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Twilight Trivia Time, Test Your Twi-Hard Knowledge

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Trivia Time, so who is up for a little Quote trivia, unscramble names, a quiz and quoting pictures, here is your chance now, test your selves and see how many you can do within a short time, so I hope you luck here. So good luck!!!!!

1. Who said the following quotes in Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer

  • A) After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I could shine.
  • B)Look at all the red eyes around here.
  • C)We need your help, our entire family is in danger.
  • D)Volturi, they're coming for us.
  • E)What is it Alice?
  • F)I have to report a crime that the Cullen's, they have done something terrible.
  • G)Containing our secret, never been more imparitable
  • H)We'll join you
  • I)We'll stand with you
  • J)I won't let anyone hurt you
  • K)I am going to organise a the wolves around you
  • L)She's my daughter.
  • M)She was born, not bitten. She grows every single day.
  • N)I didn't expect you to seem so... you.
  • O) How about a bath, I've had a bad habbit of underestimating you, every obstical you've faced, I'd think you couldn't overcome it. But you just did, your the only reason I have something to fight for. My family, I'm going to get the water running.
  • P)It's strange, Physically I feel like I can demolish a tank and mentally I just feel drained.
  • Q) So beautiful... we are the same temperature now.
  • R)I was born to be a vampire
  • S)The Volturi think Renesmee is an immortal child.

2. See if you can unscramble these names

  • RAO

3.Twilight Quiz

  • How many members are there in the Volturi Guard?
  • How many wolves were there to help the Cullen when the Volturi was about to kill them, in breaking dawn?
  • When was Carlisle transformed into a vampire?
  • What is the name of Esme's Son, that she lost?
  • How old was Jasper, Emmett and Edward when they were transformed?
  • What was the condition that Bella made when she said yes to Edward about marrying him?
  • What year was Renesmee Cullen born in?
  • When did the Volturi destroy the Romanian Coven?

4. Quotes the following pictures





Bella swan new breaking dawn trailer

Rachel Black

Enjoy Answering

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Trailer

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Domestic Trailer 201:17

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Domestic Trailer 2


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