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Quote what he is saying:

Here is mine

Robert: "Kristen is hanging out with Justin Bieber again, I hate it. But she can do what she likes, but I can't." (Says it is a sarcastic voice)

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Kristen: "Look how we look in this picture, all happy" (tries to calm down Robert)

Robert: "We were acting happy and yeah." (Even more angry then before)

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Kristen: "That's the face I love and nothing else" (Still tries to calm Robert Down)

Robert: "Sorry about that, but seeing you with Justin Biber makes me angry, he just irrates me" (Calms down and to a breath in to help)


Kristen: "You have got nothing to worry about, I am yours and you are mine there is nothing that can tear us a part" (helping Robert calm him self)

Robert: "I know, It is just makes me over protective doesn't it. Sorry about it" (All calmed down and is happy)

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Kristen: "Besides, Justin Bieber is just 18 years old, I am way to old for him" (says in a laughing voice)

Robert: "I know, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." (Kiss her on the cheeck and cuddles her)

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