So I have half way through my first fan fic and now I want to write another one. So I have made up some names of my characters and here is the list below. 


Quileute Characters

  1. Joanna Lee Cummings (Love interest to Luke) 
  2. Luke Steven Hallowayson  (But love interest of Joanna)
  3. Drake Kelvin Black (Adopted son of Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen)
  4. Jacob Black (Love interest of Renesmee)
  5. Jacqueline Hailsmen (love interest of Drake)
  6. Ben Zachariah Clemmington (Love interest of Leah Clearwater - she Imprinted on him)
  7. Leah Clearwater (Love interest of Ben)
  8. Sam Uley - (Love interest of Emily Young)
  9. Quil - (Single)
  10. Embry
  11. Paul
  12. Jared
  13. Colin
  14. Brady
  15. Seth
  16. Sue Clearwater
  17. Billy Black
  18. Gregory David Clarkson - (Love interest of Clarrisa Jonason)
  19. Joshua Clank-Marryson (Love interest of Jillian)
  20. Jullian Justice Maria Jacobson (Love interest of Joshua)
  21. Harly Jankenson (Jealous of Jillian's love for Joshua)

Vampire Characters

  1. Edward Cullen
  2. Bella Cullen
  3. Renesmee Cullen
  4. Rosalie Hale
  5. Emmett Cullen
  6. Jasper Hale
  7. Alice Cullen
  8. Carlisle Cullen
  9. Esme Cullen
  10. Jessica Cullen
  11. Hayley Cullen
  12. Peta Hale
  13. Charlotte Cullen
  14. Clarrisa Jonason
  15. Aro
  16. Caius
  17. Jane
  18. Marcus
  19. Alec
  20. Demetri
  21. Felix

Human Characters

  1. Mike Newton
  2. Jessica Stanly-Newton
  3. Angela Yorkie
  4. Eric Yorkie
  5. Charlie Swan
  6. Renee Dwyer
  7. Lydia Craine

So there are the names so far, now I have to write it now. I will add names when I feel like that they are good ones. 

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