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Edward and Jacob are talking with Bella and Renesmee.

character Edward has evolved with each and every film.Rob now opens up about the final installment and the changes Edward experiences in a newly-released interview!

Robert Pattinson has gone through a lot of changes since we first met him, and so had his famous character Edward Cullen. With the coming culmination of the Twilight series, Rob sheds light on how Edward is now different, especially around Bella.

In the new e-book Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner — In Their
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Edward Cullen asking the Denali Coven if they would help them defeat the horrible Volturi

Own Words by Talia Soghomonian, Rob explained how his character Edward is different in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. “He is a lot more relaxed from after the first part of Breaking Dawn, but I think it kind of throws them again off balance when as soon as Bella becomes a vampire, (laughs) it’s all totally new again.

So he never understood it before, and then she becomes the same as him and yet he still doesn’t understand her at all, like she’s stronger than him and completely unpredictable.

She’s a heightened version of what she was before. And so he’s trying to figure that one out, but it makes him younger again, like he’s excited by his life and the last part.” Are you excited to see how Edward changes in the final Breaking Dawn movie? How do YOU feel, TwilightLifers?[1]


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