So you have seen Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and have you written your reviews on it? It is the last ever Twilight film to be made and all the books, have been made into movies and yet there still is one more book to be done into a moive that they should not have blended with Eclipse. So lets get on with the subject at hand, Seth Clearwater's death, what was your reactions to the tragic and most heart breaking thing to see on the big screen's.

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Seth after having his neck crushed by Volturi guard Felix

It was bad enough to have his sister dying as well, falling into a hole that Benjamin created with his gift.

Leah Falling

But seeing other characters die amoungst him. For example - (Carlisle, Jasper, Aro, Jane, Alec, Demetri, Caius, Marcus and many more Volturi Guard.)

Jasper Death
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But any way, people are thinking that Alice's's gift to be evening messing around with, I am wishing that I was a vampire.

BD2 456

It is going to kill me when it comes out on DVd next year.

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