It was not has I planned it was fate. Fate is a funny thing. Who knew I would be in love with a vampire. I didn't, it was meant to be. Even though I have been searching not for love but to just be noticed.

But now I have Edward with me I am home and safe. Finally I can start a new life and start to finally live. I can see the world as it is, my world. My world is filled with people I love and people that are new to me.

'Like my Vampire life, It has been ' awesome and it has been up and down in some places. I have got to be myself now. Finding myself in this new body of mine would've been a journey on its self. But I had help from my family.

It has been like almost five years since I moved here, I didn't know I was going to be a vampire like my Edward.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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