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Supernatural Gift

Since you have seen all of the vampires show their supernatural gift,

From the Cullen's what Gift would you have

Alice - Clairvoyence

Bella - Mental Shield

Edward - Telepathy

Jasper - Emotional Manipulation

Renesmee - Anti Shield and Tacticle thought projection

From the Denali Coven what gift would you have?

Eleazar - See's other people's gifts

Kate - Electric Touch

From the Irish Coven what gift would you have?

Maggie - Lie Detection

Siobhan - Event Manipulation

From the Volturi what gift would you have?

Aro - Tactile thought projections

Marcus - Relationship see'er

Jane - Illuision of Pain

Alec - Sensory Deprivation

Demetri - Tracker

What other gift would you have that I haven't mention here

Think about your very first time you thought to yourself, that one gift I wouldn't might to have.


I would have Bella's mental shield due to it can protect the ones I love.

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