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I am sorry for what I am about to say that Kristen Stewart was nothing but bad
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for Robert Pattinson and to me, Kristen has only dated Robert for her own fame and glory. For those who think she is innocent I am going to say I am sorry if I offended you, it has been biting at me for almost 2 week and 5
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days long. For those who agree with me, then I am sorry for yous to, for agreeing with me. Plus Kristen has lost a lot of respect for me, plus I will forgive her in my own time.

But for now, I need time to think it through and I need time to gather up my thoughts.


Robert Pattinson has been trying to heal over the past hectic weeks and has been trying to get on with his life as normal, but I am so sick of all the paparizzi pieces of shits (sorry for my language).

They need to stop, there are only going to be making the situation more
391457 193901704074711 1055845016 n
worse then it is already, it is bad enough that Entertainment Tonight and E News has to cover this story about to people in love but it ended it tragity when Kristen was caught cheating with her SWATH director, to be they are only going to be creating a hassle and end up killing on of them.


All I know for sure that Kristen might of dropped out of her movie "Cali" because of it, she has needs to and I am going to forgive her like I said before, both she and Rob need to be left alone.

They need time to think and time to get some help from family and friends, I am a shamed for those who want leave it be. I am going to stop my blabbing, because it may end up starting a fight with some of my friends on here and in which I will not have. So please if you have read this don't be mad on me I am only getting it off my chest.

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