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True Blood Season 5 updates

*Spoiler Alert!!!!!!*

Hey there Twihards who like True Blood, here is are two articles that you should read. Plus you might surprise yourself, there is a lot more to go around Bon Temps. So who is ready for more vampires, werewolves and shifters and witches. Because I can garrenty you this, in Season 5 of True Blood you will find a few familiar faces like Christopher Heyerdahl and Christopher Meloni from Law and Order SVU in it you will be very surprised to see him brach out as a badass.

So who is ready, if you are ready then you have to Read This Article it is quite good to read. It explains a lot of things. It is all true. If you want more then read this article He is only a nine year old, a nine year old vampire. Now that seems overbored. If the Volturi knew about that, then that child would have been sentenced to die along with its creator/maker if this was in the Twilight Saga world. If you want you can hop on to their wikia and check it out. Here is his page on the wikia. I hope you enjoy reading the articles, plus I attached a sneak peak to it. Watch it and you will surprised.

Here is a sneak peak to the season.

True Blood Season 5 Vampyr Tease00:57

True Blood Season 5 Vampyr Tease

Have a fangstastic day.!!!

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