 4


In these pictures, it shows you the release dates in North America and Latin America/ Central America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East/Africa.

I am seeing it.


This is the remake of the 1997 version of Titanic and which we get to see Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukatar. It is the movie of what happen 100 years ago, the sinking of the cruise liner HMS Titanic Liverpool. But as well all know, that it sank becauuse of an iceberg hit on the stern of the bottom of the ship.

Real life facts:

There were only 750 survivers that were on the Titanic most of them were 1st class citerzines.

1523 people died on the ship drowning and going down with the ship (I.E-The Captain(Captain Edward James Smith of the ship).

There was dogs on the ship the were eventually killed because of the freezing cold sea water of the Atlantic.

The maker Of the ship Thomas Andrews when down with the ship along with passagers and the Captain.

Bruce Ismay was the one responsible for HMS Titanic Liverpool's sinking in which he was later charged and put in prison. For lack of care.

The last surviver of the Titanic died a few years back. She was 112 years, she was only a baby when she was on the Titanic.

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