Today there was a shooting at a school in the USA and in which killed 27 people (18 children and 9 adults) and my heart, thoughts and sympathy goes to the victims familes and friends. Who would do such a thing I ask myself and I replied a sick, demented and horrible humanbeing, for someone to take 27 lives away. I hope that person rots in hell, he has destroyed 27 families just before christmas, to me he has done the unthinkable and the most disgusting thing imaginable to people. I am saddened for the loss or human life and this makes me blood boil for the fact that someone just like us just go on a killing spree at a school. I have lost three of my friends when I was in primary school in america you call it elementry school, due to their mother not being mentally well enough to take care of them and she killed them a while ago, now I am 21 and I have not healed over that, even thought it has been ten years since they were taken away from their father, my and friends.

So enough about me, so if you are related to any of the victims I am so so so so so so so sorry for your loss, I am in saddness and horror at this. If you want to read an article about this please click here and Be strong and I give a supporting sholder to cry on if there is a need. You can come to me about this if you need emotional support, in this horrible time.

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