What are your fears, and would you confront them and get over them?

My fears are

  • Clowns, (BECAUSE-Of Pennywise, ZombieLand and clowns at fares)
  • Insects, (BECAUSE-Of they look creepy and give me shivers down my spine)
  • People looking suspicious, (BECAUSE-Of they might end up doing something nasty to you)
  • Getting stuck in an elevator, (BECAUSE-Of it almost happened to me once and it scared me)
  • Getting scared, (BECAUSE-Of I hate the feeling after you were scarred, it makes me have a gut feeling, which I hate)

So I am about to confront my fears of People looking suspicious and insects but I am not yet ready to confront my fears of clowns, getting stuck in an evevator and getting scared, due to I need more time.

So hit the comment section and tell us your fears and tell us would or will you confront them, to get over them.

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