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Twilight Co-Stars talk to David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel

Anna Kendrick w Letterman 04.1009:30

Anna Kendrick w Letterman 04.10.12 A Cappella w Cup Accompaniment (& 'Pitch Perfect') 1080p HD

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 actor Anna Kendrick (Jessica Stanely) talk to David Letterman about her movies and her career so far.

Maggie Grace on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 104:01

Maggie Grace on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Part One

Maggie Grace on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 203:10

Maggie Grace on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Part Two

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and Breaking Dawn - Part 2 actor Maggie Grace (Irina) she talk to Jimmy Kemmil about BD-Part 2 and her new movie with Liam Neeson and much much more.

There is a lot more on this link, you can stop buy and take a look at it. I have been a fan of the website for years and I am sorry I haven't shared this with you's earlier one.

My Fave recent pics on here.

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