1. Now we have all scene a scene from BD2, I was wondering what do you's all think of Bella has a vampire?

a. Absolutely perfection

b. Looks good but I need to see more

c. Not to sure?

d. It a little bit disappointing

e. I like Bella more if she was still human

f. Bella looks better because she is equal to Edward now

2. What didn't you like about it?

a. It was to short to like it

b. Looks good but it need to see more (again)

c. I need to watch it again to give my judgement.

d. It was too short to give an answer.

e. Bella a vampire please, she should have kept human

f. Bella could have choosen Jacob. She could have lived a happy human life with him.

3. What would you rate it?

a. 1 out 10

b. 3 out of 10

c. 5 out of 10

d. 6 out of 10

e. 8 out of 10

f. 10 out of 10

4. How would you write it better for your own point of view?

5. Who would you have picked for the director of Part two if Bill Condon only said that he only wanted to film part one?

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