See if you can find Carlisle Cullen

Enlarge this pic and see if you can find Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the crowd. Use the co-ordinates on the left hand and bottom of this picture to help.

Who is missing

Who is missing in this pic!

Twilight Quiz:

  1. Who is the leader of the Volturi?
  2. How many memebers are there in the Volturi and see if you can name them?
  3. Carlisle is how many years old?
  4. Jacob is what?
  5. Why did Jacob choose to leave the La Push Pack?
  6. Jasper was in the What army?
  7. Esme was married to whom before she was changed into a vampire?
  8. How many days day the transformation into a vampire takes?
  9. Bella, Alice and Rosalie are in what room when it is time for Bella to get into her Wedding dress in Breaking Dawn?
  10. What did Renee and Charlie say about the graduation caps in the movie of Breaking Dawn?

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