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These links are to a facebook groups that was created ever since the very first Twilight movie was released back in 2008. Where we all got to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and the other cast memebers thrive to the well know celeb status.

There is even one for the Robert Pattinson fan's. Which is all about Robert Pattinson himself. It has pictures that are like him in every movie that he has ever done and discussions about them.

Plus, the Volturi one, there is also a facebook group that is meant for only the Volturi and nothing more.

The links are just below.



How to become a member of these groups

Well the only way to become members of these pages that you have to be added or you ask permission to join and you will normally get in. But if you are there to troll then you will be automatically be withdrawn from them with a warning to do so if you don't stop it. Like it is on this wikia. But if you show anything that is not toleratable by the rules then again you will be withdrawn.

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